Fun times in familial medical fun land, part 3: Rehabilitation stint

My mother has been discharged from the hospital and has spent the better half of the past two weeks in a rehabilitation facility in Novi.

Mom’s kicked the Urinary Tract Infection, but she needs physical and occupational therapy to prevent falls at home, and she’s been working very hard to learn how to use a walker to help her lack of lower-body strength.

I’ve spent most days at the rehab facility spending time with the mom, so I’ve barely had time to do more than bookmark the day’s hockey stories, and the Bye Week was a big help given that I missed a couple of games when mom was in the hospital.

We are hoping that mom can come back home in a week or two, and in the interim, it’s just the daily grind of trying to visit when possible and navigate the health system when I’m at home.

I still plan on returning sometime this season, hopefully before the trade deadline, and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused, but right now, mom comes first.

Fun times in familial medical land, part 2


My mother’s been in the hospital for the past week, and she will be transferred to a rehabilitation facility as she begins a third course of antibiotics to treat a severe urinary tract infection.

An ambulance took her to the ER last Sunday, and my little 2006 Pacifica may very well know the route from South Lyon to Novi (and back) by itself now. The aunt and I are a little worn out, but are soldiering through.

It’s hard to concentrate on the little things like “self-care” right now, so my return to hockey blogging has been delayed a bit. I’m sorry for the inconvenience–I miss covering hockey very much.

A biopsy is still on the radar for the mom. It’s been delayed until early February. I’d imagine that she’s the most tired of all of this rigamarole, but “Old Fart Shit,” as my Uncle Paul calls the medical complications of aging, takes no prisoners.

A hockey-speak familial medical update

We’re into January, and I’m sure you have some questions as to my whereabouts, but I have a slight problem in affording you a full update: the mom has yet to…declassify her situation…so what I can tell you is very limited.

As a result, I’m going to do my best to explain what’s going on in hockey injury terms. So:

Mom has an upper-body anomaly, and we spent the latter half of December dealing with that anomaly. She’s had over seven hours’ worth of imaging thereof…

But her specialist wants to determine the anomaly’s composition, and as such, the mom’s having a diagnostic procedure next week.

The procedure’s result will determine how the anomaly is treated, so that’s yielded a fair amount of anxiety for everyone.

That’s where the family is at. We spent half a month ferrying the mom to doctor’s appointments; now we’re en route to the big day and big diagnosis.

I will inform you of the status of the return-to-blogging eventuality when that’s possible. Right now, the familial medical adventures are taking precedence.