Red Wings-Capitals quick take: Grubauer grabs a win for Washington as Wings are eliminated from playoff contention

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to earn a rare two-game winning streak when they hosted the Washington Capitals on Thursday night.

The Red Wings played damn well over the course of a 1-0, playoff-eliminating loss to the Capitals, attacking well, defending superbly and getting good goaltending from Jimmy Howard, but the Red Wings were unable to dent Philipp Grubauer and one mistake–a fall from Xavier Ouellet–yielded surrendering a goal to Brett Connolly that the team could not recover from.

The fact that the Wings blew a 2-minute 5-on-3 didn’t help, but the Wings got more than enough chances to score on Grubauer (includling an Athanasiou goal waved off due to goaltender interference by Bertuzzi), and they couldn’t find a way to beat the Caps on 39 shots and 70 shot attempts.

The Capitals’ lineup was known prior to the game, per the Washington Post’s Isabelle Khurshudyan

Alex Ovechkin-Nicklas Backstrom-Tom Wilson
Andre Burakovsky-Lars Eller-T.J. Oshie
Jakub Vrana-Travis Boyd-Brett Connolly
Chandler Stephenson-Jay Beagle-Devante Smith-Pelly

Dmitry Orlov-Matt Niskanen
Michal Kempny-John Carlson
Brooks Orpik-Christian Djoos

Philipp Grubauer (starter)
Pheonix Copley

An the Red Wings’ lineup was known as well, per the Wings’ Twitter account:

The Wings announced this, however, so Xavier Ouellet drew in:

Per’s Dana Wakiji:

Washington started Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom and Tom Wilson at forward, Dmitry Orlov and Matt Niskanen on defense and Philipp Grubauer in goal;

Detroit started Tyler Bertuzzi, Henrik Zetterberg and Gustav Nyquist at forward, Jonathan Ericsson and Trevor Daley on defense and Jimmy Howard in goal.

Dan O’Halloran and Tom Chimielewski refereed the game, with Greg Devorski and Derek Amell working the lines.

The 1st period

1st period observations:

  • Zetterberg drew in for the opening faceoff opposite Backstrom, and the Wings won the draw, but Tom Wilson battled Ericsson on the corner and Ovechkin centered the puck. Bertuzzi and Nyquist stole the puck, chipped it into the Caps zone and ultimately off Grubauer from the side boards. Bertuzzi did a great job of cycling with Zetterberg, but the Wings could not sustain possession.
  • Detroit chipped and chased, with Nyquist sending a backhander wide off a Bertuzzi trip ,and just under a minute into the 1st period, Detroit changed…
  • With Washington’s Burakovsky and Eller setting up in the Wings’ zone, stealing the puck from Larkin and sending a shot in on Howard.
  • 1:11 into the 1st period, Nielsen drew in for a defensive zone draw and he pushed it forward to Athanasiou, who sent a shot off the glass. Detroit cycled with Ouellet helping Abdelkader and Athanasiou skating toward the net…

When Travis Boyd accidentally popped Athanasiou in the face at 1:30. Boyd sat for roughing.

  • Detroit set up behind its net after losing the deep offensive zone draw, Nyquist skated in off the Kronwall drop pass, Detroit worked the puck to Zetterberg and his shot was blocked wide.
  • Detroit lost the deep offensive zone draw but was able to cycle, with Nyquist, Kronwall and Zetterberg sending a shot in on Grubauer with an Abdelkader jab following things up.
  • Zetterberg drew in with 1:21 remaining on the PP, working with Bertuzzi, Abdelkader, Nyquist and Kronwall, and Detroit cycled again, Bertuzzi bumped the puck back to Abdelkader, Nyquist and Kronwall played catch and Kronwall sent a sneaky shot in on Grubauer that was kicked away.
  • Detroit could not hold the puck in, but Zetterberg raced in and Abdelkader poked a puck in on Grubauer.
  • Nyquist, Kronwall and Daley worked together as the Wings tried to change units while in possession, and Kronwall sent a smart shot in on Grubauer with traffic in front in the form of Abdelkader’s butt, but Grubauer was up to the task of stopping the shot.
  • With 23 seconds remaining in the PP and 16:52 remaining in the 1st, Detroit’s 2nd unit came out.
  • Nielsen won a draw to Daley, he fed Frk, Frk fed Nielsen, Nielsen fed Mantha, he found Daley, Daley reversed to Mantha, and Mantha’s back pass was poor, ending the power play.
  • Detroit got 4 shots on the PP, and Daley continued to attack with Ericsson helping skate in after he shot the puck into the zone…
  • Mantha stole a Wilson pass for Ovechkin, and Detroit chipped the puck on Grubauer.
  • The Caps won the next draw and Ovechkin, Backstrom and Wilson set up in the Wings’ zone opposite Glendening and company; Glendening, Helm and Athanasiou were able to push the puck away from the Wings’ zone, and when the Caps returned, DeKeyser and Jensen cleared once and twice as Detroit changed lines.
  • Larkin, Svechnikov and Mantha came out, gave up the puck to Eller, and he circled the net, feeding Oshie. He pumped the puck to Niskanen, and Niskanen’s shot was stopped by Howard.
  • Detroit’s Zetterberg line returned with 5:10 gone in the 1st, and Zetterberg, Nyquist and Bertuzzi won a draw but had to deal with a shot on Howard. The defense changed and Bertuzzi, Nyquist and Zetterberg did a good job of working the puck to the defense, and Kronwall’s shot was blocked, but Zetterberg cycled, and the Caps ended up icing the puck.
  • Glendening, Frk and Svechnikov came out for their first shift together, they won the draw, surrendered possession, and found themselves checking Backstrom, Wilson and Ovechkin, but they did a good job, and Abdelkader and Athanasiou came out to help Glendening.
  • Carlson snuck away from coverage and got a sneaky shot in on Howard;
  • Wilson, Ovechkin and Backstrom drew a penalty as Backstrom fell near the Wings’ crease, and the Caps set up 6 on 5, working the puck down low and then to the slot, but Ericsson pushed Tom Wilson all the way down to his own slot.
  • Washington changed, Smith-pelly and Oshie carried the puck in, and Mantha, Larkin and Helm worked together, foring the Caps’ Smith-Pelly to send a one-timer off the side of the net.

