Red Wings-Blue Jackets quick take: Wings lose late to opportunistic Blue Jackets. It’s a disappointment (this year)

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to begin their 4-game road trip with a victory opposite the pesky Columbus Blue Jackets.

The Detroit Red Wings lost 5-3 to the Columbus Blue Jackets, in an incredibly frustrating fashion. Detroit had a 2-0 lead, blew it, got a 3-2 lead, blew it, and Columbus scored consecutive goals at 15:42 of the 3rd (a Chinakov breakaway) and 18:41 (a Werenski floater) to un-break the tie and take a 4-3 lead that was salted away by a Texier empty-netter.

It didn’t feel fair, frankly, because Lucas Raymond scored 2 goals, Thomas Greiss was wonderful for two periods, and the Red Wings had a fabulous 1st period, a terrible 2nd period, and a good 3rd…But the Blue Jackets capitalized on their chances, and that was that.

BUMMER LOSS for a team for whom expectations have changed.

The teams iced the following lineups…

Projected in Columbus!#DETvsCBJ | #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 15, 2021

With the Blue Jackets posting their lineup on their website, via Jeff Svoboda:

Gustav NyquistBoone Jenner – Oliver Bjorkstrand

Yegor Chinakhov – Cole Sillinger – Jakub Voracek

Eric RobinsonSean KuralyAlexandre Texier

Gregory HofmannJack Roslovic – Justin Danforth

Zach Werenski – Jake Bean

Vladislav GavrikovAndrew Peeke

Gavin Bayreuther – Adam Boqvist

Elvis Merzlikins (confirmed starter) 

Joonas Korpisalo

The starters and scratches were as follows…

In the 1st period…

The Red Wings started Rasmussen’s line opposite Kuraly, Texier and Robinson, and Rasmussen took the opening faceoff at 7:08 PM, tying up the opening draw, which the Blue Jackets chipped in and chased.

DeKeyser fed the puck to Seider, but the puck popped over his stick, and Columbus mashed and grabbed down low, with DeKeyser setting up Rasmussen for a cycle with Erne and Namestnikov which did not work.

40 seconds into the 1st period, the Wings changed lines, and Fabbri rushed up the left wing and fired a hard shot in on Merzlikins’ chest at 50 seconds of the 1st.

Zadina then took another shot off the faceoff in the offensive zone, but Columbus chipped the puck down ice, and Hronek and Leddy had to set up the Wings as Zadina and Suter combined for a scoring chance that didn’t stick.

The Suter line buzzed in Columbus’ zone for 20 seconds but did not generate a shot;

Columbus then chipped and chased opposite the Larkin line, and Greiss stopped the first Blue Jackets shot 1:50 into the 1st…

And Greiss got VERY LUCKY as Gustav Nyquist deked and dangled Greiss out of his net, but fired the puck wide of the net thanks to a Nyquist poke check.

As play resumed, Detroit won the next draw, but Columbus’ Roslovic ground the puck in dwon low, cycled, and Veleno, Rowney and Gagner struggled to push the puck into the Blue Jackets’ zone.

Columbus recoiled and reset, and Roslovic sent the puck in on Greiss, who made a smart stop.

Bertuzzi got dumped away from play as well, but there was no call, and some 3:05 into the game, all 4 lines had touched the ice.

Detroit’s Larkin line won the next faceoff, pushed the puck into Columbus’ zone, and Werenski chipped the puck to center, but Larkin chipped and chased, Bertuzzi reversed the flow, and Lindstrom helped Larkin recover through center, firing a hard shot wide of the net. Namestnikov stole the puck, fed Erne, and Merzlikins made a stop as a result.

Greiss then stopped a Texier centering attempt, and 4:40 into the 1st, Robinson and then Andrew Peeke fired shots in on Greiss, who stopped both the near and far blueline markers.

