Red Wings-Kraken quick take: No Squid Game, a shootout win instead

The Detroit Red Wings aimed to win their 4th straight game for the first time this season at the expense of the injury-ravaged Seattle Kraken on Wednesday night.

The Red Wings tried to do so without Tyler Bertuzzi and Danny DeKeyser (COVID), which is an increasing concern, and with Thomas Griess in goal, despite Greiss having given up 5 goals apiece in the Wings’ last 4 appearances.

The Red Wings won, but ONLY JUST. Detroit was forced to a shootout by the sparky, sneaky Kraken, and Dylan Larkin and Adam Erne out-scored Joonas Donskoi to afford Detroit a 4-3 victory.

Over the course of regulation, Fabbri, Namestnikov and Raymond scored for Detroit, and Thomas Greiss stopped 21 shots to secure his 150th career win as the Kraken lurked, lurked, lurked and struck, struck, struck against a sleepy, day-dreamy Red Wings team that has earned its 4th straight win for the first time this season…

Again, but only just.

The Red Wings iced the following lines (sorry, the Kraken did not Tweet their lines, just their starters)…

Tonight vs. Seattle. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

And we’re going with Kraken beat writer Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times for the Kraken’s lines:

#SEAKraken just finished warmups. Here are their projected lines and pairings:

LW Donato C Gourde RW Donskoi
LW Johansson C Wennberg RW Appleton
LW Tanev C Geekie RW McCann
LW Blackwell C Sheahan RW Lind
LD Dunn RD Larsson
LD Oleksiak RD Soucy
LD Lauzon RD Fleury— Geoff Baker (@GeoffBakerTIMES) December 2, 2021

The starters and scratches were as follows…

In the 1st period…After a moment of silence for the Oxford High School shooting victims…

Larkin drew into the faceoff circle at center ice opposite Alex Wennberg, the puck was won to Nick Leddy, playing in game 800, and the Wings’ chipped and chased, Seattle could not keep the puck out, Leddy fired a shot wide, Detroit held the puck in for a moment, and Seattle broke out and chipped the puck down the ice.

Detroit changed lines only 40 seconds into the game, and Thomas Greiss had to stop a long shot that he grabbed the rebound of from Mason Appleton.

The Rasmussen line pushed the puck out to center and forced Seattle offside 57 seconds into the 1st, they won their blueline draw and dumped and chased, and changed fairly quickly, and Zadina was given a puck by Namestnikov, he wrapped the puck back to the blueline, and Oesterle could not keep it in, but he gave and went with Seider, Suter skated in deep, slid the puck across the ice, and the puck was held in and cycled around the perimeter.

Seattle broke in as Gourde fed Donato, but Zadina came back to backcheck;

Seattle held the puck in, stick-handled as they pushed the puck around the back boards some 2:25 into the 1st, Gourde centered the puck, but Smith cleared the zone and chipped a shot in on Grubauer.

Criscuolo, Rowney and Gagner drew in for a deep offensive zone draw at 3:35, Gagner drew in for Rowney, and Seattle cleared the zone, Detroit’s defense took over, Leddy slid a puck deep for Gagner, he fed Criscuolo, who dropped for Hronek and Hronek fired the puck wide of the net;

Seattle’s Sheahan chipped the puck out to center and into the Wings’ zone, and Detroit’s four-line rotation completed itself as Dylan Larkin’s dump-in was blocked with 4:30 gone in the 1st period.

Seattle backed the Wings’ first line in, but Seider broke up their rush, and Larkin, Fabbri and Raymond cycled deep, 4:05 into the 1st, but Raymond missed Oesterle;

Detroit chipped the puck deep, Fabbri helped Erne and Rasmussen as the duo took to the ice over the boards, and the Wings got a good scoring chance on Grubauer, but they were stifled by the Seattle defense.

Seattle seemed to match Detroit’s level of focus (or the lack thereof), and Detroit had some difficulties as Filip Zadina’s shot was blocked, Seider’s shot was blocked, and Seattle generally disrupted Detroit’s offensive flourishes.

