On crowdfunding

I will probably mention the fact that you can donate to The Malik Report at https://patreon.com/themalikreport or http://paypal.me/themalikreport once or twice a day. It may be annoying to see the same old post again, but it’s better than advertisements, and as I’ve said, I’d like to keep this ad-free for as long as possible (which is hopefully indefinitely).

How does this “crowdfunding” thing work? Well, you decide how much this content is worth to you, and you can set up a subscription with Patreon for as low as $1 a month, $2, 5, 10, at whatever level you feel you want to support the page, or you can make a one-time donation via Paypal.

Either way, your support is going to determine whether this page succeeds, because there are no paywalls here. I *will* however be setting up “freebies” and even an advisory panel for higher Patreon tiers. Right now I’m just setting things up and trying to figure out how things work…

And along those lines, I’m looking for someone or someone(s) to help with either web design, merch design, or both. The drapes could use a little WordPress assistance, and I’m looking to sell some t-shirts down the line. If you’re intrigued by either concept (I would pay for the website design and split profits with the t-shirt designer), let me know here, via Twitter at @georgemalik,

Facebook at The Malik Report or via the big old email at rtxg@yahoo.com.

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George Malik

My name is George Malik, and I'm the Malik Report's editor/blogger/poster. I have been blogging about the Red Wings since 2006, when MLive hired me to work their SlapShots blog, and I joined Kukla's Korner in 2011 as The Malik Report. I'm starting The Malik Report as a stand-alone site, hoping that having my readers fund the website is indeed the way to go to build a better community and create better content.