5:25 into the 1st, Seider and DeKeyser fed Fabbri at center, he re-set, gave the puck to Zadina, and he over-skated, but Columbus went offside 2-on-2 @ 5:39.

Columbus then nearly took away a Leddy pass out toward the front of the net, and the Blue Jackets pounced on the puck, but the puck also bounced, bailing out Leddy;

Moritz Seider got dumped into the Red Wings’ bench on the next shift, but he came right back out and tried to feed a teammate;

Instead, Columbus skated in, sent one shot on Greiss, then another, and Rasmussen, Namestnikov and Erne pushed the puck deep into Columbus’ zone.

Regrettably, Columbus was seizing possession and control of the puck at every opportunity, and Detroit’s game was scattershot and generally in its defensive zone or south of center ice as a result.

The first TV timeout hit at 7:36, and Columbus was leading in shots 4-2; attempts were 7-6 Columbus; hits 3-2 Columbus; giveaways 3-3; takeaways 1-1; blocked shots 2-0 Columbus; faceoffs 2-2.

When play resumed, Suter won the deep defensive zone draw, Fabbri was stifled by Voracek, and Columbus raced in 3 on 2. Greiss made a good kick save on Chinakov, and Detroit broke out.

Zadina walked in alone and slithered a sneaky shot in on Merzlikins, who made a fine glove stop.

Merzlikins made another good stop on Gagner off a deep offensive zone faceoff;

Detroit won another offensive zone draw, but the puck trickled out to center ice, and Lindstrom and Staal played catch, and Staal was hit heavily as he chipped the puck out of play;

Rasmussen then drew in for a blueline faceoff, lost it, and Detroit regrouped, chipped the puck down ice, and Erne negated the icing;

Erne swiped the puck away and fed Rasmussen, who was blocked off, and Erne fed Namestnikov for a fine chance that was both stopped by Merzlikins and blocked away by Jake Bean;

Detroit cycled in the Blue Jackets’ zone, DeKeyser held the line, but Columbus set up at center, changed lines, and backed into its own zone;

Larkin opposed the Blue Jackets’ Jenner and Nyquist, and Leddy and Hronek had some rough going, so Columbus pumped the puck to the point, and Larkin did a good job of stifling Bjorkstrand;

Raymond stole the puck from Columbus’ defense and fired a shot wide in the slot;

Larkin, Bertuzzi and Raymond played catch battling for the puck, and Columbus cleared their zone, but Bertuzzi regrouped in the Wings’ zone, chipped and chased, and Suter joined the fray, as did Fabbri, forcing Columbus to back up.

Chinakov was blocked off by Staal, who made a fine shot block on the next Blue Jackets rush;

With 8:25 left, Lindstrom set up behind the Wings’ net, skated the puck to center, and chipped it in, but the puck bounced funny off a stanchion, and Columbus was able to clear their zone with ease.

Seider, DeKeyser, Gagner, Veleno and Rowney took the puck from Columbus deep in their zone, but Columbus got the bounce…

Roslovic fed Bean, and he was blocked shot-wise as Columbus roared up 3 on 2 as Seider made a poor pinch and Leddy and Veleno had to stifle the Blue Jackets’ 3-on-1;

Then Rasmussen took over inside the Blue Jackets’ zone, Namestnikov was grabbed by Peeke, sans call, and Columbus raced into Detroit’s zone, with Nyquist centering a pass, Boqvist skating in himself, and Greiss stopped Boqvist in the slot;

Columbus recoiled, Greiss made a stop on Bjorkstrand, Bertuzzi and Larkin raced in, Raymond could not get the bad pass by Bertuzzi behind him, but Staal picked up the garbage and fired a shot in on Merzlikins.

13:57 into the 1st, the shots were 7-6 Columbus; attempts were 13-12 Detroit; hits 7-5 Columbus; giveaways 4-3 Columbus; takeaways 2-2; blocked shots 2-0 Columbus; faceoffs 5-3 Columbus.