6:30 into the 1st, Seattle took over possession of the puck, and held it for a good minute, backing in the Wings’ fourth line as the Johansson line cycled;

Ultimately, the fourth line was out for over a minute, and Greiss had to settle the puck to help the Wings clear the zone.

The first TV timeout hit at 7:51, and the Wings and Kraken were tied in shots 2-2 and attempts 5-5.

When play resumed, Lindstrom and Staal parried a Kraken rush, Namestnikov, Rasmussen and Erne chipped the puck in for a moment, but Seattle was stifling defensively, and Seattle was entering Detroit’s zone with ease…Though they were not able to push deeply into the Wings’ end for any length of time.

Seattle’s Donskoi and Gourde did a good job of pushing into the Wings’ zone and challenging Greiss, 9:30 into the 1st, and Soucy cycled for Johansson, who fired the shot wide of the net;

Seattle cycled, sent a point shot wide of the net, and the Kraken continued to back the Red Wings’ first line in, until Johansson fumbled the puck, re-set, and afforded Seider the opportunity to break up the rush.

Suter broke in 1 on 1 and got a good shot off on Grubauer, cycled with Smith and Zadina…

And the Kraken chipped the puck out of play with 10:49 gone in the 1st, so Mason Appleton sat for delay of game.

On the Power Play…

Larkin’s unit started the PP, #71 won the draw to Raymond, to Seider, Larkin and Raymond fed Seider for a point shot and Seider was stopped by Grubauer with Fabbri in front.

Suter took the second draw, lost it, and Larkin held the puck in but chipped it out of play, though it was deflected;

As such, Detroit won a deep zone faceoff, Raymond was smeared, and the Kraken chipped the puck down the ice with 1:25 remaining on the man advantage;

Seider and Larkin skated in, as Larkin was tripped, there was no call, and Seider re-set in the Wings’ zone;

Raymond fed Larkin at center, Suter dumped the puck to no one, and Detroit re-set;

Seider went with a single, unobstructed shot, which was stopped;

Seider, Raymond and Larkin stayed out late, and Seattle cleared the Larkin pass for Raymond cross-slot;

Detroit changed PP units with only 20 seconds left in the PP, the Wings fumbled an exchange, and Gourde cycled deep, got the puck to the defense, Fleury found Gourde, Donskoi deked as the PP expired, and Greiss had to make a big stop on Gourde.

At even strength, the 13-minute mark passed with the 4th line on ice, but Filip Hronek honestly pinched and did a great job of generating a scoring chance on Grubauer at 7:08…

Rasmussen’s line succeeded Rowney’s, and Rasmussen helped key a cycle working with Hronek and Leddy, with RASMUSSEN PUTTING A PUCK OFF THE GOALPOST behind Grubauer on a tip;

Seattle rushed up the other way, and Greiss snagged a Larsson shot, afforded Seatttle a rebound, and grabbed that one as well.

At the 14-minute mark, Detroit had taken a 6-3 shot lead and a 12-7 attempt lead.

The Rowney line took to the ice after the TV timeout, and Greiss made a couple of BIG stops (and he got a good block from Staal) as Seattle cycled deep and worked the puck out into the slot;

Detroit then pushed the puck 200 feet from its net, and changed lines quickly;

Seattle began to pick up the pace…And Seattle thought they scored, which they did as Jeremy Lauzon scored with Moritz Seider shoving Mason Appleton into Thomas Greiss with 4:22 remaining. Seattle considered challenging, but did not.

Greiss then made a BIG stop on Johansson in the middle of the slot with Seider and Oesterle wandering around the defensive zone;

With 4:20 remaining in the 1st, Detroit cleared the zone, but looked passive, and Rasmussen’s line pretty much let Seattle get a chance as Rasmussen was tripped and drew a penalty.

The Wings went 6-on-5 with 3:35 remaining, and on the delayed call, Sheahan did not touch up until 3:31 remained.

Seattle was called for slashing with 3:31 left. Morgan Geekie sat for a double slash.

