‘Where you at, George, where you at?’

Hello everybody. I hope that 2020 finds you in better shape than 2019 left you in, or at least that you are managing decently.

It’s time for a little update as to where I’ve been, and why I’ve been silent some three-and-a-half months after my mother’s passing.

At the present moment, the aunt and I still have a couple of estate-related issues to deal with, but the progress has been slow-going due to the simple fact that I’m dealing with a partner who is both 77 and faces multiple autoimmune issues.

Along those lines, after the better part of a year-long battle, Aunt Annie has been approved for Medicaid, and that decision is of interest to TMR.

As a result thereof, we’re now in the process of getting me compensated for being Aunt Annie’s full-time caregiver. Being able to pay some of the household freight ==> being able to dedicate at least part-time focus to the blog.

I still may have to get a part-time job to help support the household, but being able to find a position that affords me screen time instead of grocery-bagging time (not that there’s anything wrong with that) behooves you and me both.

Long story long, right now, my living and work situations are up in the air, and it’s going to take another month-to-six-weeks (hopefully) to get things sorted out with Adult Services and the State of Michigan.

When there’s some sort of certainty as to what’s going on, I sure miss covering the Wings, Griffins and prospects, I sure miss the work, and I sure miss talking with all of you.

The last four months have been spent working hard to resolve mom’s estate, to help Aunt Annie get healthier, and to navigate grief and loss, all while dealing with financial strain.

I hope that at least partially resolving the last part of that equation will afford me the privilege to work for you again.