Detroit returned to play setting up in their own zone off a blown offensive zone draw, and Raymond made a bad pass but took care of the mess himself, fed Bertuzzi, and Raymond could not turn around and shoot vs. Jenner.

The puck came out in front of the net loose, Bertuzzi and Raymond played catch…

And Dylan Larkin regrouped, saw Lucas Raymond ready to go back door, and Raymond fed Larkin for a garbage goal at 14:45 of the 1st period.

Lucas Raymond → Dylan Larkin. 🙌— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 16, 2021

#RedWings captain Dylan Larkin strikes again! #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 16, 2021

Lucas Raymond to Dylan Larkin gives the Red Wings a 1-0 lead— Shayna (@hayyyshayyy) November 16, 2021

No look? No problem.

What a pass from Lucas Raymond!— NHL (@NHL) November 16, 2021

Dylan Larkin scored the 1-0 goal from Raymond at 14:45 of the 1st.

On the post-goal shift, Detroit was backed into its own zone, Sillinger and company cycled, and Detroit chipped the puck out of trouble, Zadina dropped the puck to the point, and Hronek sent a shot in that was blocked.

Columbus set up, fumbled, and Leddy quarterbacked a rush by the Gagner-Veleno-Rowney trio instead, regrouping at center, and Veleno fed Staal for a wide marker that resulted in what should have been a penalty to Gustav Lindstrom.

Lindstrom got away with a hold.

A lot of players were getting away with olds.

With 2:55 remaining in the 1st, Seider and DeKeyser chased the puck down in their own zone, pushed it out to center, and Columbus took over as both teams changed lines;

A bad fall by Larkin yielded an easy opportunity for Bjorkstrand to fire a shot in on Greiss, who gobbled it up, and we headed to a TV timeout with 2:15 remaining.

Detroit lost the next faceoff, and Columbus generated a shot attempt that went wide before Suter, Fabbri and Zadina pushed the puck deep, forced Merzlikins to turn it over, and pumped the puck to the point, where Leddy hit Zadina’s butt.

Nyquist and Bean cycled, but Detroit took over, Suter tipped the puck deep for Zadina, and that went nowhere, so Staal and Lindstrom chased a chip-in, set up, and Detroit changed lines with 1:05 remaining in the 1st.

Detroit chipped and chased,d Raymond fanned on a centering attempt, and Staal and Lindstrom chipped the puck off Texier’s groin, yielding a scattershot rush that Detroit stifled.

Bertuzzi chipped and changed with 25 remaining in the 1st, Erne battled deep, Namestnikov helped, and Columbus cleared its zone but iced the puck with 7.7 left in the 1st.

Suter’s line lost the draw and Fabbri got the Zadina pass but could not fire the shot in on Merzlikins, and that was one period of play for you.

Good first road period. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 16, 2021

71 has us up 1. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 16, 2021

Stats for the first period of Detroit vs. Columbus. Detroit is up 1-0 after 1.— George Malik (@georgemalik) November 16, 2021

Trevor Thompson chats with #RedWings rookie Lucas Raymond, who assisted on captain Dylan Larkin’s first-period goal. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 16, 2021

Period 1 by the numbers. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 16, 2021

In the 2nd period…

The 2nd period began at 7:59 PM, early for Red Wings fans used to 7:30 PM starts, and Columbus won the initial faceoff vs. Rasmussen & company and chipped the puck deep.

Seider carried the puck to center, chipped the puck in on Merzlikins, and he held the puck for a faceoff 17 seconds into the 2nd period.

Rasmussen, Erne and Namestnikov lost the next draw, Namestnikov forced a turnover and he and Erne cycled, Seider swiped the puck and fired it wide of the net;

DeKeyser and Seider regrouped at center, turned the puck over to Columbus, and Erne took and then gave the puck back to Robinson, who fired a shot in on Greiss that was stopped.

Columbus continued to carry the puck through center ice, and Greiss had to make a stop as DeKeyser’s stick broke.

