Draft lottery hype and draft hype are interchangeable for Wings’ brass

Regardless of whether the Red Wings land a top-three pick in tomorrow’s draft lottery (7:30 PM EDT on NBCSN/Sportsnet for picks 15-4, 2nd intermission of Vegas-San Jose game for picks 3-1), the Red Wings’ representatives at said lottery told the Detroit News’s Ted Kulfan that the team will have the opportunity to significantly improve their stead…

Wherever the Red Wings wind up picking, it’ll be an interesting and busy weekend July 22-23 when the NHL Entry Draft takes place. The Red Wings have 11 draft picks overall, including seven in the first three rounds — two in the first round (including Las Vegas’ toward the bottom), two in the second round (including Ottawa’s) and three in the third round (including Philadelphia’s and Pittsburgh’s).

This draft, Holland said, can be considered two drafts built into one for the Red Wings, given the multiple picks in the first three rounds.

“Every draft is important, but this is an important draft for the future of the Detroit Red Wings,” Holland said.

While Dahlin is the prize catch, there are numerous prospects who could either move immediately into the NHL, or are projected to be impact players soon. Forwards Filip Zadina, Andrei Svechnikov (brother of current Wings’ prospect Evgeny Svechnikov) and Brady Tkachuk, and defensemen Adam Boqvist, Evan Bouchard and Quinn Hughes (Michigan) are some of the top players available.

Many scouts have called this one of the deepest classes in recent memory.

“There are a lot of players who could be able to step in soon and help teams,” Cleary said. “There are a lot of talented players available. This will be an exciting day for the Red Wings, and Red Wings fans. Everyone should be real excited.”

And the Free Press’s Helene St. James penned a list of some of the top prospects available in June’s draft:

D Adam Boqvist

Size: 5-foot-11, 168 pounds.

2017-18 stats: 14 goals, 10 assists for 24 points in 25 games in Sweden’s junior league and played 15 games (one point) in the top Swedish league.

Buzz: Shoots right. Skilled and creative with great vision.

D Evan Bouchard

Size: 6-foot-2, 193 pounds.

2017-18 stats: 25 goals, 62 assists for 87 points in 67 games with London (Ontario Hockey League).

Buzz: Shoots right. Reads plays well, has tremendous offensive instincts. Excellent passer. Wings are very high on this guy, if they pick second or third overall, he could be the choice.

St. James continues, and if you want to do your own research, NHL.com has posted its list of the best North American skaters, European skaters, North American goalies and European goalies.

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10 thoughts on “Draft lottery hype and draft hype are interchangeable for Wings’ brass”

  1. I’m hoping this is simply HSJ once again not knowing what she is talking about, as opposed to her being fed information from Kenny. Because if we end up with the 2nd or 3rd pick, you absolutely DO NOT take Evan Bouchard. Not in a million years!! If you are so convinced that Bouchard is 2nd or 3rd on your list, then you trade down a few spots and get him at 6 or 7. We would be the laughing stock of the NHL if you pass on Svech, Zadina, Boqvist, Tkachuk…just to take Bouchard at #2. As much as I think Kenny is a moron, he’s not this stupid. But HSJ probably is…

    1. “My favourite part is Kenny explaining that we already have a lot of wingers, but if the best player available is a winger, well we’re going to take a winger….”

      So are you now arguing for Kenny to take the best player available?

      Can someone recommend a good doctor for whiplash?

      1. Try reading my post again. I never, ever said you shouldn’t take the best player. Simply laughing at Kenny’s explanation that if you have a surplus of wingers you can trade some of them for what you need (ie defense). He promised that once and failed.

        But yeah, read again. Apologize later.

        1. “My [favorite] part is Kenny explaining that we already have a lot of wingers, but if the best player available is a winger, well we’re going to take a winger….”

          “I never, ever said [Kenny] shouldn’t take the best player.”

          True, you never literally said Kenny shouldn’t take the best player, but…….

          “Simply laughing at Kenny’s explanation….”

          Yes, laughing at Kenny’s explanation in context, is like saying he shouldn’t take the best player available. I guess you just don’t understand what it means to laugh at what someone says…..

          1. Maybe I need to use shorter sentences for you.

            If we pick #2 or 3 you take the best player available. The entire world agrees that this is Svech/Zadina. And not Boucher’s. Still with me? Best player available. Very simple.

            What I’m laughing at is how Kenny thinks adding Svech/Zadina then allows us to trade another winger (ie Nyquist, AA, Mantha, Abby?)for help on defense. Still with me? He makes it sound easy. Maybe he forgets how he promised that in 2016 and totally FAILED to deliver.

            I found that funny. But I guess you didn’t follow along and instead lectured me on how important it is to take the best player available. Good tip. Thanks!

        2. Try growing up. Pretty simple to be an adult instead of acting an angry, self conscious child

  2. Unintended benefits of the ignore button: shorter load times, less scrolling.

    Sometimes it’s the little things.

    1. Homers, I agree with you. It is a shame that Fat cannot get the GM job he so obviously is the perfect candidate for. Oh my, my sarcasm button must be on.

  3. “There are a lot of players who could be able to step in soon and help teams,” Cleary said

    Cleary still doesn’t get it, no surprise to me. He should have retired earlier , much earlier, and opened a spot for a prospect.
    He is starting to babble incoherently like his boss .

    I would guess there will be NO kids drafted from this years draft that will step right in on the RED WINGS.

    Other teams definitely will as they have in the past . Cleary for future GM, why not, KH (Dementia King)

    1. Don’t blame Cleary for hanging on way too long. Blame the Clown who kept offering him a contract. Maybe Cleary had those rosary beads in his pocket while he negotiated with Kenny??

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