Roughly translated: 20 questions with Matias Brome’s Johannes Hagglund asked Red wings forward Matias Brome 20 questions, and here are Brome’s answers, roughly translated from Swedish:

The interview series “20 questions”–where we mix high and low–is back. The first person we will get to know better this season is Orebro’s Matias Brome, 26. Here he tells us, among other things, who is the best player he’s met, his contact with the Red Wings aWhnd why there will be no more motor home holidays:

  1. If you were allowed to take an attribute from another SHL player, what would you choose? “I would take Borna’s (Rendulic’s) shot. He has an incredible rifle.”
  2. Which player do you think is worth most seeing in the SHL? “It’s Dick Axelsson or Linus Klassen. They dare to say things and be seen. A little more Dick than Linus, maybe.”
  3. Who is the best player you’ve met? “It’s difficult. I’ve met some good ones with the national team. But I choose (Jesse) Puljujarvi. You quickly notice what a skilled hockey player he is.”
  4. How do you pass time when you are away from home on away games? “Then I have to take care of Lukas Pilo and Glenn (Gustafsson) in the hotel room. It’s like being a dad to both of them. I get to take the data with me so they can check stuff, ha ha.”
  5. How much contact do you have with the Red Wings (to which Brome belongs) before you cross the Atlantic? “Niklas Kronwall has been here and has visited me. We also had dinner together and he told us a little about how things work with training camp, where I should live and stuff like that. He’s like a development specialist, keeping an eye on their younger players and others they have in Europe.”
  6. Which of all your previous teammates that you’ve had over the years would you have preferred to recruit to Orebro? “I would like to take back Ryan Stoa. A very good player and a good person. I would have liked to bring him back.”
  7. What’s the strangest thing you’ve experienced in hockey? “It was probably when I played with Mora and we met Frolunda in 2018. We were down 1-3 when there were 2 minutes left and it turned into a 4-3 win. Not many people thought we could turn around and succeed and it was damn fun.”
  8. Who on the team do you prefer to go on vacation with? “We have a nice golf gang. I would go with ‘Lude’ Rensfeldt, Pilo and Glenn (Gustafsson). We could have gone abroad and played some golf.”
  9. Which of you is the best at golf? “Of course it’s not me. ‘Ludde’ is the best, then Pilo, me and Glenn.”
  10. What is your handicap? “-8.1.”
  11. Do you prefer a motorhome holiday or a charter trip? “Charter. I was on a motorhome holiday this summer and it was not my thing.”
  12. What didn’t suit you? “It’s a hell of a mess when you go places to sleep. It’s easier to go to a hotel, where you have a bed and breakfast.”
  13. If you were to be on a TV show, which one would you choose? “The Johan Falk films.”
  14. Would you be a good guy or a bad guy? “I would be on Seth Rydell’s side.”
  15. If you could re-live one day of your life, what would it be? “It would be April 1, 2017. When Mora was promoted to the SHL.”
  16. How were you at school? “I usually sat in the back.”
  17. What dish do you usually cook? “Lasagna or tacos.”
  18. Name three songs that you have on your playlist right now? “None, I’m not listening to music [right now].”
  19. Why? “I just don’t do it. For example, I have always been comletely quiet in the car, no radio.”
  20. What do you have on your bucket list? “To go abroad and see as many places as possible in the world. I would like to go to the Maldives.”

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