On the power play…

Detroit lost the initial zone draw, so Leddy set up, afforded his teammates a rush, and Detroit blew the power play as Leddy also defended Riley Sheahan from going to the net by holding him with 3:09 left in the 1st.

On the 4 on 4, Gourde and Donato worked very well and SEIDER BLOCKED a shot that would have gotten behind Greiss;

Larkin and Raymond set up in the offensive zone, and Larkin skated into a pass for Raymond, he picked the top shelf over Grubauer and Detroit took a 1-0 lead with 2:45 remaining…

0-1 #SeaKraken go down to DET but the score is being reviewed for offside— Alison (@AlisonL) December 2, 2021

No goal for Lucas Raymond, it was determined Raymond was offside. Still scoreless in the 1 Period. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) December 2, 2021

But Seattle challenged for offside, and their challenge was affirmed.

As Ken and Mickey said, Grubauer got off the hook for a stinker.

The 4 on 4 continued, and Wennberg deked through his legs, but tried tto cycle, and Raymond, Hronek, Larkin and company parried the Seattle rush;

Suter and Fabbri took to the ice, and Seatttle skated into the Wings’ zone, back out to center, and Tanev seemed to want to get to the power play by playing keep-away;

Greiss afforded Staal a puck-moving pass, up to Suter it went, and Staal helped Fabbri, who fumbled a pass;

Seattle’s Wennberg got a GREAT slot chance off a drop pass and Greiss made a BIG STOP with 1:22 left in the 1st, and Seattle on the power play.

As the PK progressed, Rasmussen was tossed from the faceoff, Namestnikov won it to Hronek, and Detroit chipped the puck into Seattle’s zone, affording Detroit a successful power play…

Until Detroit was penalized for a second time, with Namestnikov going for slashing with 1:05 left in the 1st period.

On the PK, Gagner was tossed out of the draw, so Suter took it, won it to Lindstrom, and Detroit cleared the zone;

With 1:55 left in the PK and 1:00 left in the 1st, the faceoffs sort of devolved into a pissing contest, and Detroit lost the next one;

Seattle chipped the puck into the Wings’ zone and then out of play, into the netting…

Seattle then set up, sent a puck into the slot, and it was blocked and cleared;

Seattle’s Johansson put the puck OFF THE POST behind Greiss, and Detroit cleared the zone, affording Seattle a 7-6 shot lead in the 1st.

First period stats. Detroit and Seattle tied 0-0. Both teams have scored a goal that was not counted.— George Malik (@georgemalik) December 2, 2021

Wings & Kraken tied after 20. Seattle will be on the PP with 55 seconds remaining to start the 2nd. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) December 2, 2021

Headed to the 2nd. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

In the 2nd period…

Detroit began the 2nd period on the penalty-kill for 55 seconds.

Suter won the draw and the Wings cleared the puck down ice, Gagner and Suter stifled the Seattle breakout for a moment, but the Kraken worked the puck into Detroit’s zone, and Johansson, Dunn, and the Kraken cycled into the slot, where Detroit’s Staal blocked a shot, Greiss stopped another, and Detroit cleared the zone;

Rasmussen and Seider helped work the puck out to Erne as Namestnikov exited the penalty box, Grubauer was able to stop a Seider shot, and Seattle iced the puck with 1:14 gone in the 2nd period and the penalty over.

Detroit brought out the first line some 1:30 into the 2nd, and the trio of Raymond, Larkin and Fabbri watched Seattle’s Ryan Donato tip a Jamie Oleksiak shot wide of Greiss;

Seattle retained possession and control, and Griess had to stop another shot before Detroit chipped and changed;

Seattle was starting to take control of the game.

The fact that the Wings weren’t doing a good job of working through center ice was a contributing factor.

Seattle was skating into the Wings’ zone and buttonhooking back to cycle deep and send shots on Griess from the point…

At the other end of the ice, Filip Zadina skated in straight on Grubauer, who made an easy breakaway stop, and Detroit at least drew a penalty, with Adam Larsson sitting for slashing at 3:35.

