I’m sorry I said your head was large, Adam Erne

I’ve gotten around to the point in my internet life where I realize that being a talking head on Twitter can lead to hurt feelings and dumb things said, so:

I noticed that Adam Erne of the Red Wings had blocked me on Twitter today, and I am fairly certain I know why. I had joked with a couple of folks around the time of his contract-signing a couple of weeks ago that Erne had an abnormally large head, and while I’m not someone who possesses a figuratively “big head” myself as a small-market blogger, I’m fairly certain that Erne saw it, and that it hurt him.

Adam, if I pissed you off by making stupid jokes on the internet, I’m really sorry. It wasn’t appropriate for a 43-year-old to make kid jokes about a fellow wearer of a size 7-and-a-half hat (me, too!), and if it makes you feel any better, I feel really stupid for having said what I did. I’m not asking you to unblock me on Twitter, but I’m asking you to accept my heartfelt forgiveness.

I’m a fat, bald blogger. I’ve been overweight since I was 12 and ballooned to a 6,’ 250-pound kid, and I’ve been unable to shake that weight completely, no matter how hard I try. I started losing my hair when my dad died when I was all of 14, and you can imagine how fun it was to be losing your hair during high school and college, and being totally bald up top by 21.

I’m also “out of the closet” when it comes to my mental illnesses, which are either anxiety and depression or bipolar II, depending on who’s diagnosing me, and I don’t like it when people make fun of me for being the depressed blogger.

But both instances happen. And it’s no fun when they do.

Sorry, Adam. You’re a good egg, and I don’t want to be on your bad side.

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    1. Sorry. Should be: to be called low down and high smelling.

      Kindle keyboard is hard for me. Lol

  1. I have a mobile home head too. My track team labeled me with that. With all the concussions I’ve had, I am glad of it.

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