Jonathan Ericsson’s trip of Backstrom was called holding at 8:03, the first TV timeout.

  • At 8:03, Detroit out-shot Washington 6-4 and out-attempted Washington 11-7; hits 2-1 Washington; giveaways 1-0 Detroit, takeaways 0-0; blocked shots 4-0 Washington, faceoffs 7-3 Detroit (70%).
  • Washington set up on the PP after the TV timeout, and they won the initial deep offensive zone faceoff, cycling away, and Howard made a great stop on Carlson after Ovechkin worked the puck low to Oshie for a back door seam pass
  • Detroit mucked up the next draw, left of Howard, and Washington still set up, with Ovechkin, Eller, Oshie, Backstrom and Carlson setting up.
  • Backstrom helmed the PP, and Eller tried to jam, but Larkin and Daley cleared the puck and Daley chipped and chased for a bit.
  • With 11:10 left in the 1st, Washington regained Detroit’s line, and Eller found Carlson, Eller cycled to Backstrom, he found Ovechkin and Howard stifled the Caps’ sniper.
  • Detroit cleared the zone on the ensuing draw and Glendening, Abdelkader, DeKeyser and Jensen chose to allow Howard to cover up a Vrana dump-in for a deep defensive zone faceoff.
  • Washington kept Ovechkin out on the 2nd unit, and Howard made a good stop on Carlson, Oshie and Eller coughed up the puck…
  • And HELM was stifled by ELLER on a near-breakaway…
  • With Howard STONING Ovechkin on a one-timer as the PP expired.
  • Niskanen sent a whistler wide of Howard as well…

And Detroit skated into the Caps’ zone, Athanasiou pulled up, re-set with Bertuzzi, and Athanasiou wrapped around the net, and with Bertuzzi screening Grubauer, AA chipped a puck top shelf on the glove side.

Athanasiou scored goal #15 from Bertuzzi at 10:47…

But the Capitals challenged for goaltender interference, and Bertuzzi skated into the crease without push from the Caps, so the play was negated.

  • Detroit took a faceoff at the Caps’ line, Zetterberg lost it, the Caps buzzed Howard, and Nyquist and Zetterberg skated back into the Caps’ zone, but Orlov blocked off Zetterberg, Nyquist stole the puck, and Larkin tried to help him, but the Caps swiped the puck right back and skated into the Wings’ zone.
  • Washington changed at center ice, as did the Red Wings, and Washington chipped and chased.
  • Detroit came out with the puck, and Athanasiou challenged Beagle, Washington dumped and chased 4th line vs. 3rd, and Nielsen cleared the zone.
  • Wshington then cycled into the Wings’ zone, Howard made a good stop, Athanasiou and Abdelkader skated in 2 on 2 and Grubauer stopped Abdelkader.
  • The Capitals had begun to dominate possession, but Detroit was swiping pucks and sending shots in on Grubauer, with Larkin taking a wrister…
  • Ovechkin found the puck blocked right off his stick by Mantha, working with Helm and Larkin…
  • Glendening came out with Svechnikov and Frk, and they parried the puck into the Caps’ zone at 13:30…
  • Frk pumped the puck back to Jensen, who was blockered by Grubauer, DeKeyser fanned on a shot, but Detroit ground the puck out down low, and Grubauer stopped a DeKeyser shot…

And Svechnikov did a great job of battling Tom Wilson down to the ice as Wilson took offense at Svechnikov’s proximity to Grubauer.

