HSJ, Khan: Red Wings assign Coreau, Bertuzzi to GR for AHL playoffs


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10 thoughts on “HSJ, Khan: Red Wings assign Coreau, Bertuzzi to GR for AHL playoffs”

  1. What more does Bertuzzi need to prove in the AHL. Enough already. Keep him in the NHL and let him learn from his mistakes. Oh wait, we’re hoping to go on a run here and make the playoffs. Mike Green for the Conn Smythe…

    1. meanwhile, the rest of the hockey world knows that this move ensures lil’Bert can play in the AHL playoffs if needed.

      1. Yeah I know what they are doing. And I’m saying its unnecessary. He’s done enough there. Give him a longer summer. Go add some weight. Study some video. Get rested. You don’t need another AHL playoff performance to your resume.

        1. Fatty,
          I’m pretty sure I understood what you were saying but, hey, thanks for being clearer in the second post when you weren’t so clear in the first post.

          Playing actual hockey is such a drag on the players. They can’t possibly, life weights, watch some TV while playing actual hockey. Impossible.

  2. I like this a lot! Griffins are rolling and a playoff MVP and a guy as big as the net are found money for them.

    Will this affect the Wings in the standings? Maybe.. a rung down the ladder… maybe.

    1. Bert will be right back. This is merely a formality. Fatty is just blowing this out of proportion.

      1. I know Bert is coming right back. This is just on paper. I’m just questioning whether it’s needed. Bert has already had a couple of long playoff runs. Just let him focus on the final stretch of the NHL season and then give him a long break. Would rather just see guys like Svech and Hronek assume larger roles. I’m not blowing this out of proportion. I just question what more Bert is going to learn in another AHL playoff run?

        1. No worries, emotions are high right now and we’re going to have some disagreements…even about the paper moves.

        2. Fatty,
          Bert will get to focus on the final stretch. He will also get the possibility to play in the AHL playoffs too. I’m sure he and Ken will have a long talk about that when the time comes. Svech and Hronek will get their time on the ice.

          What Bert gets out of another playoff run is up to Bert. While you can ignore that there might be an upside, it really isn’t up to you whether Bert plays in the AHL playoffs or not. He might want one last hurrah with the AHL boyz. Who knows. If you are truly going to question if it is good or not, you must also examine why it is good for him.

          I don’t disagree with you about what Bert might have left to gain, but, I’m not going to make a blanket statement about it like you did.

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