On the power play, Larkin, Raymond and Seider worked a great cycle into a scoring chance that was stifled by Oleksiak and the Kraken defense;

Seider skated up ice, swept back, was hacked by Gourde, and Seider cut him off, so Larkin broke out the other way, with Seider, and he set up Raymond, down low it went to Suter, across for Fabbri wide, Larkin fired a puck off the GOALPOST, and FABBRI CLEANED UP THE REBOUND OFF A SUTER PASS OUT FRONT.

FAB-ULOUS!— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

Fabbri buries the goal to give Detroit a 1-0 lead on the PP. Larkin & Suter on the assists. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) December 2, 2021

Couldn’t have asked for a better view. 😎— NHL (@NHL) December 2, 2021

Fabbri’s 5th. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

Robby Fabbri made it 1-0 at 4:46, on the power play, from Suter and Larkin.

On the post-goal shift, Erne, Rasmussen and Namestnikov could not convert, and they gave Seattle a good long time in the Wings’ zone, until Namestnikov and Rasmussen broke out, broke into the Kraken zone, and were stifled;

Rowney, Gagner and Criscuolo set up for a good cycle that Suter nearly converted into a goal…

But Seider made a poor pinch, and Colin Blackwell was able to get a scoring chance on Greiss as a result;

Seattle cycled in the Wings’ zone, Lind jabbed at a puck in the slot, and Detroit cleared the zone with some desperation;

The Wings still looked rope-a-dopey.

The fact that the Larkin line was not the best defensively did not help.

Staal did get a long shot in on Grubauer some 8 minutes into the 2nd period, and Fabbri did buzz the net as Lindstrom sent a sneaky shot in on Grubauer at 8:10;

Detroit was at least out-shooting Seattle 9-3 in the 2nd period and 15-10 overall.

When play resumed after the TV timeout, Lindstrom helped Larkin set up a good play, which was blocked by Larsson, Larkin and Lindstrom worked the give-and-go, Raymond and Fabbri helped work the puck deep, and Raymond was stripped of the puck in the slot, going to the net;

Rasmussen kept getting kicked out of the faceoff circle, and that was not useful as Detroit kept losing faceoffs when Rasmussen was on the ice as a result;

Seattle was smart defensively, all things considered, and when Oesterle and Seider sent a shot in on net that was tipped on Grubauer, it was blocked off by the Kraken defense;

Seattle then pulled their goalie for a couple of seconds thanks to a delayed penalty on Detroit, cycled and were given their 3rd power play of the night at 10:24.

Rasmussen sat for interference at 10:24.

On the penalty-kill, Gagner and Suter lost the initial faceoff, Seattle set up and cycled to Dunn in the high slot, and Dunn fired a heavy wrist shot through traffic and tied the game 1-1.

Vince Dunn TIES IT‼️

The @SeattleKraken even things up at 1-1 in the 2nd Period. #SeaKraken— ROOT SPORTS™ | NW (@ROOTSPORTS_NW) December 2, 2021

HE DUNN GOOD!!!!!— Seattle Kraken (@SeattleKraken) December 2, 2021

Vince Dunn tied the game from Marcus Johansson and Alexander Wennberg at 10:44 of the 2nd. The game was tied 1-1.

On the post-goal shift, Seattle worked the puck deep and cycled the puck to the point, and Greiss had to stop a redirected shot;

Seattle continued to dominate possession and control at the 12-minute mark, generating a shot that went off the goalpost high…

Seider, Rowney and Oesterle did set up for a good wide shot that Rowney nearly scored off of the back boards bounce;

In all honesty, Detroit had energy, but not focus.

Seattle did ice the puck with 6:06 remaining in the 2nd, and Fabbri had to take the draw as Larkin was thrown out (lots of that happening tonight), Seattle won the draw and cleared the zone, Larkin came back to cycle out of trouble, and Leddy fed Fabbri, Fabbri raced in deep, Raymond supported him…

And Seattle stifled the rush with a smart pass into their own slot, which was cleared easily.

The 15-minute mark passed with Detroit leading 17-14 in shots, but not in quality chances by any stretch of the imagination.