Wilson sat for roughing at 13:56.

  • Detroit headed back to the power play, and Nielsen drew in for the deep offensive zone faceoff, he won it but Washington chipped the puck out of trouble.
  • Daley set up behind the Wings’ net, skated to center, dropped it to Larkin, and Larkin raced into the zone.
  • He fed Nielsen, he fed Daley, Daley went to Frk, and his shot was deflected wide.
  • Frk got the puck back, pumped it to Daley, Nielsen drove the middle lane with Mantha in front and Grubauer made a good stop.
  • Zetterberg and company took over with 1:18 left in the PP, Zetterberg pushed the puck to Bertuzzi down low and he fed Abdelkader in the slot, but Washington covered up and cleared.
  • Nyquist took the Kronwall drop and pushed the puck into the zone, but a bad drop pass yielded an easy clear for Washington, and Kronwall skated up again, dropped to Zetterberg and then Nyquist, he gained the blueline, fed Kronwall for a shot tipped wide…
  • Kronwall found Zetterberg, and Abdelkader tipped a puck into Grubauer.
  • Washington cleared off a bad Bertuzzi drop pass, and Detroit streaked back in with Daley circling the net as the PP expired.
  • Helm took over, fed Ericsson and Daley ,and his shot went wide through an Athanasiou screen.
  • Ericsson and Daley re-set at their blueline, Frk fed Helm and Helm avoided an Oshie hit at center ice…
  • But Ovechkin bumped Glendening down.
  • Oshie was stripped off the puck by DeKeyser of all people, Abdelkader fed Larkin in the slot, and nothing came of it.
  • Detroit iced the puck with 2:52 remaining in the 1st.
  • Washington chipped the puck out of play off the draw, and with 2:49 remaining in the 1st, another TV timeout hit.
  • At 17:11, Detroit led in shots 12-10 and attempts 23-16; hits 6-3 Washington; giveaways 2-1 Detroit, takeaways 1-0 Washington; blocked shots 8-2 Washington; faceoffs 10-7 Detroit (59%).
  • When play resumed…
  • Detroit charged up the ice, and as Frk, Glendening and Svechnikov skated by the net, DeKeyser tried to pump a point shot in it.
  • Svechnikov had to take a draw as Glendening was tossed out, and nothing good came of it unless you find mucking and grinding in front of the bench exciting.
  • Both teams changed personnel, and Jensen, DeKeyser and a patchwork Wings line iced the puck.
  • Washington lost the deep zone faceoff to the Wings, but Detroit iced it again…
  • Glendening won the draw, Athanasiou pushed the puck deep and Detroit changed lines.
  • Washington returned to the Wings’ zone and Detroit parried the rush…
  • Off an Ovechkin turnover at his blueline, the Wings were somehow called offside for playing the puck at center ice…
  • Bertuzzi, Nyquist and Zetterberg broke in, with Bertuzzi leading the way vs. Kempny, and the Wings came back to block off Eller and company at Detroit’s blueline.
  • Washington ultimately attacked the Wings’ zone, and Howard had to stop a Niskanen shot from the point.
  • Zetterberg chipped and chased with about 40 seconds remaining in the 1st period, and a bad clear by the Caps gave Detroit a center ice faceoff that the Wings lost but stood up to at their own blueline.
  • Jensen skated into the Caps’ zone and fed the puck out front, so Washington skated away 2-on-1, but the Wings got back and stuffed the Caps’ rush.

The 1st period in summary: The Red Wings played a pretty damn solid first period against a much deeper Caps team, out-shooting and out-possessing Washington with smart, steady and defensively apt hockey. It was fun to watch the period as it was played at break-neck pace.

Statistically, Detroit out-shot Washington 13-11; Detroit went 0-for-2 in 4:00 of PP time, while Washington went 0-for-1 in 2:00 of PP time.

Shot attempts were 25-17 Detroit; hits 7-4 Detroit; giveaways 2-2, takeaways 1-1 (possession changes 3-3); blocked shots 9-2 Washington; faceoffs 12-12 (50%).

Individually, Abdelkader led the Wings with 4 shots, and Kronwall had 3 shots; Bertuzzi and DeKeyser had 3 attempts apiece; Svechnikov led the Wings with 2 hits; Nyquist and Ouellet had giveaways, and Zetterberg had a takeaway; Nielsen and Daley blocked shots; Nielsen’s 3-and-1 (75%) faceoff record led the team; Daley led the Wings with 8:29 played; Jensen played 7:34, DeKeyser 7:02, Zetterberg 6:18, Ericsson 6:17, Abdelkader 6:16, Larkin 6:02.

