Blurb: Some real estate news (yes, really)

The Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Ashley Gurbal Kritzer reports the following:

Steve Yzerman, who officially parted ways with the Tampa Bay Lightning at the end of the 2018-19 season, and his wife, Lisa, sold their Bayshore Boulevard condo for the list price of $1.695 million on Thursday, according to the Multiple Listing Service.

The condo, which was 3,316 square feet, hit the market in June. Jennifer Zales of Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, who also sold Yzerman’s house on Davis Islands, was the listing agent. (For photos of the Davis Islands home, click here.)

A buyer was not disclosed, and a deed for the transaction has not yet been filed.

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  1. A few weeks ago you re-posted an article about Lidstrom’s net worth. Now the sale price for Yzerman’s condo and links to photos?

    Don’t you find this a little intrusive? It’s private info. Just because someone else posts it doesn’t mean you have to spread it.

    1. A banana-to-potato comparison Wingnut.
      It’s almost laughable that you should accuse another of intrusiveness.
      This is a re-post of someone else’s article, while your intrusiveness into George’s personal life while telling him to just get a job, that was all yours.

      1. I tried to leave this alone until it was sold. None of my business, sure, but the Detroit News was going ga ga about the news last month, and prior to that the Free Press had it. This was public knowledge and the Tampa Bay Times broke it a couple of months ago (see, I may not have been around, but I was paying attention).

        1. Who cares what the other papers are doing. You have a choice to post it or ignore it. What’s next…photos of Larkin getting the mail in his underwear?

          1. Oh no, you’ve revealed my evil plans!

            Seriously, this is where I draw the line. Real estate shit in the offseason is as personal as it gets.

          2. Well damn, I thought he didn’t wear underwear for only some mail. Happy to be in Canada on this one

    2. And you are? What the moral authority for Red Wings blogs? Did George not reply to one of your private messages or something? Or maybe he banned you at one point and now you’re following your vendetta a little.

      Fatsavage is that you?

      1. You nailed it Benzanato.
        This Wingnut character could be the FS character reincarnated via different ID. Quite knowledgeable, but very immature & lacking significant tact, people skills, and logical thought process.

        1. I’d appreciate some feedback here, be it public or via email (, as to how short the other member believe that the leash should be on commenters in general. I’m trying to walk a fine line between, “Well, you’re annoying and I want to ban you” and, “Well, you’re annoying, but you’re not hurting anybody” with some of the folks here, and it’s not easy to do it all on my own. This is a People’s Blog in that sense.

          1. I don’t believe there’s a formula. Common sense sprayed with our past FS experience will drive any decision, for example, to ban.
            “Hurting” is non-relevant–this guy and FS (if different commenters) can’t physically “hurt” us, but they surely can create a high level of discomfort and even anger.
            It’ll be a judgement call with this guy–he has made significant strides in joining the FS Hall of Shame and, given the path he has followed, will soon create enough cumulative tension to be ousted.
            Just don’t let this go as far as last time—another week of these snipe-like, immature, tactless, comments will be enough for me and, George, in open forum you and all will know when I reach that level.

    1. And now he wants to see Larkin in a bathrobe! That does add a new dimension to our past view of FS. [“Haha”]

      1. Why are people so offended. I thought George was better than some of these tabloid style articles. But it’s his blog so whatever. Was just sharing my perspective. The bathrobe comment was just a joke. Lighten up.

        1. Lighten up ‘my ass’–you have been, in simple terms, rude, insulting, and in need of social counselling!
          No more of your crap—clean it up—like FS, you are dreadfully below the socially acceptable curve!

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