Garrioch: Wings may attempt to move into draft’s top three

This is an intriguing rumor from the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch:

There’s plenty of talk about the teams trying to move up in the draft and one of those could be the Detroit Red Wings. There’s speculation here that the Wings would like to move into the top three from the No. 6 position and may be dangling the first-round selection the club obtained from the Vegas Golden Knights at the deadline. Should be interesting to watch because the Carolina Hurricanes have already declared they’re willing to listen.


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17 thoughts on “Garrioch: Wings may attempt to move into draft’s top three”

  1. Trade into the top 3 and then take Bouchard who would be there at 6 anyway. Solid plan.

      1. Hey Tim. It’s sarcasm. Try laughing. No need for a personal attack like this. These are the kind of posts that don’t benefit the community. Thanks.

        1. If u have a problem with Tim’s posts why don’t u notify George then George will notify tim thanks,

  2. Well, as George said, it’s a rumor and nothing more at this point. We’ll probably see one of these rumors damn near every day for the next 3 weeks. At face value, I could see packaging a #6 and #30/31 for #3…..but in this draft, what is there to gain? I can only assume that the Wings would do this to go after Svechnikov or Zadina. Where does that leave them in their need to rebuild their defense? At #6 they’re very likely to get a top-2 Dman. I just can’t see them giving up another 1st round pick (#30/31) to get a forward/center that may have a ceiling no higher than the #6 Dman.

    1. Why do you think that Svechnikov or Zadina only have as high a ceiling as the #6 defenseman? Where are you reading this from?
      I am reading that Svechnikov has the same ceiling as Dahlin, but teams would always draft the cornerstone franchise d-man. [quote]

      “But neither he (Dahlin) nor Svechnikov has done enough to definitively prove one prospect has the higher upside than the other. Signs point to the duo making immediate impacts for their eventual NHL clubs, and their expected success should render their eventual draft position as nothing but a mere footnote.”[/quote]
      Beyond that you do know that forwards are generally viewed as the better value picks at the top of the draft, right?
      And why the fixation about not giving up the other first round pick (#30 or 31) overall–what if it is #33 or 36 they give up instead? They could always then bundle those other picks and their 3rd rounders to move back into the 1st round and still have more picks than most teams.

  3. Also, what is the source of this “speculation” that Garrioch mentions? Maybe he overheard it at a restaurant from a couple of Hurricanes fans.

  4. Yeah, going from 6 to 3? Don’t see the point. Now, if we were going from 16 to 3, THAT I could get behind.

  5. To #1 or don’t waste the time.

    Unless you can unload E52 in the deal to move up, then move up all day, every day!

  6. Getting Mr. Andrei Svechnikov could be a 2 for 1 pick….when Mr. Evgeny turns it on to remain the bigger brother. It could also produce a top line approaching Sedinish chemistry? Maybe?

    He does look solid…and wont be there at 6.

  7. Key words are “MAY ATTEMPT” to move the 6th and 30th/31st pick. Those 2 picks are not going to move them into the top 3 without a Larkin or Mantha.
    It’s speculation to get people to read articles. Take it with a grain of salt.

  8. Move into top 3. Then take #3. Add Larkin. Add 2019 1st. Move into #1 spot.

    Draft Tkachuk. Character.

  9. I don’t care for that kind of “humor”. I thought this was the sort of thing that was going to be addressed.

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