Darren McCarty discusses “the bud,” Bettman and the Golden Knights in radio interview

CBS Sports Radio’s Scott Ferrall spoke with former Red Wings forward Darren McCarty on Wednesday night, and McCarty didn’t pull any punches regarding his post-career palliative of chose, nor his dislike for one Gary Bettman’s NHL:

“I can just tell my truth – and that’s my truth,” McCarty said on Ferrall on the Bench. “Whoever doesn’t think that marijuana is the answer for all these opioids – for me, coming from alcohol and coming from pills and stuff like this and watching guys – Derek Boogaard and Wade Belak – commit suicide, I’m not going to let that happen. So we get the word out. There is some benefits for it. It’s about living better and healthier, and I found it through the bud. Now I can medicate myself. I encourage, encourage, encourage people to get out there and get educated.”

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman must think McCarty is crazy, Scott Ferrall quipped.

“Who cares what Bettman thinks?” McCarty responded. “He ruined my game. Screw him. I’m glad I got to play earlier. What do you expect when you put a basketball lawyer from New York in charge of hockey? It was really a Canadian sort of game. Nothing against the Americans, but you could have made a better selection if you wanted to keep the game that it was, the game that we grew up with. This is a European game. This is a global game. Congratulations, it’s awesome. It’s great. But it’s not my game. It’s not your game.”

Continued, and here’s the interview:


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8 thoughts on “Darren McCarty discusses “the bud,” Bettman and the Golden Knights in radio interview”

  1. Haha! Love it. McCarty thinks about Bettman the same way I do.

    One small change I wish the NHL would make. Instead of Bettman presenting the Cup to a chorus of boos (which I personally believe he enjoys that attention), why not have a team ambassador do that. So if the Bruins win the Cup, you have Bobby Orr on hand to present it. If the Jets win, bring out Dale Hawerchuk. If it’s a team like Vegas or Nashville without a storied history, have some all-star alumni member who any neutral fan base would celebrate. So Gretzky and Lafleur are on hand to present to Nashville. So tired of seeing such a special moment ruined by this twirp.

  2. On another note, a few posters here on TMR could use some of McCartys medicine(Not a shot directed directly toward you FS,you just commented before me)

    1. Haha. No offence taken. You should post more often. Seems like you have great insights and a level head.

      1. Yah unlike you. Sky is falling, every day making stuff up to make the Wings to look bad lol. Minor things turn into giant black holes.We do need more level heads here

  3. I will admit, the nhl was funner in the 90’s. I know the league had to change due to head injuries but it’s very soft now. I’m not talking about fighting or head shots either, just simple things like players being allowed to stand in front of the goalie without being beat to a pulp, or turning their back on a defender to escape a hit. It’s a very European game, it isn’t what most of us grew up with. I miss mccartys era…

    1. If the redline was left in the game head injuries wouldn’t be to the level it is now. It took great skill to play with that redline in.

      Secondly, reduce shoulder pads size. The hits will not be as intense but some gray matter will be saved.

      Love Darren McCarty. I’ve been fortunate to talk to him a few times while he was playing and since. A joy to be around.

      1. I ran into Ted Nolan at a conference last week. I asked what he’d like to change…he said the game is too fast. Need to slow it down.

  4. Boring when people attack other posters instead of focusing on the subject of the post.

    “The bud” is not for everyone, and it is a really bad idea for kids to use it, especially a lot while their brains are still developing. But I’m so glad that countless people, from a guy like McCarty with a history of addiction to much more dangerous, unhealthy drugs and a long career in a tough physical role, to little kids with severe epilepsy, are benefiting from a less paranoid (cough…cough) punitive approach to people who are really helped by cannabis.

    I’m glad to hear he’s doing well and it’s always great to read such fun, candid quotes.

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