Columbus won the deep offensive zone draw and fired a shot wide of the net, and Columbus recoiled, regrouped at center ice, and Cole Sillinger got a slot chance that was tipped over the net and out of play.

Rowney, Veleno and Gagner took the next draw, lost it, and Greiss had to make a blocker stop on a goal line shot;

Columbus dominated possession until Lindstrom regained control, Gagner fed Veleno in the slot after Veleno took a skate to the head, and Veleno was OK despite the close call.

Detroit took another shot on net, and won a deep zone faceoff, cycled, Raymond and Larkin played catch, under pressure, and Bertuzzi fed Seider for a point shot that skipped off Merzlikins wide.

Nyquist then skated in vs. Seider, who blocked Nyquist off;

A blind pass by Bertuzzi was stolen by Columbus, and Werenski fired a shot that was blocked;

Nyquist, Werenski and Bjorkstrand backed the Wings into their own end and cycled, and Greiss stuck out his glove to make a gorgeous stop on Werenski picking the corner.

3:34 into the 2nd period, Columbus won the next draw, Kuraly blocked his own teammate’s’ shot, and Rasmussen, Namestnikov and Erne crashed and banged everything but the puck, forcing Hronek to be chased out of his own zone with the puck on his stick.

Columbus chipped and changed, Hronek regained control of the puck, Vladislav Namestnikov turned back at the half boards and fed Rasmussen, who blasted a shot through a surprised Merzlikins to make it 2-0.

Michael Rasmussen scores! Pick squeaked through for his 1st goal in 28 games. #LGRW— Ryan Hana (@RyanHanaWWP) November 16, 2021

Rasmussen scored at 4:23 to make it 2-0 from Namestnikov and Hronek.

On the post-goal shift, Zadina, Suter and Fabbri regrouped at center, Fabbri was tripped, and Detroit surrendered a rush to Chinakov, but he was hooked sans penalty, and Veleno cleared the zone as the Wings changed lines with 5:25 gone.

Werenski chipped the puck off the curved glass at the Columbus bench, and Columbus revised their game plan, chipped and chased off the next faceoff, and battled the Wings’ fourth line, with Rowney sending the puck to DeKeyser who chipped the puck out of play.

Columbus headed to the power play at 6:06 due to a delay of game call against DeKeyser.

On the penalty-kill…

Rowney lost the initial deep defensive zone faceoff, and Columbus’ defense sent a chip shot in that Greiss grabbed some 5 seconds into the PK;

Veleno took the second draw on the left hand side, and tied it up, but Columbus controlled the puck, cycled down low, and worked the puck to the slot, where Greiss made TWO BIG STOPS on Sillinger in the slot;

Columbus bumped the puck back to Werenski, whose shot went wide, and Columbus cycled, but Detroit was able to tip the puck down ice thanks to Gustav Lindstrom;

Columbus regained control, skated deep, cycled to the blueline, and Sillinger fed Voracek, to Sillinger it went and Greiss made a huge stop, the GOALPOST made a stop, and Columbus buzzed in the Wings’ zone, with Greiss making a GIGANTIC stop on Cole SIllinger, and ANOTHER stop on Sillinger.

Columbus’ 2nd unit won their faceoff, cycled vs. Namestnikov and Rasmussen, and Namestnikov was able to steal the puck and skate deep into the Blue Jackets’ zone;

Bertuzzi and Gagner worked with Staal and Seider for the final seconds of the PK, and Detroit killed said penalty.

Larkin, Raymond and Bertuzzi took over, chipped deep, and Merzlikins tipped the puck out of play off the glass at 7:35.

Columbus won the next faceoff, chipped and chased, and Griess made a nice stop;

Greiss also sent the puck up to Bertuzzi, he fed Suter 1 on 1, and Merzlikins made a big stop;

Detroit chipped the puck out of trouble, and Hronek got into it with Sean Kuraly, and the Red Wings were called for a penalty as a result, with Pius Suter going to the box @ 9:38 of the 2nd period.

