Red Wings-Islanders quick take: Wings get burned in a track meet

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to finish their 2017-18 season on a positive note, battling the New York Islanders on Saturday night.

The Red Wings could not prevail, blowing a 3-1 lead en route to a 4-3 OT decision against the Islanders. The game was exciting, fun to watch, and something of a track meet–and Jared Coreau was very, very good–but the Islanders exploited the Wings’ weaknesses defensively and were able to the game with only 30 seconds reamaining, and win 3:14 into OT on a John Tavares marker.

Henrik Zetterberg (1G, 1A0, Justin Abdelkader and Dylan Larkin scored for Detroit, who finished a disappointing season in a disappointing manner.

The Islanders’ lineup didn’t flesh itself out until warm-ups, as noted by Newsday’s Andrew Gross…

While the Red Wings’ lineup was known prior to the pre-game skate:

The Islanders started Josh Bailey, Anders Lee and John Tavares at forward, Scott Mayfield and Thomas Hickey on defense and Thomas Greiss in goal

The Red Wings started David Booth, Henrik Zetterberg and Gustav Nyquist at forward, Niklas Kronwall and Trevor Daley on defense and Jared Coreau in goal

Kevin Pollock and Tim Peel refereed the game, with Greg Devorski and Steve Miller working the lines.

The 1st period

1st period observations:

  • Zetterberg drew in vs. Tavares and the Islanders won the opening faceoff, playing the puck D to D before chipping it up ice for a dump and chase by the Islanders.
  • Nyquist and Kronwall woried vs. Mayfield and chipped the puck out to center ice, where Hickey and Bailey worked the puck up ice, and Coreau had to stop a slap shot some 15 seconds into the 1st period.
  • Detroit carried the puck out of its zone as Larkin, Mantha and Helm took over and battled the puck into the Islanders’ zone, where Larkin fed Helm, whose stick was tied up.
  • Jensen and DeKeyser helped Coreau push the puck to center ice, where New York re-set and skated in a chip and chase;
  • Jensen fed Athanasiou for Nielsen on the right wing, and his shot was blocked over Justin Abdelkader and wide of the Isles’ net into the crowd.
  • New York won the next deep defensive zone faceoff, and New York was repelled by the Wings’ defense; Athanasiou was also stopped at center ice, and the Isles chipped the puck into the Wings’ zone.
  • Frk, Booth and Glendening took over on the ice and battled stiff checking to slide the puck through center ice; Ouellet and Ericsson were able to facilitate a dump-and-chase and as they did so, Zetterberg stepped onto the ice and accepted a pass from Nyquist, sliding a short short wide of Greiss.
  • Coreau made his second stop off Pullock, and Bertuzzi then chipped the puck into the Isles’ zone, where Zetterberg, DeKeyser and Nyquist cycled down low, and Bertuzzi set up Nyquist, who was blocked;
  • DeKeyser chipped the puck wide on a keep-in from the blueline, and the Wings changed on the fly, with Helm, Larkin and Mantha grinding it out down low. Ultimately the Islanders re-took the puck, and Matthew Barzel blazed into the Wings’ zone, re-took possession of the puck and worked with his linemates to cycle the puck.
  • Detroit had to ice the puck as a result.
  • The Wings won the deep defensive zone draw, they attacked the Islanders’ zone, and Abdelkader, Nielsen and Athanasiou hounded New York’s defense, buzzing Greiss’ work area with passes.
  • New York chipped and chased into the Wings’ zone, and Ladd sent a shot in on Coreau that was blocked by Ouellet;
  • Detroit went the other way, and Booth, Glendening and Frk tried to set up a cycle before Mayfield cleared the puck…
  • Jensen skated the puck back into the Isles’ zone, Zetterberg fed Bertuzzi, and Detroit re-set at center ice, with the Wings turning over the puck.
  • New York’s Tavares line was able to get a side shot in on Coreau, and his glove stop facilitated the first TV timeout of the game.
  • At 7:01, Detroit was out-shot 3-1, but out-attempted New York 5-4; hits 2-1 Islanders; giveaways 2-0 Detroit, takeaways 1-1; blocked shots 1-0 Islanders; faceoffs 3-0 Islanders.
  • When play resumed in the Wings’ zone, the Islanders won the deep zone faceoff, Pelech worked the puck down to Bailey and Tavares tipped a shot wide, and New York pressed hard, with lee cycling to his defense.
  • Pelech and Tavares cycled with Bailey and Bailey, Pelech fed Tavares, and Bertuzzi and Zetterberg cleared the puck, with Nyquist feeding Bertuzzi for a GOALPOST shot.
  • Zetterberg attempted to retain possession by stealing the puck from Tavares;
  • Mantha clanged a shot off Seidenberg’s stick and on Greiss, who was aware and made the stop;
  • Detroit re-set at center, and Helm and Larkin cycled, but lost possession;
  • Larkin cycled, circled deep, and pushed the puck across the ice, where Mantha and Helm tried to establish a forechecking presence….
  • Instead, Beauvillier and Barzal raced back up the other wayllind Coreau had to make a big stop on Beauvillier.
  • New York then won the next faceoff and Coreau made a big stop on Mayfield;
  • New York re-set at center and attacked the Wings, with DeKeyser tripped by Nelson, sans call;
  • Detroit pushed the puck out to center, Abdelkader fed Athanasiou, and Greiss made a good stop.
  • New York chipped and chased on the re-set at center, and Frk, Glendening and Booth attacked, but they were overwhelmed by the Ladd line, and Ladd and Clutterbuck skated into the Wings’ zone;
  • Glendening was able to get the puck out of trouble, and Zetterberg, Bertuzzi and Nyquist set up in the offensive zone, with Ericsson chipping a keep-in into an Islanders defender.
  • Nyquist, Zetterberg and Bertuzzi worked the puck out front…