The 2nd period

2nd period observations:

  • After a lengthy intermission, the teams returned to the ice and Zetterberg and Backstrom drew in for the center ice faceoff, the Capitals won it and Wilson chipped and chased, with Ericsson, Bertuzzi and Zetterberg facing stiff pressure to clear the zone. They did force the Caps offside.
  • Washington then lost the next faceoff, but Washington entered the Wings’ zone, Howard made one stop, Ovechkin set up and sent another in on Howard, he made the stop, Ovechkin was set up by Backstrom, and Daley made a good block to bump the puck out to center ice.
  • That being said, the Wings gave up 3 shot attempts in about 25 seconds.
  • Larkin, Helm, Mantha, Jensen and DeKeyser took to the ice, they skated up into the Caps’ zone, and Mantha got a shot off on Grubauer, Jensen was blocked out to center, and Mantha re-set, working the puck to the D.
  • DeKeyser tried to feed Larkin for a redirect, that did not work, and a Mantha shot did not work, either, so the Wings tried to exploit T.J. Oshie’s lack of a stick, and ultimately Grubauer and the Caps’ shot-blocking D did a nice job covering up.
  • Washington won the next draw, chipped and chased, and Ouellet turned the puck over under pressure, but Nielsen and Kronwall worked the puck up ice, Nielsen fed the puck deep for Abdelkader, Athanasiou cycled, but gave the puck up to Orpik, stole it back, and Abdelkader was hacked down by Orpik and the Caps iced the puck.
  • No icing was called, so the Wings changed as DeKeyser set up in the pocket behind his net, and his feed to Svechnikov was tipped, chased, centered, and Jensen nearly fed Glendening and Svechnikov for goal chances.
  • Detroit battled Washington down low in the Wings’ zone, and Washington came up with the puck, with Vrana and Frk both falling down, getting up, and Washington playing the puck down low to a pinching Orlov, who circled the net and was stopped by Howard.
  • Orlov, Niskanen and company found a good shooting lane, but Svechnikov made a nice block, and Detroit changed lines as they skated through center, with Zetterberg skittering a shot through the crease.
  • Bertuzzi fed Nyquist, he dropped to Ericsson, and his shot was blocked out of play with 5:05 gone in the 2nd.
  • Larkin took over off the line change, and he lost the deep offensive zone draw, but the hard-working Wings were doing a good job detail-wise.
  • That being said, Washington was buzzing as well, and Howard had to make two stops on 3 or 4 attempts as Eller, Oshie and the Caps’ forwards crashed the net while Carlson sent a couple of blasts into the Wings’ goaltender.
  • Washington’s fourth line came out opposite Nielsen’s, and Nielsen won the draw, pushed the puck deep into Caps territory, and worked the puck to the point, where Ouellet made a nice move and sent a backhand shot off the side of the net.
  • Detroit continued to cycle, Athanasiou sent a shot off Grubauer’s stick, and then the Caps stole the puck away, with Djoos and Smith-Pelly grinding it out down low.
  • Detroit escaped but iced the puck some 6:42 into the 1st, not once, but twice, and Zetterberg’s stick broke on the second draw, so Abdelkader and Athanasiou had to muck the puck out of trouble so that the Wings coult chip and chase.
  • Zetterberg fed Bertuzzi and was blocked off, yielding a Wilson-and-Ovechkin rush that was parried away.
  • Daley, Bertuzzi and Zetterberg tried to grind out the puck down low, but they were unable to do so.
  • Washington skated into the Wings’ zone instead, and Howard made a good stop on Tom Wilson.
  • At 7:42, Detroit was out-shot 5-4 in the 2nd but out-shot Washington 17-16 overall; attempts 35-25; hits 8-6 Washington; giveaways 5-4 Detroit, takeaways 1-1; blocked shots 11-4 Washington; faceoffs 16-15 Detroit (52%).
  • When play resumed, DeKeyser and Jensen helped the Wings salvage a lost defensive zone draw, Jensen did a great job racing into the offensive zone, but he could not feed Abdelkader, and Jensen and DeKeyser got back to clear the zone and facilitate a rush by Frk, Glendening and Svechnikov.
  • Washington’s Burakovsky cycled into the Wings’ zone, Eller sent the puck deeper, and Detroit re-set, with Larkin skating in deep, spinning back, and feeding Mantha and Helm.
  • Detroit circled the net, and Kronwall got a GREAT SHOT off, but Grubauer made a SUPERB stop.
  • The Wings then surrendered a bit of a rush to Boyd and Beagle, but Mantha helped Nielsen’s line set up down low, as Detroit changed, Abdelkader could not hold the line, and the Wings finished their change.
  • Carlson surrendered a puck to Athanasiou in tight, and AA was stuffed by Grubauer.
  • At 9:59 of the 2nd, Detroit won a deep offensive zone draw, Nyquist and Bertuzzi did a good job of stifling a Caps rush, and Detroit stood up at the blueline, worked down low as ouellet battled Beagle and Burakovsky, and Detroit chipped and changed.
  • Nielsen’s line took over, and Washington chipped and chased as well, but the Wings were able to battle the puck out of trouble, even against Ovechkin, and Athanasiou fed Abdelkader for a smart dump and chase.
  • Nielsen, Athanasiou and Abdelkader cycled, Ericsson sent a long shot off Grubauer and Daley could not hold the line, yielding an Ovechkin play to Kempny that was sent WIDE IN TIGHT.
  • Helm was nearly sprung, but Washington came back the other way, and DeKeyser and Jensen surrendered the puck once, carried it out of trouble, and Jensen drew a PP.
  • Jensen also skated into the Caps’ zone, circled the goal, and was stood up by Oshie.

