A Rasmussen reminder

I tend to assume that you’re paying attention to the prospect round-ups, but if you’ve missed Michael Rasmussen’s 9 goals, 10 assists and 19 points posted over the course of 6 playoff games for the WHL’s Tri-City Americans–or the fact that Rasmussen, who had wrist surgery earlier this season, is not taking faceoffs–the Free Press’s Helene St. James fills you in:

Rasmussen and 2016 first-round pick Dennis Cholowski will join the Griffins if their respective playoff runs end and Grand Rapids is still playing. Cholowski has four goals and six points in nine playoff games for the WHL’s Portland Winterhawks, who are 1-1 in their second-round series against Everett.

Rasmussen’s performance wasn’t a one-off: he has had multi-point performances in each of Tri-City’s six playoff games, for a total of nine goals and 10 assists. Four of the goals have come on power plays.

Rasmussen is listed at 6-foot-6 and 221 pounds. He usually plays center, but has been on the wing during the playoffs, which should help him make the jump to the NHL because it’s a less demanding position.

He showed promise during last year’s training camp, and is expected to push to stay in Detroit next season to help with the rebuild. Rasmussen, who turns 19 on April 17, will either have to make Detroit’s roster or he’ll have to go back for his last year of junior eligibility. Cholowski will either be in Detroit or Grand Rapids.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the NHL-Canadian Hockey League player agreement, 18-and-19-year-olds have to either make NHL rosters or be assigned to their Canadian Hockey League rights-holders. NHL teams have a sort of 10-game “grace period” in which the team can evaluate their players without tolling a year off their contracts, but come 10 games, that player’s either on the NHL roster, or he’s headed back to Major Junior for the balance of the CHL team’s regular season and playoffs.

As such, both Rasmussen and Cholowski–and the rest of the Wings’ CHL-playing prospects–can’t join the Grand Rapids Griffins until their CHL teams’ playoff runs end.

Also: Of all places, the WHL’s Victoria Royals lost 4-1 to Tri-City last night, but their YouTube channel posted a balanced highlight clip:


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23 thoughts on “A Rasmussen reminder”

  1. He’s gone beast mode since moving to the wing. Given his huge size advantage, this is the kind of output one would expect from a top 10 pick. Well not 3 points per game. But better than his pretty ordinary 1.25 during the regular season.

    I’m still worried about his ability to translate this to the NHL. Especially as a centre. In a way it reminds me of Mantha who used his big size advantage to score 50 goals in 50 games. Then he makes the NHL and suddenly his size advantage isn’t so obvious. And his below-average skating gets exposed. We need Rasmussen to be a 1c/2c…not another big slow winger like Mantha.

  2. Larkin didn’t play center his first season. Heck, Hank didn’t play center his first season. I do not have any expectations that Razz, if he makes the team, will play center.

    After two seasons, how do we know what Mantha is capable of at the NHL level? After two seasons Larkin look kind of crummy and now he jumped to 60 points. And what about that McKinnen guy? Or, who’s that guy who went from like 10 goals last season to 40 goals this season? I would hold my tongue for at least another two years before deciding Mantha is a “below-average” winger.

    1. I never said Rasmussen will jump into the NHL as a centre. Clearly he will start at wing. But we eventually need him to move to centre and I worry about whether he’ll succeed.

      Never called Mantha a below-average winger either.

      1. Savage have you ever posted anything positive about a Wings prospect? Everything I read from you is negative with just enough of a sprinkle of positivity to not come off as completely negative. Odd stance

        1. I would also be interested in an answer to this question. Something we are all wondering, even George himself asked.

      2. I know you never said exactly that, but it’s what you insinuate. It’s a very childish response to deny implications and interpretations of your words. Oh, wait, Donald Trump has taught you that behavior is okay. my bad.

  3. I’ve said this before but since I’m asked to repeat it…

    I like Rasmussen. I think he’s our best prospect. But his regular season wasn’t that great. He didn’t show much improvement. His numbers weren’t amazing. A guy his size should be dominating the WHL. I’m pleased he’s finally doing that in the playoffs. Although I’d be more excited of he was doing this playing centre. Because that’s what we need. An elite centre. Or at least a 2C. He’ll start in the NHL as a winger. If he remains there long-term then I think we have another Mantha, who also once used his size advantage to post crazy numbers in the CHL. Time will tell. But I’m pulling for Rasmussen!