And off a nice little chip-in play by Bertuzzi, Nyquist slithered the puck to Zetterberg down low, Zetterberg emerged from the end boards with the puck, and the Islanders’ defenseman slid the puck into the net behind Greiss.

Β Henrik Zetterberg scored to make it 1-0 at 11:13 from Nyquist. Bertuzzi was at the ready at the front of the goal.

  • On the post-goal shift, Larkin raced into the offensive zone nad dropped the puck to Mantha, who clanged another shot off the goalpost.
  • At 12:06, Detroit led in shots 8-5 and attempts 14-8; hits 7-3 New York; giveaways 3-0 Detroit, takeaways 2-2; blocked shots 2-1 Islanders; faceoffs 7-1 New York (13%);
  • As play resumed, the Red Wings pushed the puck through center ice, with Nielsen feeding Kronwall and then Athanasiou sent a shot in on Greiss as Abdelkader bumped him;
  • Both teams changed at center ice, and Booth, Glendening and then Frk skated into the Isles’ zone, with Frk dropping the puck to Ericsson for a shot.
  • Detroit was able to change lines again with 6 minutes remaining in the 1st, and Ladd and Tavares pumped the puck to the point, with Coreau making a good stop on Mayfield.
  • At 14:13, Detroit was out-shooting New York 9-5; attempts 16-10; hits 8-3 New York; giveaways 3-2 Detroit, takeaways 2-2; blocked shots 3-1 New York; faceoffs 7-1 New York (13%).
  • When play resumed, Larkin carried the puck into the Islanders’ zone and fed Mantha’s feet for a jam shot on Greiss, who made a good stop;
  • The Islanders were repelled by Detroit’s defense, and Mantha chipped and changed;
  • Athanasiou nearly stole a dump-in away from Greiss, but the Islanders’ defense was aware and sent the puck to center ice, where Eberle, Barzal and Beauvillier chipped, chased, and swiped the puck from the Wings’ defense, yielding a stop from Coreau, who looked sharper.
  • New York lost the next faceoff but re-set and attacked the Wings’ end of the ice, with Booth, Glendening and Frk were able to clear the zone and afford Nyquist and Zetterberg some time to change and push the puck into the Islanders’ zone.
  • New York then sent a sneaky shot into Coreau from the blueline, and Seidenberg chipped and changed, with Zetterberg carrying the puck out of trouble.
  • Davidson took over in the Islanders’ zone, Tavares skated into the Wings’ end and Jensen and DeKeyser worked the puck out to center;
  • Bailey and Hickey chipped with Tavares nearby, and Detroit skated the other way, with Larkin circling the Isles’ net and going back to the blueline. He was fed by Daley but Daley tried to pass instead of shoot, evaporating a scoring chance.
  • Beauvillier and Barzal went the other way, and were stopped by Nielsen and Abdelader;
  • Nielsen and Ouellet worked with Kronwall to feed Abdelkader for a long shot on Greiss, and Abdelkader pursued the rebound but could not out-skate the Isles’ defense…
  • Beauvillier, Eberle and Barzal then set up in the Wings’ end, and Coreau had to make a pair of solid stops as a result.
  • Off the ensuing faceoff loss, Detroit simply chipped the puck out to center ice and re-set, with Frk, Zetterberg and Booth grinding out a shift together, wrapping up the first period.