Disappointingly, Vlad Namestnikov lost his footing, Seattle worked the 3-on-2 and Donskoi faked the shot to pass to Gourde, he worked a lateral pass to Donato and Donato scored the 2-1 goal at 16:04.

2-1 #Seakraken

The forecheck led by Donskoi pounces on a loose puck and Donato finishes for the Seattle lead.— Alison (@AlisonL) December 2, 2021

Ryan Donato, who scored the Kraken’s second goal of the evening, now has five points (three goals, two assists) in five career games against Detroit.— Seattle Kraken PR (@SeattleKrakenPR) December 2, 2021

Hello, my name is Yanni Gourde and I shall assist on all the goals. #SeaKraken— Alison (@AlisonL) December 2, 2021

Donato scored from Gourde and Donskoi at 16:04 to make it 2-1 Seattle.

On the post-goal shift, Gagner’s line did very little, and instead, Griess had to gobble up a Gourde shot…

Leddy was checked by Geekie with 2:33 remaining, and Seattle managed to buttonhook a shot toward the net off the point, frustrating the Wings;

Rasmussen coughed up the puck down low with 2:05 remaining, but he dumped the puck in, and Grubauer’s misplay of the puck nearly went in the back of his own net…

THANKFULLY, Vladislav Namestnikov worked a fine screen play with Michael Rasmussen, who crashed the net, and Namestnikov made it 2-2 with 1:42 remaining in the 2nd period.

2-2 #SeaKraken— Alison (@AlisonL) December 2, 2021

Puck bounced in for Namestnikov’s eighth. Big late goal for @Vladdy18#LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) December 2, 2021

Big bad Vlad!— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

Career goal 99 for @Vladdy18. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

🙌— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

Namestnikov scored the 2-2 goal from Oesterle and Seider at 18:18 to make it 2-2.

On the post-goal shift, Detroit really sort of dithered in the neutral zone, and in the final minute of play, Leddy and Hronek fed Gagner, Criscuolo could not attain the blueline, but Seattle backed into their own zone and rode out the clock.

2nd period stats for the Wings and Kraken. 2-2 tie.— George Malik (@georgemalik) December 2, 2021

Tied after 2. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

In the 3rd period…

Detroit began the period with Fabbri, Larkin, Raymond, Leddy and Hronek, and the Wings lost the initial draw, cycled out of their zone as Raymond fed Leddy, he dropped to Fabbri, the puck fumbled into the skates of Larkin, and Seattle cleared their zone, entered Detroit’s, and worked back into their own end of the ice before chipping and changing with 45 seconds gone in the 3rd period.

Seider did send a wise shot in on Grubauer whose rebound bounced to Oesterle at the half boards, and Oesterle chipped a sneaky wrister into Grubauer’s chest from about 20 feet out some 1:30 into the 3rd;

Lindstrom’s decision to pinch and check yielded a Seattle shot from Gourde which Greiss had to stop some 2:15 into the 3rd;

As play continued, the Wings seemed to rope-a-dope a bit, and the Kraken were getting the better of the puck possession, with Detroit falling back whenever challenged, but the Wings were stifling Seattle’s attempts in the slot;

Greiss was also making some smart stops when Detroit wilted under the Kraken’s pressure and tendency to send point shots in from afar.

Erne did a nice job working off a turnover once and then twice to chip it deep for Namestnikov, but Erne was then called for a high stick at 4:29;

Rasmussen sent a sneaky pass out front to Namestnikov for a slot chance that was flubbed;

Seattle charged up 3 on 2 and Greiss had to make a big stop on Vince Dunn pinching into the offensive zone to set up a 3-on-2 at 5 minutes;

Play sort of slowed down at the 6-minute mark, and the Red Wings’ fourth line took to the ice, got off, and Larkin, Raymond and Fabbri took to the ice…

And, off a turnover handled by Seider, Larkin fed Raymond, he turned and shot and fired the puck through traffic to make it 3-2 at 6:29.