    You can label me negative on our prospects but I can toss that right back at you and label you guys as too unrealistic. How soon we forget the past. Smith was an AHL rookie all-star. Sproul was CHL d-man of the year. The next Seabrook. On draft day, Kenny had already started comparing Jurco to Hossa. Pulkinnen had a shot like Brett Hull. Jarnkrok had vision like Zetterberg. Almquist put up incredible numbers and might be the next Rafalski. Mantha was untouchable. Kindl almost made the Wings as a teenager. Mrazek was the next Carey Price.

    Sorry. But you can find threads on each example. Many fans overvalue our prospects. Every. Single. Time.

    But since I don’t this makes me a negative troll. OK. Doesn’t bother me.

    1. No, that’s fair and you can have any opinion that you wish. I just think that it’s an odd stance to cheer for a team, yet never believe in any of the younger talent. I think the examples you are using were maybe from a handful of younger fans that were not around for the dead things. I don’t recall anyone with a decent hockey mind saying the names you mentioned were the next best thing.

      That said, I also just searched around I didn’t find any quotes of Kenny at the draft saying Jurco was the next Hossa?

      From what I recall he was a YouTube star whom many thought didn’t have the chops to play with the big boys. Anyways here’s hoping Rasmussen isn’t the next Primeau. Cheers

      1. Search harder. Jim Bill said Jurco had as much talent as anyone in the draft. Then both he and Kenny made references to Hossa.

        Now search for threads on each example above. It was not just a couple of “young” fans. A large portion of the fanbase overvalued these guys.

        And again, not sure why you accuse me of never saying anything positive. Just merely being realistic.

        1. Every player that does well is subject to Fatty’s “reality check” every…single…post. The same words, written differently. Cant you just pretend to be a fan that cares about this team? No one here is claiming he is going to be the next great superstar.

      2. yep, only four pages of results for a search on Ken Holland, Jurko and Hossa. Not too hard to fact check this one.

        If Razzy puts up Primeau’s numbers in today’s NHL I’ll take him!

  4. Uh… way off base here.. but has anyone else picked up the Victoria goalie name. Mr. Outhouse! Oh my! cheap thrills sorry, just trying not to imagine the crowd getting some of that going…

  5. Ok, getting real now…

    Mr. Rasmussen is leading a team built for playoffs in the best ways I can imagine. How could it get any better? 2nd in WHL points, 2nd in goals (1.5 GPG)behind his linemate Geekie by 1, , 4th in Assists, 4th in PPG, 2nd in GWG, top ten in +/-. All done in about half the games as the rest of the field because they are undefeated and have only played 6 games!

    On track for Wings rookie of the year in 18/19, and real Calder candidate. Make room Mr. Holland!

    1. “On track for Wings rookie of the year in 18/19, and real Calder candidate. Make room Mr. Holland!”

      This is all anyone here has really said. That he has nothing to prove in juniors, not eligible for the ahl, close to making the team last year, let’s see him on the big club next year.

      A move into the right direction of a rebuild, not another overpaid vet. Kenny just needs to make room for him.


      Trade Helm. Bring up Turgeon to replace him on the PK. Say bye to Frk, bring up Ras to play wing. Turgeon 4th line learning the ropes from Glenny, Ras 2nd or 3rd line, wherever Helm was and opposite of Chevy.

      This doesn’t address the PP. Ras and Bert net front, making Mantha more of a shooter than a net front person?

      It also doesnt address what happens with AA, as he is not a 4th line player. Maybe Ras should be 4th line, but id say that’s a waste, too. And what about Abby?

      1. Time to be bold and make those hard choices now. Keep Mr.Abby. Find a great pick for Mr. AA and Mr Heart(Helm), sorry guys.

        Lots of tip in goals for Mr. Rasmussen both high slot and low. Hes not Mr. Homer yet but is 6’6″ and steady… pretty thin looking tho.

        1. Rass is elite at tipping pucks. Reminds me of Pavelski at that. Or Wheeler. Not overall game. But just the aspect of tipping pucks from high or low.

  6. Forgot to add he was first star for half the games so far! Noticable always, and hasn’t taken a game off.

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