Fun times in familial medical land


I had hoped to make my return in short order, but my family is experiencing some health complications that require me to focus on taking care of the mom for now.

Mom’s dealing with a health issue that requires some extra imaging (next week) and then a biopsy (soon after) before we know what we are battling.

While I’m finally starting to feel (ab)normal again, the next two-to-three weeks will determine how much of 2019 I spend blogging from medical facilities.

So, for the next two-to-three weeks, I’m going to be ferrying mom back and forth to Beaumont in Royal Oak as we figure out what the New Year will bring.

No “thoughts and prayers” needed yet. The aunt insists that the mom and I focus on “one thing at a time,” so right now, we’re worried about getting to Thursday’s imaging appointment, and then we’ll worry about the rest.

After that, in the words of noted philosopher Spike Spiegel, “Whatever happens, happens,” and part of that not-too-distant future will involve me blogging again.