Jon Cooper’s zinger

Hockeybuzz’s Bob Duff took note of a particularly ironic comment–well I think it’s ironic, anyway–made by Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper at the All-Star Game:

Tampa Bay coach Jon Cooper and Detroit’s Jeff Blashill are longtime friends and constantly take playful digs at each other through the media. Given the opportunity through the All-Star Game to coach Green, one of Blashill’s players, Cooper just couldn’t help himself.

“OK, so I’m going to let this one out of the bag,” Cooper said. “Jeff Blashill sent me a text right after the game saying you needed a few more Wings on the team and I sent one back to him that said, ‘(Green) finally got some good coaching.’

“It was great having him. He’s been doing that for a long time. Had we won the game, maybe (Tampa Bay’s Nikita Kucherov) would have got MVP but Green would have been right behind him. He was great for us.”

Duff’s Monday notebook continues


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11 thoughts on “Jon Cooper’s zinger”

  1. Blashill’s ongoing obsession with Cooper is pretty juvenile. Cooper must laugh at the constant look of bewilderment behind our bench followed by post-game comments about the process. What a clown. You can tell Cooper is a lawyer and Blashill’s next job will probably be at Home Depot

    1. We’re going to find out. For the first couple of days I want to see what people have to say, but I’m going to be honest here: this is going to be “my blog,” not Kukla’s Korner’s version of the Malik Report, and I’m not going to screw around. If people think that they’re just going to be able to rip into each other, that’s notion will change quickly.

  2. Isnt there a difference between ripping into Blashill versus ripping into other posters? All I said was that I think Blashill’s public “friendship” with Cooper seems juvenile, and that Cooper seems much more intelligent. Didn’t say a word about other posters. But if harsh criticism of Wings personnel is off limits then just say the word and I’ll refrain.

    1. I put my foot down about negativity between commenters, but Blash has a thicker skin than the other commenters do! It’s OK, we’ll figure the borders out, and when in doubt…The preference is to figure it out together.

  3. In summary?

    Deep breaths. Deep breaths. We’re all in this together, and we’re not going to all get along in terms of our tone, but it’s all of our “first days” today, so let’s see where things go before we get in fights.

  4. Thx cool George. I don’t use insulting words or profanity towards other posters. If we all do that then everyone wins.

    1. FS provides interesting incite backed by statistics. Although a strong asset via his comments, there is a ‘tinge’ of elitism that, I sense, sets off some posters.
      Long before FS, it has been tough sometimes sifting silently through toxic comments—that’s why I refuse to post, since my comments to them would rival their ignorance!
      So I’ll keep reading, sending an occasional question/e-mail to George, & enter the ‘crowdfund’ world, all the while hoping other knowledgeable posters remain fair, balanced, and civil.
      Best to you, George.

  5. I’ll just say this

    For all the problems Fatsavage had elsewhere, maybe it’s him and not others.

    The only thing juvenile about this blog post if Fat’ s first comment. Those two men are friends. jfc.

  6. How exactly is it a “public obsession” with Cooper, when he sent him a private text message and it was Cooper who let it out into the public?

    I think there is some other obsession that’s juvenile that’s at play here

  7. Although I used ‘incite’ quite purposely above (rather than ‘insight’) hoping to be subtle, FS does try to ‘incite.’ BUT, SO WHAT! His offerings bring, in my opinion a somewhat 360 view. Furthermore, his style remains far superior than direct, often crude, interpersonal attacks.
    Let him contribute—in my opinion, he adds a good dimension.

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