The 1st period in summary: The Red Wings did a good job of parrying away the Islanders’ offensive rushes, and the Wings had a skating edge on the Islanders, attacking with effort and determination. Zetterberg scored a smart goal and Coreau looked solid in the net.

Statistically, Detroit out-shot New York 12-9 and out-attempted New York 19-14; hits 9-5 New York; giveaways 4-2 Detroit, takeaways 2-2 (possession changes 6-4 New York); blocked shots 3-1 New York; faceoffs 8-3 New York (27% for Detroit).

Individually, Mantha led the Wings with 4 shots, and Athanasiou had 3 shots; Abdelkader, Nielsen, Ericsson, Ouellet and DeKeyser had hits; Mantha had 2 giveaways; Helm and Bertuzzi had takeaways; Nielsen blocked a shot; Glendening’s 2-and-1 (67%) led the Wings in the faceoff circle; Detroit was +5, and DeKeyser led the Wings with 7:16 played; Kronwall played 7:09, Jensen 7:57, Ericsson 6:29, Daley 6:08, Ouellet 6:01, Zetterberg 5:51.

The 2nd period

2nd period observations:

  • The Red Wings drew in for the second period-opening faceoff and Henrik Zetterberg lost the draw to Tavares, who attacked with Bailey and Lee, bumping the puck back to Mayfield for a hard shot that was blocked.
  • Zetterberg, Bertuzzi and Nyquist tried to burst forth offensively, but they were unable to do so, and ultimately, the Islanders chipped and changed, with Bertuzzi having to send a puck deep so that the Wings could do the same.
  • DeKeyser, Mantha and Jensen worked the puck into the slot, where Jensen’s stick snapped, and Mantha at least held the puck in for a little while…
  • But the Isles chipped and chased, Ladd wrapped around the goal and Coreau made a diving stop;
  • New York continued to cycle the puck offensively, with Seidenberg feeding Barzal, who hopped over the boards and deked and dangled, finding Eberle and then Beauvillier, who spun and shot wide.
  • Detroit had to ice the puck to dissipate the Islanders’ offensive pressure;
  • The Wings won the next draw and pushed the puck to the Isles’ line, where they went offside, won a faceoff, and Jensen pinched to help Athanasiou, Nielsen and Abdelkader keep the puck to the proper side of center ice.
  • When New York cleared the zone, Kronwall set up and fed Glendening, Frk and Booth, and they all pinched…
  • Resulting in an Islanders rush in which Wagner got a TREMENDOUS chance on Jared Coreau in on a 2-on-1, and Wagner fanned on the shot, but Coreau made a smart stop.

Regrettably, the Islanders attacked Glendening and Daley on the next skate-in, and Booth also pinched toward the right side, allowing Andrew Ladd to walk into a one-timer and goal at the left side of the Wings’ goal.

Β Andrew Ladd scored at 3:51 to tie the game 1-1.

  • The Red Wings then won the post-goal faceoff, and Nyquist, Zetterberg and Bertuzzi got caught, affording Lee and Tavares a rush that Coreau had to parry with an excellent arm stop.
  • The Islanders chipped and chased with much more enthusiasm and poise through the first 4:59 of the 2nd period, and when the Isles won the deep offensive zone draw, they cycled and rounded the net a couple of times, with Mantha and Helm relieving pressure.
  • The Wings technically got a shot on Greiss in the middle of the sequence, and the Wings responded with Mantha feeding Larkin for a good shot;
  • Abdelkader then kept the puck in with his head, but Jensen’s shot was blocked, and Detroit was repelled;
  • Abdelkader, Athanasiou and Nielsen worked together to at least facilitate a scoring chance as play continued;
  • But Booth, Athanasiou and Glendening got backed in vs. Barzal and company, and when the Isles kept the puck in, Coreau had to make a good stop on Eberle.
  • Booth skated away with the puck and chipped and chased, with Nyquist and Zetterberg working with Ouellet centering a WONDERFUL chance to Nyquist, who was STONED by Greiss.
  • The Islanders continued to attack with more authority, and Ladd, Davidson, Clutterbuck and Seidenberg tried to work the lateral pass, to no effect.
  • Zetterberg, Bertuzzi and Nyquist skated up 3-on-2, but Jensen could not keep the puck in, and DeKeyser had to take the puck up ice himself and fire the puck out of play.
  • Detroit was able to win the next two draws, with DeKeyser and Jensen helping Larkin feed a slot pass that Helm nearly stuffed in;
  • Tavares went the other way with Lee and Bailey, and Coreau made two TREMENDOUS stops to stifle Lee and Tavares;
  • 10 minutes into the 2nd period, the Islanders were buzzing in the Wings’ zone, and Coreau stopped Pelech, then Lee, and Booth, Frk and Glendening raced away, but were repelled by the Islanders’ defense.
  • A bad bouncing puck off Ericsson yielded a cycle for Beauvillier, Barzal and Eberle;
  • Nielsen then tried to stuff a puck into Greiss;
  • As the Isles chipped and changed, Andreas Athanasiou drew a penalty, and the Wings pulled Coreau to go 6-on-5.

