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18 thoughts on “Mike Green not traded”

  1. I would think KH had medical reports as to what their prognosis is??

    Where any of the Vegas picks ones that detroit gave vegas? Odd comment by Sports Net, Do not remember any transactions between Vegas and the Wings.

    Personally, I would have preferred Nyquist. Vegas might go more than one round??

  2. I wonder what the reaction is on the website that I was kicked off of? My transgression…arguing that we should have traded Mike Green weeks ago, and predicting that the demand would not rise, but instead the supply of other quality d-men would rise. Also noted that injuries were a risk. And that Green may not agree to be traded just anywhere. People got mad. Said I was stoopid…

    1. “I wonder what the reaction is on the website that I was kicked off of?”

      You can get cream for that kind of butt hurt.

      Actually, I just came from there. People are starting a petition to get you reinstated. So, you have that to feel good about.

      With Tats gone the wings will have $17 million (plus) in cap space to resign Larkin, Mantha, AA, Frk and Green(?).

    2. When Green went out hurt the other day, there were one or two ppl who said variations on “Looks like FS was right on this one”…

      Moving Tats is basically KH throwing in the towel and accepting that it’s time for a rebuild. But not moving Green is a huge mistake. Take a 4th rounder, get something. But nobody wanted him any more, since he’s hurt, and the number of D men available went way up.

        1. At 3x the cost. Was hearing Mcdonough was too slow in Oct/Nov, but still Captain and a better chance for back to back cups!

    3. “You can get cream for that kind of butt hurt.”

      lol made my day.

      Shut shut up and talk hockey. If you were sooooOOOOOOoooooooOOooo right, then it would speak for itself. You just look like an ass right now. If you got banned elsewhere, there must have been a reason. And now I can see why.

  3. I could care less about that site. Malik has way better content here. And he doesn’t appear to arbitrarily delete people for being a voice of dissent. Hope more people move over here and form a better community. Not once have I ever uttered any profanity nor attacked others personally. I was not only banned from posting, but banned from actually reading content on the site. Hey let’s all burn books too…

    1. I think both sites have different values that are essential to my diet.
      Way to work it out Paul and George! Cant be easy..

      And savage, edge is great for entertainment and progressive therapy for us all., keep it coming. Just don’t step off the edge.

      1. It’s okay, I am watching. FS is welcome here, as are everyone else, whether they came from KK or not, but I expect that even when dialogue gets heated, we will respect each other.

  4. If we hold Green until the end and don’t proactively get a list of teams he would accept going to and work out a trade…

    1) He could get injured. Check.
    2) He could reject a trade destination. Check.
    3) Supply of other d-men could increase as more teams fall out of the race and start to sell…Phaneuf, Holden, McDonough, Cole. Check. Check. Check.
    4) Contenders may also covet adding help upfront. So they may use picks and prospects (and cap space) to upgrade up front and consider adding Green an unattainable luxury. Let’s see how some of those 1st and 2nd round picks were used…Kane, Nash, Brassard, Grabner, Hartman, Stastny, Tatar. Check. Check. Check. A team like Boston is the perfect example…we’re using our top assets to add Rick Nash. We’d like to upgrade our defense too, but we’ll make a minor move for Nick Holden rather than pay a big price for Mike Green.

    I mean, I literally called every element of this. Since Christmas. Pretty hilarious actually.

    1. Fatty,

      I thought you didn’t care about what happened on KK, yet, here you are bringing up how you were dissed over there.

      But…..Did you predict anything about those team’s cap situations based on your scenarios? It sure doesn’t sound like it. Maybe you could go over again how those teams that picked up all those players could have added Tatar and Green to their roster while still bringing the Wings at least a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks (as the place to start).

      That’s the kind of analysis that Kenny does when he is considering trades, I imagine, as a Pro Hockey GM you would be doing the same. So, please, share with us your financial assessment of each team and how that would have impacted adding Green to a Tatar trade? Does the trading partner even need a player like Green? What is the long term implications to those trades to both teams involved? How does each owner view that trade as a sign of stability of their own GM?

      1. I think you may be missing my point. Not saying Green and Tatar get traded to the same team (although it could have easily worked for Vegas). What I’m saying is this…

        If at the end of the day we said…

        Out – Green, Tatar
        In – 1st, 2nd, 3rd

        Most people would say that’s not bad. Not incredible. But an OK day. Hence my assertion that the great return on Tatar helps offset the disaster of Mike Green.

        1. Fatty,

          Sorry. That didn’t answer a single one of my questions. I’d like to hear your financial assessment of each scenario involving first round picks, Tatar and Green as it pertains to the concerns raised above.

          Thank you.

  5. this sucks.

    A lot more bad luck than good luck for this team. Some of it because of Holland (no trade clause) some of it because of injury.

  6. Just tossing this idea out there as I’ve been thinking about it:

    Holland maybe didn’t get much in offers for Green save for a 4th, or something. He maybe believes he has just as much chance to get that sort of return around the draft, and in the meantime still get to use Green.

    To take that one step further… maybe Holland has even decided the Wings can still make a playoff push minus Tatar. Holland does seem to consistently over-estimate his team’s capabilities, and the locker room sure talks like they believe they’re still in it. Having his cake and eating it too would be a very Ken Holland sort of thing.

    I have no insider information, nor am I pretending to. To be fair though, in that scenario he would be crucified for giving up Green for only a 4th or a 5th in return at the deadline. So if that were the case, it was a no-win.

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