2-3 Detroit re-establishes a one goal lead over #SeaKraken— Alison (@AlisonL) December 2, 2021

That’s Rookie of the Month, Lucas Raymond, to you.— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

Lucas Raymond’s 10th goal of the season. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

Raymond made it 3-2 at 6:29, from Larkin and Seider.

Seattle pushed right back, however, and on the post-goal shift, the Kraken nearly tied the game, only to watch a slot shot go high and wide of Greiss;

Nearly 8 minutes into the 3rd, Seattle was still dictating the pace of play and the flow of the game, but sometimes you need sneaky markers.

Greiss also snow-angel-ed to make a smart stop as Seattle swarmed Detroit’s net, and there was no whistle, but Carter Rowney made a great clear and helped Detroit nurse the lead to a TV timeout at 8:28.

When play resumed, Raymond laid the body in on a Kraken player in the Wings’ zone to stifle a chance, Seattle regrouped however, and Greiss was helped by the GOALPOST…

Seattle continued to dictate the pace of play and the flow of the game some 9:45 into the 3rd period, and Detroit had to ice the puck with the Gagner-Rowney-Criscuolo line on the ice to achieve some relief from the Seattle attack.

Detroit did win the defensive zone draw and clear the puck out of trouble, but there were some scary moments occurring as the 10-minute mark passed.

At 10:17, Seattle led in shots 5-2 in the 2nd and had tied the shots 21-21 overall; Seattle was leading in faceoffs 22-20.

Lindstrom made a poor pass that Seattle grabbed 3 on 2, cycled to the point, and Donato was blocked once, twice, and Namestnikov skated into the offensive zone 1 on 4, was dumped, and Seattle chipped and chopped the puck out to center…

With 8:35 remaining, Sam Gagner got hit into the boards numbers first, but there was no penalty, and Gagner came away from the hit OK.

Even Mickey Redmond noted that the Wings were in a 1-2-2 with 7:30 remaining in regulation;

Seider blocked ANOTHER shot with his right knee, and hobbled to the bench in pain with 6:40 remaining;

Filip Zadina, who had all but been benched, got a shift with the Gagner line, and Ryan Donato deked and picked up an Oleksiak pass, firing a hard shot over Thomas Greiss to tie the game at 3-3.

Oleksiak 👉 Donato 👉 🥅 #SeaKraken— Alison (@AlisonL) December 2, 2021


Seattle’s Donato made it 3-3 at 14:16 of the 3rd from Oleksiak.

Larkin, Fabbri and Raymond took to the ice thereafter, with Hronek and Leddy, and the 15-minute mark passed as the Larkin line changed;

Seattle iced the puck but was not called for icing, and Donskoi, Donato and Gourde cycled deep, Donato wrapped around the goal, but he fell and Seider was able to clear the puck…With 4:15 remaining.

Raymond, Larkin and Fabbri’s next shift did result in a scoring chance for Raymond, but the Kraken forced Detroit out of their zone with 2:40 remaining, and Oesterle skated in himself, Fabbri fed Larkin, and HE STONED ERNE’s 1-timer.

With 2:34 remaining in regulation, the last TV timeout of regulation hit.

When play resumed, Rowney, Suter and Zadina won a faceoff, Zadina blocked once, blocked twice, watched his shots get cleared out to center;

Zadina skated up the wing on the next rush, but Grubauer stopped him; he pushed the puck around to Hronek, who reversed to Leddy around the back boards, and Seattle iced the puck with 1:46 remaining.

Larkin’s line took the next shift, Larkin drew the draw to Leddy via Raymond, he dropped it for Leddy, Leddy dropped it to Raymond, and the Kraken smelled the fake and cleared it;

Grubauer played the puck up to his forwards, and Detroit regrouped at center, but Larkin and Fabbri were denied, and Leddy had to hustle back as Johansson circled the net;

With 1 minute remaining, Erne fed Rasmussen, and Rasmussen fanned on the shot, which was ultimately blocked;

Oleskiak’s pinch did not cause trouble at the other end as Rasmussen was stood up, and Tanev and Oleksiak cleared the puck to the line, where it was fired out of play by Detroit with 25.5 remaining.

