Oh fun, another anxiety attack

My apologies for the interruption in service this evening. I had another anxiety attack, a fairly severe one, and was curled up in a ball.

I’m rather aggravated with and annoyed by the fact that I’ve had two in a week–a rare feat–and I’ll get back at ‘er as soon as humanly possible.

Something tells me that I’m not going to make it to the Griffins’ home opener on Friday, either, and I’m sorry for that as well.

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2 thoughts on “Oh fun, another anxiety attack”

  1. Anxiety and depression and a few other “mental” illnesses that sometimes overlap can be maddeningly intractable. Not least because they are also really physical illnesses that are much harder to treat and see progress with than any broken bone. They can be a lot harder to explain, too. Including to oneself.

    For what it’s worth i’m nursing a fractured tooth and exposed nerve and some of the worst acute physical pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. And there’s not a damn thing I can do overnight especially on a weekend to get any real relief. I broke my foot this past Summer and didn’t find out it was broken until several weeks later. We try to be stoic and sometimes succeed. But I just missed a concert I’d been looking forward to for months and am at risk of missing a day trip tomorrow with my best friend. These are some of my last outings in NYC before having to leave town to help an ailing parent. But I can point to the physical issue and know that at some point it will be treated and taken care of at least for a while. I don’t risk labeling myself or being labeled by others as a fractured tooth sufferer. At least not until now.

    Not so for depression and/or anxiety and the other semi-related, overlapping mental and physical issues. But there is never shame in having an illness. And whether good days and bad days all we can do is be honest and try and appreciate what we have and keep slogging. Hang in there. A lot of people are looking forward to the next batch of posts.

  2. George. Take all the time you need and take care of yourself. Anxiety is something a lot of people might not understand but those of us who have experienced it ourselves totally feel for you.

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