Ken Holland appears on WDFN’s Matt Sheppard show

Red Wings GM Ken Holland appeared on the Matt Sheppard show earlier this morning:

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11 thoughts on “Ken Holland appears on WDFN’s Matt Sheppard show”

  1. I’m guessing when Kenny met with Mrs.I and Chris, he really emphasized how going outside the organization is going to take the new guy a couple of years to become familiar with our players and their potential. So like, uhh, if you go and hire Dubas or Fenton or Futa, like, uhh, they are going to be a deer in the headlights for at least 1 or 2 years.

    Sigh. And I guess the Illitch’s fell for it. These guys would be up-to-speed in about 5 minutes. Look how quickly a guy like Ray Shero stepped into New Jersey and re-shaped the franchise, including converting Larsson into Taylor Hall and Henrique into Vatanen. If you hire the right GM they aren’t going to be paralyzed for 2 years. Ridiculous comments. Also claiming that most of our contracts are short-term. Sure Kenny.

    1. New Jersey fleeced Edmonton – you know, the franchise that has squandered away a whole decade of really good first round picks and can’t seem to win even though they have arguably the best NHL player of this generation. I don’t think New Jersey was actually that shrewd. But hey, I am probably wrong and over stating it too.

      1. So you admit New Jersey fleeced Edmonton, but won’t admit that Shero has done a shrewd job? Not understanding that. Kenny is saying that a new GM is going to take a couple of years just to get up to speed on the guys in our own system, whereas he knows everything. And Shero just proved how wrong that actually is. He stepped in and totally overhauled that New Jersey roster.

        Also if Edmonton was so easy to exploit in a trade, why haven’t we done that? It’s so easy right? So they trade Hall for Larsson…why didn’t we step up and say we’ll give you Dekeyser plus anyone from this list – Nyquist, Tatar, Mantha, AA, Svech, etc…Go ahead. Take your pick. When Edmonton gave away Eberle for Strome…why weren’t we involved?

        Oh let me guess. Maybe Kenny tried and the Oilers didn’t like our offer…

        1. No one has been fleeced more in trades over the past decade than Ken Holland. I’m so tired of everyone — especially Holland — using Edmonton as an example of rebuilding being impossible. Yeah, it’s impossible if you have an incompetent front office, which is what Holland is running. It’s a competitive league and you need to have at least a smarter than average GM like Shero or Yzerman to compete. Retaining Holland is Chris Ilitch flipping a middle finger to the fans saying he doesn’t care about the future of the team. As far as I’m concerned, there is NO reason to follow the Red Wings until the front office is gutted from top to bottom. Ken Holland is essentially the Matt Millen of the NHL — an overmatched doofus playing checkers that he learned in the 80s while the rest of the leage plays chess. Looks like I’ll be getting my live hockey fix at NTDP games for the next 2 years.

          1. It’s a good question, GrrRahRah. I see myself emotionally disinvesting from the team for the next 2 years or however long this tenure lasts. That’s what I did with the Lions during the Millen years. It’s not something I’m too happy about. At the least I refuse to spend a penny at LCA as long as Ken Holland is employed by the Wings.

          2. I totally agree. I didn’t pick the Lions back up until they (nearly) beat the Seahawks a few seasons ago.

            I love hockey so I doubt I will ditch the Wings even when they are bad. If I did, then I’d become a B-Hawks fan.

          3. Luckily there is amazing hockey for $10 at USA Hockey arena in the NTDP teams. Sure beats paying $150 to watch the Dead Things at LCA.

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