On the penalty-kill…

Rowney and Gagner pumped the puck out of the zone on the defensive zone faceoff;

Voracek chipped and chased vs. Lindstrom, Jenner fed Werenski at the point, and Columbus cycled, cycled, Voracek fed Weenski, and he fired wide;

Sillinger worked the puck to Voracek at the top of the point, Werenski fed Bjorkstrand and Greiss made a BIG STOP.

With 48 seconds left in the PK, Detroit lost the deep zone draw, Namestnikov, Rasmussen, Hronek and DeKeyser worked together as Columbus cycled, and Greiss stopped Bjorkstrand’s tip.

With 28 seconds left in the PK, Columbus lost the next draw, Detroit chipped the puck 200 feet down ice, and Werenski led the Blue Jackets’ rush.

Gagner could not clear the zone, and Jenner was fed the puck at the top of the crease, but he sent it wide.

That was the PK. It was killed.

Detroit looked shaky, but Griess was bailing their butts out.

When the Wings were able to generate possession and control in the Blue Jackets’ zone, it was minimal, with the Suter line forced into surrendering the puck to Columbus, which generated another shot on goal before the TV timeout at 12:13.

The shots in the 2nd were 12-5 Columbus, and 22-12 Columbus overall with 12:13 gone in the 2nd period. Attempts were 35-22 Columbus.

When play resumed, Greiss made another stop off the faceoff, Columbus pushed the puck deep into Detroit’s zone, and Leddy and Bertuzzi stifled Nyquist;

Leddy chugged the puck up ice, Detroit cycled, and Columbus took over, with Bjorkstrand first blocked off passing-wise, and then the point shot going to the slot..

Where the puck bounced off two or three Red Wings, off Greiss, and Gustav Nyquist sent the puck to Boone Jenner, who jammed the bouncing, loose puck past Greiss to make it 2-1.

THE CAPTAIN. #CBJ— Bally Sports Columbus (@BallySportsCBUS) November 16, 2021

EVERYBODY CLEAN UP— Columbus Blue Jackets (@BlueJacketsNHL) November 16, 2021

Jenner scored from Nyquist and Jake Bean at 13:07. 2-1.

Detroit was struggling to keep up in terms of puck possession and skating.

Seider fed Suter, Suter spun deep, Zadina fed DeKeyser and he forced Merzlikins to make a stop;

Detroit changed on defense, but Seider stayed out, got walked around, and Boqvist bumped Zadina;

Detroit watched Columbus regroup at center, Boqvist skated in, was blocked off on the first shot, and he put the puck over Greiss’ glove on the rebound, tying the game.

AND A TIE GAME!#CBJ— Bally Sports Columbus (@BallySportsCBUS) November 16, 2021

Columbus’ Boqvist scored the 2-2 goal at 14:55. It was assisted by Chinakov and Bayreuther.

Columbus continued to press the Red Wings as Detroit backed into its own zone, and Raymond managed to skate in 1-on-1, but Peeke stood Raymond up;

Larkin fed Staal, and Staal SOMEHOW missed the open net;

On the next rush, Raymond forced a turnover, but Roslovic fed Danforth, he fed Werenski, and Veleno made a masterful block;

Lindstrom and Staal then worked with Veleno to stifle the Blue Jackets’ rush, with Veleno chipping the puck to Gagner, who dumped the puck deep with 3:23 remaining in the 2nd period;

Danforth, Bean and Hoffman skated in, but Veleno blocked off the Blue Jackets’ would-be goal-scorer;

The Rasmussen line took over, with Rasmussen feeding Erne, Namestnikov bumped Merzlikins, and that was of no worry;

Merzlikins then tripped Erne, with Bayreuther helping, and Rasmussen was challenged to a fight, as was Namestnikov, who tussled with Werenski.