At 11:24, Jordan Eberle was called for slashing, affording Detroit the game’s first power play.

  • Detroit won the initial PP draw and Zetterberg cycled up and down the wall with Kronwall, fed Abdelkader for a give-and-go with Bertuzzi, and that did not work;
  • So Kronwall and Zetterberg fed the puck out front…

And Justin Abdelkader’s goal from Zetterberg’s feed was reviewed as Abdelkader kicked the puck in at 11:58.

Β Kevin Pollock called it a goal at 11:58. Abdelkader from Zetterberg and Kronwall.

  • The Wings won the post-goal faceoff, and New York iced the puck almost immediately.
  • The Isles won the deep defensive zone faceoff, however, and a bad Trevor Daley pass afforded John Tavares a bit of a rush…So Detroit iced the puck in turn.
  • Detroit won the deep defensive zone faceoff, however, and Larkin, Mantha and Helm ground out the puck down low, went off, and Nielsen, Abdelkader and Jensen worked the puck down low off the change, kicking and jabbing the puck…

Lamenting a dive that eventually yielded a tripping penalty to Justin Abdelkader at 13:32 of the 2nd.

  • Detroit won the initial deep zone faceoff and cleared the zone with ease;
  • Glendening, Larkin, DeKeyser and Daley were able to parry away the Islanders’ next rush, and Nielsen and Helm hopped over the boards and took the next rush away as well;
  • New York attacked with Barzal, Beauvillier and Eberle battling Helm and Nielsen, but the Red Wings were able to clear the zone a third time…
  • Nelson, Pulock, Eberle, Ladd and Bailey set up out front, and Larkin cleared the zone;
  • The Wings killed the penalty.
  • New York then worked the puck into the Wings’ zone, and Coreau made a wise stop to hop up and glove a Barzal jab.
  • At 15:42, Detroit was out-shot 14-5 in the 2nd and 23-17 overall; attempts 34-30 New York; hits 10-7 New York; giveaways 8-7 Detroit, takeaways 2-2; blocked shots 7-5 Islanders; faceoffs 14-10 New York (42%).
  • The Islanders lost the next draw, tried to milk an icing call (which the refs did not bite upon), and Frk swiped the puck from Clutterbuck for a moment, but the play resulted in a scrum in front of the Islanders’ bench…
  • And Gustav Nyquist slowly skated into the Islanders’ zone 2-on-1 with Jensen, Nyquist held onto the puck and shoveled a shot into Greiss with 3:04 remaining.
  • Detroit forced an icing as Helm, Larkin and Mantha patrolled the ice, and while the Islanders chipped and chased–twice–they retained possession of the puck, and did a fair job of playing defense by possession.
  • Then Nielsen won a draw at the Islanders’ line, but Athanasiou could not break away from New York’s defense, and the next draw was pushed into the Wings’ zone.
  • Detroit regrouped, however, and Nielsen found Jensen for a superb scoring chance that Greiss gobbled up.
  • Booth, Glendening and Frk won the next draw, re-set at center, and Frk put a puck off the side of the net next to Greiss;
  • New York raced into Detroit’s zone, with Nelson sending a shot on Coreau, and Prince and Fritz battled as Zetterberg stole the puck and helped the Wings get out of trouble as the 2nd period ended.

