Krupa profiles Dylan Larkin

This morning, the Detroit News’s Gregg Krupa penned a front-page article profiling Dylan Larkin:

As he learns more and more about playing in the NHL in the third season of his three-year contract, it is ever more apparent that his intention is to play as well as he can, for as long as he can, for his hometown team.

He plainly desires to be a star. And that is good, because the Red Wings could use three or four of them, presently.

Larkin’s determination and toil seem to match his yearning.

With six goals in his last nine games, 40 percent of Larkin’s 15 goals have come in an eruption during seven percent of the season. While increasing his team leads in assists (47) and points (62), it is as if he built to a crescendo in finishing a successful 82-game campaign.

The self-evaluation of the 21-year-old from Walled Lake? Straight from the how-to book for NHL stars.

“Well, it does feel good to score, I guess, here at the end,” he said. “I wish, you know, I would have had a better start. It would have been a nice cap to a better all-around season.

“But, you know what? Just building toward next year, and having the confidence that I know I can score in this league. When I get hot and I have confidence in myself shooting, it’s having fun and it helps our team.”


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13 thoughts on “Krupa profiles Dylan Larkin”

  1. No doubt the next Captain of this team.

    Right now? Not a #1 C. He’d have to get a better cast around him, i.e. a Mantha that can score consistently, a not-awful defense, etc. And obviously another couple of years. His peak is #1 C, but I dont think he can be at that level for 5+ years. And that is just fine with me considering all of his intangibles and leadership.

    But he got out from under Z’s shadow and can make other players better. He can “drive” a line – maybe not to the offensive ability of Datsyuk prime…but hell, he helped Glenny get to double digit goals.

  2. Remember when Tatar was criticized for scoring a bunch of his goals after the team was out of the playoff race? I guess Larkin gets a pass…

    1. This is a very off base comment, fatty. Larkin is much different player in a very different scenario than Tatar was while he was here. Comparing these two is extremely dishonest.

      1. Why is it so offbase? Explain that to us! Tatar was criticized because he was just OK while the team was in the playoff race, but then exploded for a bunch of goals when we were out of the picture. And now here is Larkin getting 40% of his goals in these last 9 pretty meaningless games. If Tatar had those stats we’d be hearing about how once again he’s just padding his stats when it doesn’t matter. I’m not comparing their play, leadership potential, they don’t even play the same position…but the situation is very comparable. So why was one player vilified for this and the other escapes all criticism? Explain.

        1. I’d like to know why, for someone with a near-encyclopediac knowledge of hockey, every single comment this blog fields from you is as negative as possible. Criticism is one thing…bringing the whole blog down by focusing on the worst of everything is quite another, and I just don’t understand what motivates you to focus on the worst of every single possible exploitable bit of positive news.

          1. George, I’m not criticizing Larkin. At all. I also thought what people said about Tatar last year was totally unfair. Just making the observation that our fanbase and media was pretty hard on Tatar but not on Larkin. Not seeing what’s so negative about pointing out that irony. Maybe as a fanbase we’ve matured and aren’t so critical?

        2. It’s because there is a different group of people commenting here. VPalmy was the most vocal on this subject at KK. So, I think you are comparing apples to oranges….but I know better….you will disagree with that comment.

      2. Biv, Fatty’s comment isn’t really about a comparison between players, it’s about criticizing fans.

  3. As soon as Larkin gets all of the 1st line and PP time usually assigned to Zetterberg, he’ll be a to flight player.

      1. Captain Z back next year at reduced minutes? Will Mr. Blashill allow that when the chips are down and the game is tight? Entitlement has been his modus operandi. Captain Z or Mr Holland will have to insist that he abandons the graduation by 2 minute increments ploy, although fair or not everyone knows exactly where they stand and how long they must be sheltered before graduation.

        Mr. Hartford Homers! You should be able to tell where I live from my name and how late I post….I’m not a soak I swear! Transplanted to the spot that is farthest from a large city in the lower 48. Hockey purgatory in the 80’s and 90’s but not anymore… Thanks George!

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