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DetroitRedWings.com’s Arthur J. Regner examines forward David Pope’s 2018-2019 campaign “By the Numbers” this morning, discussing Pope’s rookie campaign spent with the Grand Rapids Griffins and Toledo Walleye. Pope is an older prospect at 24 years of age, so he’s got to make the most of his chances to shine:

Quotable: “He came out of college (so he’s) an older guy, had a really good senior year. (He’s) a guy that can score that does well on the power play and like everybody else, he came in as a rookie to a deep team and struggled in the AHL right out of the gate. The thing with the AHL and you see it a lot with college players – actually all players in general – they think, ‘Oh man, I’m going to eat these minor leagues up,’ and it just doesn’t work that way. It’s a hard league and in Grand Rapids we always have a good hockey team, there’s always good competition for playing time and roster spots and he found himself behind the eightball early. But I think it was a good thing for him. I know he’s putting the work in and doing things differently this summer. He’s going to come back ready to get a bigger role and play better next year.” – Shawn Horcoff, Detroit’s director of player development


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4 thoughts on “A bit about David Pope”

  1. I was a big fan of Pope but I think going to the BCJHL seemed like an odd choice. I am sure there was a reason. Then off to College and it looked like had a growth spurt. After the 2nd yr of College, I think, he was off to GR which was a big jump. Not sure how old he is but he is going tohave to fight for ice time with the Likes of potentially Ras, Zadina, Svech, Veleno, etc.

    After he started in the BCJHL my interest sort of decreased. I wonder who thought of this path to NHL? I understand that a lot of NHL players come out of the BCJHL but I don’t think they go from there to College?

    He didn’t even make HSJ’s miss list. Is Pope a LONG shot to make the NHL, age is getting up there?

    1. You can’t label Pope as a bad pick. He was a 4th rounder. Developing into an AHL depth player or heading over to Europe is basically what you can expect. Anything better is a nice bonus.

      Also his path from BCHL to college is actually pretty normal. Dante Fabbro did that. Cale Makar just did AJHL (same calibre) to college. Pretty normal path. Pope just isn’t good enough for the NHL, although George and others have hyped him up at prospect camps. Nothing special.

      1. I thought there was a lot of talk that Pope had some hope of developing into an NHL Bottom 6.

        Using a 4th Round pick for a potential GR or oversees player is plain Stupid but it was during the Holland/Wright. Are the5,6,7 pick potential Zaboni drivers.

        The Wings should use Samuelsson for picks 4 and later, what is there to lose. I am sure a Swede, Finn would be a better pick with fingers crossed

        1. You don’t use a 4th rounder trying to find an AHL depth player. haha. Obviously you are hoping for much higher than that. I’m just saying that most 4th round picks are lucky to get a cup of coffee in the NHL and just end up as AHL depth. Pope appears to be on that path. Too bad. But you can’t label that as a failed pick. If he were a 1ts or 2nd round pick then its a disaster, but this is normal for a 4th rounder.

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