Out of the meeting of the clans, Erne and Bayreuther sat for Roughing.


Larkin and Bertuzzi had to regroup in their own zone after drawing poorly;

They worked with DeKeyser and Hronek, who struggled to gain possession of the puck on their own sticks;

Hronek and DeKeyser fumbled the puck, Columbus took over, with Bean cycling deep vs. Hronek, once, twice, Werenski carried the puck to Bjorkstrand, Nyquist cycled, Raymond blocked that option, and Leddy took over, working with Suter and Raymond.

Raymond was stopped at the Blue Jackets line, Hronek fed Suter, and Merzlikins made a BIG STOP on a tip by Raymond;

5 on 5, Columbus continued to cycle, and seemed to want to kill the rest of the period.

Seider spun away from Columbus, but gave the puck away, and Sillinger got a shot off that Seider blocked;

Time ran out on Detroit before they were able to push the puck deep in Columbus’ zone, and that was that.

Deuces are wild. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 16, 2021

Wings-Blue Jackets stats after 2 periods. It’s a tie game.— George Malik (@georgemalik) November 16, 2021

Through 40. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 16, 2021

In the 3rd period…

The 3rd period began with Rasmussen’s line on ice to take the third opening faceoff, and Rasmussen tied up the draw with Namestnikov, who pushed the puck back to DeKeyser, he fed the puck to Erne on the right wing side, and DeKeyser could not keep in the wraparound puck play.

So Greiss fed DeKeyser, who sent the puck to Seider, and Namestnikov tipped the puck deep;

Columbus regained control of the puck, skated into Detroit’s zone, and cycled, with Peeke running Rasmussen;

Robinson sent the puck into the Wings’ zone, and Lindstrom blocked the slot pass;

Suter, Zadina and Fabbri were repelled, and instead, Voracek, Sillinger and Chinakov set up and Chinakov blasted a heavy shot through Greiss and over the net.

1:27 into the 3rd period, Columbus’ Nyquist tried to jab the puck into the net from the side boards, and he was stopped;

Nyquist was pissed off when the Blue Jackets were called at center ice for a hand pass, and he was right as Nick Leddy tipped the Blue Jackets pass;

Raymond, Larkin and Bertuzzi worked the puck out of trouble in their own zone, in no small part thanks to Jake Bean fumbling the puck at the offensive zone blueline;

Bertuzzi chugged up the left wing 1 on 5 as the Wings changed lines, DeKeyser could not keep the puck in between his legs, and Seider chipped so that the fourth line could chase;

DeKeyser sent the puck toward the net, Veleno cycled and buttonhooked to Gagner, Gagner carried the puck into the middle and sent it toward the net, where Veleno and Rowney bumped Blue Jackets players forechecking;

The Rasmussen line then took over, and at least gave the Blue Jackets some forechecking pressure, forcing an icing call against Columbus;

Rasmussen won the deep zone draw, Staal and Lindstrom set up Erne, and Erne HIT THE GOALPOST…

At the other end of the ice, the Blue Jackets were blocked off by Lindstrom and Staal, but Greiss had to make a stop on a shot from Columbus’ blueline, and Columbus battled the puck free at center, set up in the offensive zone, and Texier was blocked by Lindstrom, whose stick was broken;

Larkin and Raymond worked their way into the zone with DeKeyser getting TWO shots on Merzlikins at the late man;

Seider fed Bertuzzi, whose blind pass was blocked off;

Seider fed Larkin, Bertuzzi charged in and WAS HOOKED, generating a power play as Gavrikov was headed off for the hook at 5:10 of the 3rd period.