Oshie headed to the penalty box for tripping at 12:24.

Lars Eller was also called for high-sticking at 12:24, getting Mantha in the face.

  • At 12:24, Detroit was out-shooting Washington 7-6 in the 2nd and 20-17 on the night; attempts 39-27 Detroit; hits 9-8 Washington; giveaways 6-4 Detroit, takeaways 1-1; blocked shots 12-5 Washington; faceoffs 17-16 Washington (52%).
  • Detroit set up on the 5-on-3 with Zetterberg, Mantha, Frk, Abdelkader and Nyquist setting up.
  • Frk had to chase down a wide attempt and re-set at center, with Zetterberg playing LW half boards.
  • He fed Frk, got the puck back, fed Frk, he went over to Nyquist and Frk’s pass was blocked wide.
  • With 1:22 remaining in the PP, Zetterberg was tossed from the draw, Abdelkader won the draw to Frk, to Mantha it went, Grubauer stopped the puck, Mantha held the puck in, Nyquist cycled, Frk fed Nyquist, back to Frk, blast wide, Nyquist to Zetterberg, right wing half, to Mantha, to Zetterberg, he cycled away, Frk sent another one-timer in, but was stopped…
  • Abdelkader and Mantha played catch, Frk fumbled, re-set, and pushed the puck low for Nyquist, who worked the puck to Zetterberg, Mantha at the top of the key sent a shot in with Abby screening and Mantha was stopped by Grubauer.
  • With 18 left on the 5 on 3, and 5:54 remaining in the 2nd, Kronwall, Nielsen and Athanasiou cycled, and Grubauer grabbed a going-wide puck from AA…
  • So, with 11 left in the 5 on 3, Larkin won the draw, Athanasiou sent the shot wide, Nielsen found AA and Grubauer made a big stop.
  • That was the 5-on-3.
  • Detroit got 4 shots on the 5 on 3 and had at least half a dozen attempts.
  • At 14:21, Detroit out-shot Washington 10-6 in the 2nd and 23-17 overall; attempts 46-27 Detroit; hits 9-8 Washington; giveaways 6-5 Detroit, takeaways 1-1; blocked shots 13-5 Washington; faceoffs 21-16 Detroit (57%).
  • When play resumed, Glendening, Helm and Larkin played a shift together, losing the deep offensive zone draw and battling Ovechkin and company as the Caps set up in the Wings’ zone.
  • Detroit chipped the puck out of trouble via a Daley dump, and Glendening and Helm cycled, pushed the puck back to Ericsson, and he shoveled the puck into the slot, but Washington cleared, chased the Wings, and got an “almost” as Ericsson and Daley got out-skated by Ovechkin.
  • With 4:34 remaining, AA put Svechnikov offside, AA had to take the draw as Nielsen got kicked out, and AA lost it.
  • So Orlov fed Eller, he clanged a puck off the GOALPOST…Washington tried to cycle the puck to Djoos, that did not work, and Washington chipped and changed.
  • Svechnikov put a shot off Grubauer’s head, he held the puck in for Zetterberg, he fed Nyquist, Nyquist fed Bertuzzi and he slithered a shot wide.
  • Detroit battled the puck deep but surrendered a rush and Smith-Pelly raced into the Wings’ zone, with the Caps cycling down low as Beagle and Stephenson ground the puck out down low.
  • Bertuzzi stifled the rush, Kronwall and Ouellet got the puck up to center and LARKIN hit the GOALPOST on the rush…
  • Washington responded, with Orpik and Djoos looking for Oshie, and Oshie found Djoos for a big blast that Howard stopped.
  • With 2:18 remaining, Abdelkader drew in for a defensive zone draw, at least blocking a Backstrom play to Ovechkin for a shot attempt that the Wings blocked out of play.
  • Glendening won the next draw, but Ovechkin stole the puck and sent a shot attempt wide.
  • AA went the other way, raced up, sent a shot off Grubauer and cycled a bit, with the Wings sending the puck in deep again.
  • Abdelkader found Glendening in front and Grubauer made a big stop.
  • With 1:49 remaining, the Caps won the draw, pushed the puck out to center ice, and Detroit took over.
  • Off a rush hemmed by Jensen, Bertuzzi jabbed the puck free down low, worked with Nyquist, and Zetterberg found Jensen, DeKeyser circled the goal, and Detroit coughed up the puck.
  • Oshie, Eller and company skated into the Wings’ zone, and Howard made a smart stop, but the Caps retained possession, with Carlson finding Eller for a big boomer that Howard stopped.
  • The Caps cycled, Kempny was stopped by Howard from the blueline, and Zetterberg cleared, but only just.
  • Both teams changed lines and DeKeyser turned the puck over, but Larkin covered up and chipped in an icing call, which Larkin vigorously protested.
  • Larkin then won the defensive zone draw, Jensen chipped, and the Wings chased offside.
  • The 2nd period expired as the Wings tried to set up Larkin for one final rush that went wide.

