Filip Zadina scores another goal in preseason play with Ocelari Trinec

Red Wings forward Filip Zadina scored the game-opening goal as Ocelari Trinec defeated Dynamo Pardubice 3-0 in the Czech General Cup on Wednesday…

And Zadina spoke with both’s Kvetoslav Simek and Ocelari Trinec’s website after the game. Here’s a very rough translation of what Zadina had to say to Simek:

Zadina almost lost his teeth, yet he fell for a penalty: “I’m ashamed…”

He played great. 23-year-old forward Filip Zadina has scored 4 goals in 3 games for the Trinec Steelworkers. He’s also contributed to a victory in the opening game of the General Czech Cup final, scoring the winner against his childhood team, Pardubice (3-0). Coach Vaclav Varada praises him. But in the same breath, he blames Zadina for unnecessary penalties. Similar to the ones he displayed against Pardubice, when he got two minutes for shouting from the bench…

“I agree,” says the Detroit sniper. “I guess it’s because I haven’t played for a long time and I’m on a winning team. I want to do my best, and sometimes I do too much. It’s unfair to the boys who have to kill a penalty. It’s a weakening of the team, and I’m ashamed of what I’m doing. When I play in the fifth game, it will go away and I will be normal again.”
The fact is that he almost lost teeth after Valintin Claireaux’s sharp attack.

First of all, goals are expected from you, in three games, you’ve scored four. Are you happy with the balance when starting with a new team?
“I’m glad about that. It was hard to find the net after such a long time. I was excited and I’m playing with great teammates. The load is a little lighter, thanks to my teammates. I’m happy about my goals and hope it will continue.”

What was your home-ice premiere for Trinec like?

“A great experience, and the fans drove us forward. When there are fans here, it’s easier and better to play. Many thanks to those who came to support us. The main thing is to win, it’s home, I’m happy.”

You played in the Cup final vs. Pardubice, where you played growing up. Was that special for you?

“It was, but I went in with a level head, and it was a game like any other. Just as it was against Hradec (7-1) or Brno (4-5 shootout loss). I wanted to win and play for the team, and I succeeded.”

Did you manage to keep your emotions in check?

“I’m the type of player who wants to win, and sometimes I get carried away. I took a penalty (two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct). But it wasn’t about Pardubice. I want to win at all costs. I went for it 100% like everyone in the locker room, and we did it.”

Coach Vaclav Varada praised you for your shot and for playing ahead, but he didn’t like your unnecessary penalties. What do you think about that?

“I agree with him. I guess it’s because I haven’t played in a long time, and I’m on a team that’s winning. I want to do my best for them. Sometimes it’s too much, and I know it and am trying to work on it. It’s unfair to my teammates, who have to kill the penalty.I’m working on it. It will go away when I play the fifth or sixth game. It’s still fresh now, and I know about it, it’s weakening the team and I’m ashamed of what I’m doing. It will go away and I will be normal again.”

Did you yell at the referee in Czech or English?

“I guess I ought to start in English, because he understood me in Czech,” he smiles. “It came from the game, but I won’t comment on it any more, I’ll be fined.”

How did you take and survive the sharp hit from Clairaux, which left you uncomfortable?

“I don’t know if it was a penalty or not, but I turned my head into the boards and he hit me. I don’t know, the referees decided how they decide. Luckily, there are guardrails made with a rubber shock absorber. If it was plastic, I would probably be missing a few teeth. It’s hockey, a tough game, and I accepted it and kept playing.”

You scored on the power play, and your former teammate, goaltender Milan Kloucek, caught it well. Do you agree?

“Yeah, he did a fantastic job. It was hard to score a goal. I’m glad for the three we were able to score past him. We had an advantage there. Hats off to him.”

What does the result of 3-0 in this revenge game from Saturday say to you?

“We’d like to start like we did, 0-0, so that we don’t fall asleep at the beginning of the game. It will be difficult in Pardubice, there are a lot of fans there, no matter what happens. It will be a challenging game again, but if we show what we’ve shown at home, and play responsibly and defensively, it will be good.”

Do you communicate with your teammates from Detroit?

“only Hronas (Hronek), and we have fun. When we played in Hradec Kralove, he sent a video to Larks (Larkin) who said that he was envious, that he would like to play, too. Unfortunately, they have to wait until the stadiums open and the season begins. I’m really happy for the chance to play here. And still with such a great team.”

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