A trio of tidbits from The Athletic

The Athletic posted three items of Red Wings-related note this morning.

  1. First, The Athletic’s Max Bultman asks Red Wings fans to fill out a semi-annual fan survey as to the state of the organization;
  2. Next, James Mirtle offers a set of “Future Power Rankings” for the 2023-2024 season, ranking the Wings 6th overall (I can’t post the photo describing the Wings’ rankings, but Mirtle’s commentary tells the story:

One of the biggest questions facing a dramatic rebuild is: How long does it take? If these projections are accurate, the Red Wings will be back among the top teams in three years if the progress continues. GM Steve Yzerman has remained patient in his approach in both stockpiling young assets and clearing cap space. The payoff is coming.

3. Finally, Sean McIndoe, a.k.a. “Down Goes Brown,” issues what he calls “Bizarro-meter power rankings” for this offseason, and here’s what he says about the Wings:

The offseason so far: They arguably improved more than any other team, adding a new goalie, reshaping the blue line and filling out a few forward spots. They’re still probably terrible.

But their strangest story was: The coaching change, in the sense that there wasn’t one. Even that wasn’t all that surprising, since Steve Yzerman never seemed inclined to make a move. Still, a change felt inevitable at certain points during last season. Maybe it still does.

Bizarro-meter ranking: 3.3/10. Yzerman has a plan and he’s executing on it. He’s got a long way to go, and he’ll probably have to do something shocking at some point. He hasn’t yet, and Red Wings fans are probably fine with it.

It’s probably likely that McIndoe’s leaning upon indeterminate descriptors to suggest that he doesn’t really know what the impact of the Red Wings’ on-the-bench or behind-the-bench changes (or the lack thereof) as of yet…really aggravates me.

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2 thoughts on “A trio of tidbits from The Athletic”

  1. “really aggravates me” Agree, mostly as he gets paid for Goobly Gook. I don’t, LOL.

    For some reason , Blashill with new players (old and new) just plain worries me. The older guys on one year contracts will not resign but the prospects may have a frustrating 1st year in the NHL. I do doubt any one will fool StevieY as Holland was tricked a few times, some by others in Wings Management and some times he used a wish and a prayer.

    There are some still unsigned coaches out there (no idea why) or StevieY will surprise, again.

    I am impressed with StevieY and doubt he will make many mistakes. I was surprised that Aby knew he was done as I expect Holland was also.

    StevieY plays no favorites which is GREAT but will take awhile of getting used to. Just hoping our prospects do well is enough to enjoy the season, for me.

    1. Sorry, I couldn’t do anything but tell the truth about that passive language 😛

      I’m not quite sure what Steve is going to do in terms of coaching. If he says that he’s going to stick with Blashill for this season, I expect him to stick with Blashill, mostly because he doesn’t really care about public opinion, but I, too, wonder if there are better coaches out there…

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