The 2nd period in summary: Again, the Red Wings out-shot and mostly out-worked the Capitals, but nothing came of the 5-on-3, nothing came of the Wings’ many rushes, and the score remained tied after 2 periods despite a set of goalpost attempts that clanged off the pipes behind Howard and Grubauer.

Statistically, Detroit out-shot Washington 15-10 in the 2nd and 28-21 overall. Detroit’s PP went 0-for-3 in 6:00, Washington’s 0-for-1 in 2:00.

Detroit out-attempted Washington 53-35; hits 10-10; giveaways 7-6 Detroit, takeaways 1-1 (possession changes 8-7 Washington); blocked shots 13-7 Washington; faceoffs 23-21 Detroit (52%).

Individually, Abdelkader led the Wings with 5 shots, and Kronwall and Athanasiou had 4 shots; Mantha, Glendening, Helm and Svechnikov had 2 shots, and AA led the Wings with 7 attempts; Kronwall, DeKeyser and Svechnikov had 2 hits; 7 different Red Wings had shots, including Howard; Zetterberg had 1 takeaway; Daley blocked 3 shots, Nielsen, Ouellet, DeKeyser and Svechnikov 1; Nielsen’s 6-and-2 (75%) led the Wings in the faceoff dot; Jensen led the Wings with 15:02 played; Daley and Zetterberg played 14:17, DeKeyser 14:12, Nyquist 13:01, Larkin 11:52, Ericsson 11:43, Bertuzzi 10:54, Kronwall 10:42.

The 3rd period

3rd period observations:

  • After another long intermission due to the national TV broadcast, the teams convened for the third period.
  • Zetterberg drew in for the opening draw opposite Backstrom one more time, and the Capitals won the draw, pushed the puck back to its defense and chipped and chased, with DeKeyser backhanding the puck to Ovechkin, re-setting as Nyquist pinched Ovechkin, and centering the puck.
  • Washington returned to the offensive zone, but Jensen swiped the puck, sent it to Zetterberg, and Nyquist and Larkin played catch before finding Ericsson at the point. He slithered a sneaky shot in on Grubauer, who made the stop.
  • Larkin took a draw in the deep offensive zone and won it to Daley, who hammered a slap shot in on Grubauer. Again, the Capitals’ goaltender made a nice stop.
  • Detroit won the draw again and this time tried to cycle down low, with Daley fumbling the puck. Ericsson stood up to Eller, however, hitting Eller hard, and Ericsson and Mantha sent a leading pass to Helm, who was tripped up by Kempny.
  • Washington’s Burakovsky and Eller worked the puck into the Wings’ zone…

And Helm took an interference minor at 1:27.