On the power play…

Suter, Gagner, Zadina, Leddy and Hronek set up, Hronek fired a hard shot in on Merzlikins, Gagner held the puck in, and Detroit battled the puck around the offensive zone boards, to the line for Leddy, and Hronek fired a hard shot JUST wide of an open net;

Hronek skated back into the offensive zone, Detroit cycled, Suter fed Leddy at the top of the blueline, Suter fed Hronek, he tried to return the favor, and flubbed the puck…

And Sam Gagner got called for hooking while lifting the stick of Jake Bean. 1:09 of 4 on 4 time beckoned at 6:01 of the 1st.

On the 4 on 4, Detroit drew in for a defensive zone draw.

Larkin won it to Seider, he fed Raymond on the left wing side, Raymond turned the puck over to Chinakov, and Greiss had to make a stop;

Larkin skated up ice himself, blazed in, stopped, fed DeKeyser, he slid the puck across to Seider, who walked deep, walked back toward the line, ffed DeKeyser, and he was stopped;

Raymond was blocked off in front, so DeKeyser’s shot was blocked as well;

Detroit changed heading to a penalty-kill with 12:50 remaining, and Rasmussen and Namestnikov came over the boards, working on the PK.

On the penalty kill…

Columbus gained the offensive zone blueline, cycled deep, Staal cleared it down ice, and Merzlikins keyed the Blue Jackets’ breakout.

Voracek walked in deep, pushed the puck around hte back boards, and Jenner and Bjorkstrand were blocked by Lindstrom;

With the PK over, Gagner jabbed the puck to Bertuzzi, who skated up deep, dropped to Gagner, to Bertuzzi it went, and THE RED WINGS JABBED THE PUCK INTO THE NET BEHIND MERZLIKINS.

What a save! 🥵— Sportsnet (@Sportsnet) November 16, 2021

But the play was called dead because Bertuzzi accidentally tipped the puck behind the net with a high stick.

With 11:40 remaining in the 3rd period, the shots were 9-2 in the 3rd and 29-23 Columbus overall.

When play resumed after the TV timeout…

Zadina, Fabbri and Veleno worked together for a shift, and Hronek took the puck in his zone, pushed it to the blueline, Veleno fed Fabbri, Fabbri fed Zadina, and he coughed it up.

Regrouping, Veleno hopped on the loose puck, gave it to Zadina, regained it to Fabbri, Zadina was stifled and Columbus skated the other way;

Moritz Seider was felled by a Sillinger shot (and a trip), but the refs just called play dead for the puck out of play.

Rasmussen drew in for a deep defensive zone faceoff, he was thrown out, and Adam Erne came in to win the draw to DeKeyser, who was having a good game.

Namestnikov negated an icing, but Columbus took the puck, skated into Detroit’s zone, and Seider blocked a shot attempt wide;

Boqvist skated across the blueline laterally, Jenner skated to the front of the net, Seider coughed up the puck and Nyquist fumbled a 3-2 attempt;

Nyquist looked very good but got hit very hard as Namestnikov skated away, and Seider could not finish the pass;

Namestnikov fed Raymond, for Larkin, he was stopped, Staal fed Bertuzzi, and instead, Kuraly and the Blue Jackets set up.

Staal and Lindstrom worked the puck out to center with 9:18 remaining, and Columbus took over;

Slowly and surely, Columbus skated the puck into Detroit’s zone, and Greiss had to grab and hold onto the puck with 9:06 left in regulation.

Shots were 9-4 Detroit in the 3rd with 9:06 remaining in regulation.

The Blue Jackets won the next faceoff and Boqvist got a fine chance off, but his shot was blocked wide of an open net;

Greiss then stopped Justin Danforth;

Columbus sustained possession and control for a bit, and Griess had to grab and hold onto the puck with 8:18 left and Detroit tied up in their own zone.

Detroit then won the defensive zone draw, but coughed up the puck, and Greiss had to make a huge stop on the Voracek line;

Zadina, Suter and Fabbri walked away, sent a shot wide of Merzlikins, and Columbus regrouped, set up in the Wings’ zone…

Voracek battled Zadina, DeKeyser took over, chipped the puck out to center, Suter skated in, was stood up and tripped up by Peeke, and he carried the puck to center and blasted a shot around the back boards;

Bjorkstrand was blocked off by Greiss, Hronek coughed up the puck, Bjorkstrand fed Gavrikov, and Peeke was STONED BY GREISS.

