Khan’s mailbag: AA not an untouchable commodity

MLive’s Ansar Khan filed a mailbag column this morning, and Khan suggests that Red Wings forward Andreas Athanasiou is not an untouchable commodity looking toward this summer:

From my understanding, the Red Wings were open to trading anyone on their current roster at the deadline except Henrik Zetterberg, Dylan Larkin, Anthony Mantha and Tyler Bertuzzi, who they like because of his competitiveness and the different dimension he brings.

Athanasiou was not in that “unavailable” category but they were hesitant to move him and would have only done so for a good, young defenseman.

I don’t know if the Jets will try to move Trouba or if they’d be interested in Athanasiou, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Red Wings looked to trade Athanasiou in the off-season or next season.

I wouldn’t have thought that a year ago because his elite speed and finishing ability are at such a premium, especially for a team that struggles to score, and he has so much upside. But his compete level wasn’t good enough on many nights — he was called out multiple times by coach Jeff Blashill and once by Henrik Zetterberg (though not by name) — and you wonder if that will change.

Athanasiou is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights, which he lacked last summer, and is coming off a contract with a $1.387 million cap hit. If he doesn’t file, the team can file, and that would assure him of having a contract by early August. Getting him signed shouldn’t be a problem this year. He’s not going to play in Russia. That was a negotiating ploy by his agent.

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8 thoughts on “Khan’s mailbag: AA not an untouchable commodity”

  1. Is Khan actually suggesting AA for Trouba? Hope he realizes we’d need to add a LOT to make that happen. And I don’t mean AA plus Jensen. I mean AA plus Rasmussen or AA plus Cholowski or AA plus a 1st. There is a massive premium for young top pair d-men. See Taylor for Larsson. Look at what Calgary had to pay to get Hamonic, who is very inferior compared to Trouba.

    Kenny has stated a couple of times that he will only trade AA for a “similar-age top 4 d-man”. Not happening. Hope Kenny has figured out that he needs to add much more. Trades are hard when you overvalue everything you have.

    1. Since when did comments and opinions of Khan become the actual words of Ken Holland.

      (yes, I did the google search for Ken Holland, Athanasiou and Trouba and did not return results to confirm anythink like mentioned above…..I guess I should use Bing or Yahoo….Maybe install Netscape to make it an even better search engine.

      1. I’ve clearly attributed the AA for Trouba idea to Khan. Hope he (Khan) realizes it will take a lot more.

        I then repeated a statement that Kenny himself has made on several occasions (ie that guys like Mantha or AA will only be moved if we get a young top 4 d-man in return). And I shared my opinion that Kenny needs to figure out that it will take much more than Mantha or AA to land a young top 4 guy, like Trouba.

        Here are a couple of exact quotes since you were having trouble with the internet search function:

        1) “I’m not looking to trade any of our 21, 22 or 23 year olds for players who are five, six or seven years older,” Holland told The Athletic. “If I’m going to trade, and I might not, the trade has to be there. It has to make sense. It has to make sense for the other team. It has to be a similar age.”

        2) Here is a tidbit from Elliott Friedman regarding a possible AA trade…“Another team indicated (Ken Holland) told them not to even bother asking unless “a 22-year-old top-pair defenceman” was part of the conversation. The Wings have told clubs they are ‘open for business,’ but won’t consider moving any of their young offensive cornerstones unless that kind of player is potentially available.”

        Happy now?

        1. You didn’t read the article did you?
          “I’ve clearly attributed the AA for Trouba idea to Khan.”
          From the article:
          “Q: Make an impact trade for a top-tier defenseman instead of hoping for a great draft pick – (Andreas Athanasiou) and a second-round pick for Jacob Trouba. Winnipeg gets to add some more speed to a potent offense and a pick. – Julie”
          Actually, it was Julie’s idea. Every comment about Khan and Trouba is made up by you. Khan doesn’t even touch the idea except for mentioning that he doesn’t know if the Jets would even be interested in AA.
          “I don’t know if the Jets will try to move Trouba or if they’d be interested in Athanasiou….” – Khan
          Neither of your two quotes are about AA….but, if you expect anyone to respond to AA being insinuated then you need to first remember that other people might insinuate things from what you say based on how you say them…..

          I am very happy to see you squirm.

          1. Yet another display of why it is important to read the articles, not just the snippet. :/

          2. Wow. The two quotes aren’t referring to AA. What other 21, 22, 23 year old forwards is he talking about. Let’s see…Larkin, Mantha, and AA who was the subject of tons of trade rumours during his contract standoff. The Elliott Friedman article specifically refers to AA, by name, at the exact time when rumours of a trade were swirling. But OK. As George says…you win the comment section. Enjoy your victory. Finished with this topic. Wow!

  2. KH should be at his limit for dumb hockey. Keep AA and move on to getting rid of the real problems. Wings were at or near the bottom in Goals For, trade an older player.

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