  • Washington won the deep offensive zone faceoff, but Detroit’s DeKeyser and Nielsen cleared the puck, and Washington pushed back into the offensive zone, with Eller and Oshie finding Carlson. He hit the goalpost.
  • Detroit battled the cycling Caps and Howard made a good stop on Oshie, Ovechkin was blocked off by Nielsen and Abdelkader cleared the zone.
  • Backstrom, Oshie and Eller cycled, Detroit’s Larkin cleared the puck into the Wings’ bench and at 2:31, with 57 left on the PK.
  • Detroit won the defensive zone draw and Larkin blasted the puck down ice.
  • Orlov fed Vrana, Washington tried to cycle but Detroit cleared the zone and the Wings changed up their PK.
  • Nielsen, Abdelkader, Ericsson and Jensen were unable to clear, Orlov fed Burakovsky, he was tied up by Abdelkader, and Jensen could not clear past Ovechkin.
  • With Helm exiting the penalty box, Detroit cleared to center, and Helm helped the Wings regroup in their defensive zone and change their forward line.
  • Athanasiou pushed into the Caps’ zone and Mantha JUST missed a gorgeous tip-in…
  • Bertuzzi re-set at center, Mantha fed Athanasiou for a BREAKAWAY, and he was STONED by Grubauer.
  • Bertuzzi got pushed and shoved after the play as well. Free pops.
  • Larkin drew in for the offensive zone draw, won it to Daley, and Detroit cycled, with Nyquist and Zetterberg working with Larkin, who resumed his familiar position alongside Zetterberg.
  • Washington skated away and chipped the puck down ice, where Wilson bumped Daley.
  • Daley was able to help clear the puck and put a deep angle shot off Grubauer, however, and he got back out of trouble in time to afford Jensen a poke and push that Grubauer stopped.
  • 5:09 into the 3rd, Detroit won an offensive zone faceoff, Glendening, Abdelkader and Nielsen held the puck in for a bit, and when Washington attacked, Detroit parried twice.
  • Washington continued to sustain possession of the puck, and Detroit tried to break away and grind down low in the Caps’ zone, but Kronwall and Ouellet made a defensive boo boo, and Helm had to stay with Eller to negate a Caps rush.
  • Detroit returned to Washington’s zone with Bertuzzi, Larkin and Mantha cycling, but Washington bwas able to break away.

Vrana and Connolly skated up past Ouellet, who fell down, Ericsson could not stifle the rush, and Howard was unable to stop Connolly over the blocker.

 Connolly scored his 15th goal of the season at 6:40, from Vrana.

  • On the post-goal shift, Ovechkin and Backstrom nearly set a goal up, but Detroit’s defense was stout, and Ericsson and Daley were fortified by Svechnikov, Nyquist and Zetterberg’s presence.
  • The Caps went for a more physical approach as Smith-Pelly joined the fray, and Washington ground the puck deep, but Howard found Jensen, he chipped the puck up to AA, and a weird bounce yielded a Caps rush that Abdelkader diffused.
  • Larkin skated out of the zone with 11:45 remaining, Larkin sent the puck around the back boards to DeKeyser, Mantha got stood up, and Washington dumped and chased.
  • DeKeyser stole the puck and cleared it to Abdelkader, he stopped up, found Mantha, Larkin cycled to Abdelkader, then Jensen, and under pressure, Jensen backed up and re-set.
  • With 11 minutes remaining in regulation, Nielsen made a nice one-man play, but his wide shot went WAY wide, all the way out to center ice.
  • Detroit re-set and Helm, Svechnikov and Nielsen ground the puck to the line, where Daley could not hold it in.
  • Daley sent the puck around the boards and off and down the ice.
  • Washington won the deep offensive zone draw, but the Wings cleared it out of play, and a TV timeout hit.
  • At 9:35, Detroit was out-shooting Washington 5-1 in the 3rd and 33-22 overall; attempts 62-38; hits 12-12; giveaways 9-6 Washington, takeaways 3-1 Detroitl blocked shots 13-7 Washington; faceoffs 29-24 Detroit (55%).
  • When play resumed, Zetterberg drew in vs. Beagle, he tied up the draw, and Detroit chipped and chased.
  • Larkin got another shift with Zetterberg, and Wilson was stood up trying to rush in on the Wings’ goal.
  • Zetterberg went the other way with Nyquist and Larkin, but Ovechkin, Orlov and Wilson attacked the Wings, and Jensen and Larkin were able to clear the puck to center.
  • Niskanen made a boo boo defensively that was covered up by his teammates, and both teams changed.
  • With 9:20 remaining, Washington’s Oshie line attacked the Wings, and Bertuzzi, Athanasiou and Mantha defended as Oshie fed Burakovsky for a wide shot.

Regrettably, Niklas Kronwall got called for tripping Oshie at 11:08.

