Red Wings trade Tomas Tatar to the Vegas Golden Knights

The Detroit Red Wings have traded Tomas Tatar to the Vegas Golden Knights:

Update: From the Free Press’s Helene St. James:

Update: Pending a trade call, the Detroit Red Wings have sent Tomas Tatar to Vegas.

The move was made close to the 3 p.m. deadline, and all trades have to be OK’ed by the NHL in order to go through. The Wings receive a first round pick in 2018, a second-round pick in 2019, and a third-round pick in 2021.

The Wings had been looking to move defenseman Mike Green, a pending unrestricted free agent, but teams were wary because Green has not played since suffering a neck injury Feb. 15.

Update #2:

Update #2: From the Detroit News’s Ted Kulfan:

 It took until late in the afternoon, but the Red Wings finally pulled off a trade before Monday’s deadline.

They traded forward Tomas Tatar to the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for a 2018 first-round pick, 2019 second- round pick and 2021 third-round draft pick.

Tatar, 27, signed a four-year contract last summer with an average cap hit for $5.3 million.

Tatar played in 62 games this season with 16 goals and 12 assists (28 points), with a minus-8 plus-minus rating.

The Red Wings were unable to trade defenseman Mike Green, 32, who will be an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

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14 thoughts on “Red Wings trade Tomas Tatar to the Vegas Golden Knights”

  1. have to get rid of those eastern europeans, just don’t fit in with all our swedes.

    Next kenny will sign green to an extension.
    We get to hear
    “we like our team”
    “trades are hard”….yeah when every player on your roster has a no trade clause

    sorry for the rant, but this deadline performance is absolutely horrid.

    1. You know, teams were more than a little wary of an older one dimensional defenseman who is injured. Bad timing on the neck injury. Unless Ken Holland twisted his head, this is nothing but bad timing and not his fault.

  2. While I would have preferred to trade Nyquist, the return on this deal is very good. Let us hope it does not come back to bite the Red Wings in the hienie.

  3. Tremendous return on Tatar, although I’d feel better about it if we had Nashville’s scouting staff. I liked Tatar, but he was always streaky. His contract is a bit bloated, too. This should open up a spot to get Svech into the lineup either post-deadline for a long look or at least next year.

    Very disappointed that we received no return on Green. That injury sure didn’t help.

  4. Great return on Tatar. Helps make up for the fact that the GENIUS got nothing for Mike Green. If the deal was Green + Tatar for a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd we’d call that OK.

    Thanks Kenny. What comes next…your extension or Mike Green’s?

  5. Tatar would have been among the last players i would trade, which is why he was the only one worth something to someone.

    Team is chock full of 4th round value. Thats below average,..right?

  6. considering what the Oilers just got for Maroon….This looks like a fleecing except that Maroon is an UFA…..

  7. I’m glad we didn’t retain any salary on this one. We’ll need to retain some when we hopefully trade Nielsen during the summer. Nyquist has a NTC as far as i can see on capfriendly so trading him would have been much more difficult. Perhaps at next year’s deadline, when he’ll be a pending ufa, we can convince him to waive it. This trade was required in order to sign our three key RFAs this summer.

    Now if only we can convince Kronwall to have off-season surgery to reduce his pain during his post playing days. A LTIR kronwall with one year left at 4.7m cap but more importantly 1.7m actual salary could be an attractive asset for a cap floor team. Arizona?

  8. Even when Holland does something right, he gets criticized. Ugh. This is a good deal for tats that frees up a LOT of money for our RFAs. They just need to be played in the correct role and those RFAs need to eat up those minutes. Not David Booth.

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