Detroit won the next draw to Seider, he fed Zadina and his shot was tipped over Grubauer;

With 10 seconds remaining, Zadina put a shot off the side of the net and Tanev cleared the puck down ice, forcing overtime.

.@Xfinity overtime! #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

Stats after 3 periods of play. 3-3 tie, going to OT.— George Malik (@georgemalik) December 2, 2021


The Red Wings started Raymond, Seider and Larkin, and Detroit won the draw back to Seider, he skated behind his net and set up Larkin for a breakout.

Larkin charged in stopped halfway through the zone and worked the puck deeper, where he was pinned by Johansson.

Raymond battled as well, kicking hte puck deeper, Larkin helped, Raymond and Larkin cycled, and the Kraken broke out…

Seattle and Detroit changed 50 seconds into OT.

Suter, Fabbri and Seider were on the ice, and Seattle was blocked off by Fabbri and Suter, affording Seider a change;

Hronek came out as the Wings worked the puck through center, Suter backed the puck to Hronek who backed out through center, Detroit regrouped and cycled deep, Hronek took the puck at the high slot, fed Suter, he dropped to Hronek, and Seattle was covering Detroit big time…SO Suter fired a long shot which was stopped via a block.

Fabbri backed out to center to afford Detroit a change, and Rasmussen was hacked by Gourde, who was STONED BY GREISS TWICE.

Fabbri and Rasmussen worked the puck around the boards, Fabbri was checked by Donato, he worked the puck back to the line and Soucy set up.

With 2:24 remaining, he fed Donato, he fed Soucy, Erne forced Soucy, stole the puck, and worked it out to center ice to Greiss, who played the puck to Leddy.

Leddy worked it deep, twisted, turned, skated out to center, and Erne set up.

Seider and Larkin then skated in, fed Raymond, he tried to pass to Larkin, hit a skate, Larkin fed Raymond, he needed help and found it in himself, dekeing and dangling at the line, Larkin set up Raymond, he worked out to center, Seider skated deep, cycled back to the line, worked out to center…

And with a minute remaining, Seider went off.

Raymond set up at the Wings’ line, played it to Greiss, he fed Larkin, he dropped it to Hronek, and he dropped to Zadina, he skated in, skated wide, looped to Hronek, to Namestnikov, around the back boards, to Hronek, to Zadina, to Hronek it went, the shot was blocked, Namestnikov fed Zadina, he deked and dangled, and Hronek put the puck off the GOALPOST.

Tonight’s game will be decided by the shootout! #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

That was overtime.


  • Fabbri skates in and shakes right, goes left, through the slot stopped 0-0.
  • Donato skates up skates in looks glove side looks dekes stopped flubs it himself.
  • Larkin goes wide right sticks sticks stops goal scored.

Larkin gives Detroit a lead in the shootout— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) December 2, 2021

  • McCann up, McCann in, fake fake Greiss left pad save.
  • Raymond skates up gut goes wide blocker in dekes PING PING PING.
  • Donskoi skates up and skates in and of course the rat bastard scores for Seattle. Tied up off the toe fake and flub by Greiss.
  • Erne up, Erne in, deke looks FIRES TOP SHELF. GOAL.

Adam Erne, game winner in the shootout! #LGRW— Ryan Hana (@RyanHanaWWP) December 2, 2021

Wennberg sets up, skates in, wide blocker, to slot, dekes, WIDE.



4 STRAIGHT WINS BY THE HAIRS OF THEIR CHINNY CHIN CHINS— George Malik (@georgemalik) December 2, 2021

🐙 4 > 3🦑 #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) December 2, 2021

4 STRAIGHT for the boys!— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) December 2, 2021

ANOTHER #REDWINGS W‼️— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

Detroit takes the first ever meeting with the Seattle Kraken. Red Wings LIVE Postgame will get postgame reaction NOW from the Rookies, who continue to leave their mark. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) December 2, 2021

THIS TEAM!#LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) December 2, 2021

Statistics: Here are the Game Summary and Event Summary:

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