Larkin skated out to center, chipped and chased alone, Merzlikins played the puck around the back boards, Bertuzzi fed RAYMOND AND RAYMOND SCORED.

Lucas freakin’ Raymond.

🍎: Bert, Larkin. 🙌— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 16, 2021

Lucas Raymond is special. As in Calder kind of special. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 16, 2021

Lucas Raymond scored from Tyler Bertuzzi off the fine pinch by Nick Leddy, who made the play happen. Detroit led 3-2 at 13:31 of the 3rd. Larkin got the secondary helper.

When play resumed, after another TV timeout, Detroit led in shots 10-5, and trailed 32-24 overall.

Raymond, Larkin and Bertuzzi worked with Seider and DeKeyser on the post-goal shift, and Columbus blazed into the Wings’ zone, Greiss gloved a shot, and, with 5:25 remaining, Detroit changed;

Greiss played the puck around the side boards, Columbus kept the puck in, Gagner was stifled at center, and Rowney fed Veleno, who worked vs. Voracek.

Detroit killed a minute of time with Veleno, Gagner and Rowney cycling deep, Veleno got a shot off that Merzlikins stopped, and Rowney held the line once, twice.

Voracek fed Chinakov and he tied the game, sadly.

Textbook breakaway and SCOOOOORE!#CBJ— Bally Sports Columbus (@BallySportsCBUS) November 16, 2021

Leddy and Hronek collided, Voracek fed Chinakov, and he walked in and tied the game 3-3 with 4:18 remaining. Cole Sillinger got the secondary assists.

On the post-goal shift, Greiss made a big glove stop as the Fabbri-Suter-Zadina line got backed into their own zone;

Greiss made ANOTHER stop and Detroit chipped and chased, with Namestnikov, Erne and Rasmussen hooked, held, grabbed, clutched, etc.

Erne and Seider had to block off Robinson on a breakaway attempt;

At center ice, with 2:50 remaining, Columbus raced in, Chinakov centered the puck, and Raymond fed Bertuzzi, he dumped and chased, Columbus got a fortunate bounce, but Leddy settled things down, fed Larkin, and Detroit chipped the puck deep;

Columbus cleared easily, and Detroit changed with 2:00 left in regulation.

Suter fed Leddy, he chipped, Zadina chased, Suter flipped the puck deep, and Columbus cleared out to center, where Suter chipped it back in.

Fabbri was bumped by Werenski, Seider got a fine chance to score but was then blocked off by Bjorkstrand, and DeKeyser made a smart play…

But Columbus managed to take the 4-3 lead with 1:19 remaining thanks to a weird goal by Werenski.

GO AHEAD ZACH WERENSKI! #CBJ— Bally Sports Columbus (@BallySportsCBUS) November 16, 2021

Nyquist fed Werenski, who came off the bench with a new stick, and the Wings bunched up along the boards, Bjorkstrand screened Greiss, and it was 4-3.

Greiss left the bench with 1:05 remaining, Bertuzzi, Fabbri, Raymond, Larkin, Hronek and Leddy worked together, Hronek fed Larkin, he chipped it deep, Merzlikins fired the puck toward the empty net, and he iced it with 28.3 left in regulation.

Off the final draw, Hronek and Seider cycled, Hronek missed Larkin, the puck was loose, the Wings jammed away, Fabbri backhanded it wide, and Columbus cleared the zone, with Texier chipping the puck into an empty net.

Alexandre Texier made it 5-3 from Robinson and Kuraly at 19:57. 5-3. Empty net.

Off to Dallas for the second of a back-to-back. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 16, 2021

Final from Columbus.

Dallas tomorrow. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 16, 2021

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