  • With 8:52 remaining, shots remained 5-1 Detroit in the 3rd, 33-22 overall, attempts 62-39 Detroit; hits 13-12 Detroit; giveaways 9-7 Detroit, takeaways 3-1 Detroit; blocked shots 13-7 Detroit; faceoffs 29-25 Detroit (54%).
  • Washington won the initial PP faceoff, and Backstrom set up for a fine shot that Howard gobbled up.
  • Larkin and Glendening worked with Daley and DeKeyser, but the Caps wrested control of the puck away from Larkin, Backstrom, Oshie, Ovechkin, Carlson and Eller set up, and Howard had to stop an Ovechkin shot.
  • Detroit cleared and tried to change, with DeKeyser and Ericsson combining to clear the puck down ice.
  • With 8:00 remaining straight up and 1:09 left in the PP, Nielsen stood up at the Wings’ line to make an excellent stop, Washington set up and skated in, and Carlson and Eller looked for Ovechkin, who fired a hard shot off Howard.
  • Detroit cleared the puck again, and Grubauer fell over playing the puck, but the Caps managed to stop Helm or Abdelkader from getting to the puck.
  • Vrana pinched hard going the other way, he worked back to Orlov, Burakovsky found Connolly but Washington was called for a hand pass.
  • Washington took the draw at the Wings’ blueline and won it, with Smith-Pelly, Stephenson and Beagle grinding it out down low.
  • The PK expired.
  • Detroit ground the puck out of trouble and off a hand to the Caps bench, but Washington was able to push the puck into Detroit’s end.
  • Jensen hammered a shot off the glass, Bertuzzi coughed up the puck and Howard ultimately had to stop Smith-Pelly off a set-up from Beagle.
  • Washington lost the deep offensive zone draw and Athanasiou fed Daley and Bertuzzi, but Bertuzzi was stifled by Grubauer with 6 minutes remaining.
  • Washington pumped the puck back to Orpik and Howard made a big stop;
  • Washington re-set and re-entered the offensive zone, and Eller fired a hard shot off a Wing and into the netting.
  • Triggering another TV timeout.
  • At 14:28, Detroit was out-shooting Washington 6-5 in the 3rd and 34-26 overall; attempts 64-46 Detroit.
  • Larkin drew in for the defensive zone faceoff and he won the draw, but Ovechkin HIT THE GOALPOST behind Howard…
  • Zetterberg went the other way…and was stopped.
  • Zetterberg then brought reinforcements in Larkin and Nyquist, and Zetterberg stole the puck, worked the puck to the blueline, regained the zone, and fed the corner, where Larkin and Nyquist were stopped cold.
  • At center, Jensen and DeKeyser fed the puck deep, and Detroit chipped the puck out of play.
  • Detroit won the next faceoff, but could not keep the puck in the offensive zone.
  • DeKeyser and Jensen worked together to clear the puck up the right wing, where Svechnikov fed DeKeyser for a fine shot that Grubauer gobbled up.
  • With 4:00 remaining, Athanasiou, Bertuzzi and Mantha lost the deep offensive zone draw, and Oshie chipped the puck off Kronwall deep, but the Caps kept the puck in and chipped to change.
  • Mantha skated up ice, tried to beat 3 players himself, and failed…
  • So Jensen tried to feed the puck deep, DeKeyser got a good rush and fed Mantha for a big shot that was stopped.
  • Jensen and DeKeyser fed Bertuzzi for ar ush through center, Bertuzzi fed AA and his shot went wide, so Bertuzzi ground the puck down low, DeKeyser found Jensen, his stick broke, and Bertuzzi was dumped by Beagle.
  • With 2:40 remaining, Daley set up and skated to center, chipped the puck for Zetterberg, and Detroit had to re-set in its own zone.
  • With 2:20 remaining, Nyquist slithered into the offensive zone, but was stifled, and Detroit attempted to attack again.
  • Larkin could not keep the puck in, nor could Kronwall, so Larkin circled at center, raced in, fed the slot, and Mantha missed the puck.
  • Kronwall and DeKeyser chipped the puck deep but iced it with 1:32 remaining.
  • Athanasiou won the draw but the Caps stole it, with Niskanen chipping the puck deep, then gloving a flip pass at center.
  • Kronwall and DeKeyser pushed Oshie, Bertuzzi and Mantha raced away, and Howard was out.
  • With 1:03 remaining.
  • Nielsen held the puck in for Mantha, he fed Kronwall and he raced back to center to set up.
  • Nielsen skated up ice, flipped the puck deep, and Washington cleared the zone, with Mantha blubbing the puck.
  • Zetterberg skated in, sent the puck in on Grubauer and with 27.5 left, the Wings called timeout 6 on 5.
  • Glendening took the right side faceoff with Nielsen, Nyquist, Larkin, Zetterberg and Kronwall.
  • The Wings won the draw, Larkin tried to feed Zetterberg cross-ice, it did not work, Detroit sent the puck around and Orpik smeared Larkin away from play.
    Kronwall fed Nielsen, he skated in, and Grubauer stopped him.

The 3rd period in summary: The Red Wings played admirably, but they lost and they wer officially eliminated from playoff contention because they could not score.


Here’s the Game Summary

And the Event Summary

Detroit out-shot Washington 39-26 and out-attempted Washington 70-48.

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  1. Different game ,same result. How did Svech only get 7 + mins?

    Good game with players fighting for jobs,next year.

  2. As soon as I saw the overhead replay of the AA goal, I knew it would get overturned.

    They played pretty well, which is good, but there is one thing that bothers me. It might just be me, but it looks like there is still too much “pass first” going on. Too may shots being deferred. We need pucks on net.

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