The 2nd period in summary: Detroit was out-shot 15-7 in the 2nd period and 24-19 overall, but Coreau was quite solid in the Red Wings’ crease, and the Red Wings scored a disputed power play marker that the Wings took and ran with.

Statistically, shots in the 2nd period were 15-7 New York, and the attempts were 35-35; hits 11-9 New York; giveaways 8-7 Detroit, takeaways 3-2 Detroit (possession changes 10-10); blocked shots 8-5 New York; faceoffs 18-13 New York (42% for Detroit).

Individually, Mantha led the Wings with 4 shots and 7 attempts, and Athanasiou had 3 shots; Ericsson led the Wings with 3 hits; Jensen and Mantha had 2 giveaways; Jensen, Helm and Bertuzzi had takeaways; Daley blocked 2 shots; Glendening’s 3-and-2 (60%) led the Wings in the faceoff circle; Detroit was “even,” and Jensen led the Wings with 15:05 played; DeKeyser played 14:47, Daley 13:05, Kronwall 12:51, Larkin 12:15, Ericsson 12:14, Zetterberg 11:36, Ouellet 11:24, Helm 11:22, Mantha 11:05.

The 3rd period

3rd period observations:

  • Zetterberg lost the final opening faceoff of the 2017-18 season to Tavares, and the Islanders chipped and chased, but Nyquist and repelled the initial Islanders’ rush, and the Wings utilized the pinch of Jonathan Ericsson to generate a scoring chance on Greiss via a DeKeyser shot.
  • Larkin won the next faceoff and worked the puck to the point, where Jensen blasted a heavy shot off Greiss;
  • Detroit retreated to center and re-set, with Mantha doing a good job of pushing the puck to the slot, but Helm could not connect, so the Islanders skated in the Wings’ zone…
  • Coreau made a nice glove stop on Seidenberg…
  • And Barzal and Eberle raced into the Wings’ zone through their defense, and he was stopped;
  • Athanasiou went the other way, and was blocked off by a trip;
  • AA held the puck in and Abdelkader and Kronwall had to hustle back to stop a 2-on-1 in which Abdelkader covered up for OUellet;
  • Detroit chipped and changed 2:20 into the 3rd, and Coreau played the puck on his backhand to his teammates.
  • Glendening stole the puck and sent a shot off Greiss, with Frk and Booth buzzing, but the Isles cleared the zone, skated into Detroit’s zone, and Wagner sent a shot just wide of Coreau’s glove;
  • Detroit changed lines, and Bertuzzi, Zetterberg and Nyuist ground off the Islanders as Wagner blasted a shot wide, with Zetterberg dumping and Bertuzzi chasing;
  • Nyquist stole the puck from Greiss behind the net and Bertuzzi could not QUITE put the puck behind Greiss, and Larkin tried to help, but he was cut off;
  • Larkin then skated back into the zone, worked with Mantha, and scored…

Dylan Larkin raced up the left wing, he pushed the puck to Mantha, and Mantha just ensured that the bouncing puck returned to Larkin’s stick. Larkin poked the puck behind Greiss at 4:10.

Larkin made it 3-1 at 4:10 from Mantha and Ouellet.

  • Detroit continued to menace the Islanders on the post-goal shift, with Helm, Mantha and Larkin doing a good job of both battling the puck deep and keeping the Islanders away from said puck;
  • Nielsen’s line re-set and skated into the Islanders’ zone, but the Wings went offside.
  • Detroit won the offensive blueline faceoff and Abdelkader, Nielsen and Athanasiou were unable to press too deeply, affording the Islanders a lateral passing play to Barzal that was blocked off.
  • Barzal won the next faceoff deep in the Wings’ zone, and the Islanders retained possession, with Eberle backhanding a shot off the GOALPOST behind Coreau.
  • New York continued to cycle vs. the Wings’ 4th line, and Barzal fed Anders Lee…

And Anders Lee found a hole where no one else could put the puck, over Coreau’s shoulder, scoring his 40th goal.

Β Anders Lee made it 3-2 at 6:25.

  • Detroit won the post-goal faceoff, but the Islanders pressed hard, and Detroit had to almost ice the puck to clear the zone.
  • Zetterberg, Bertuzzi and Nyquist worked the puck into New York’s zone and cycled, with Zetterberg feeding the point for a hard Kronwall shot off an Islanders stick and wide of the net.
  • New York raced back into the Wings’ zone, and Prince, Ladd and Franz cycled, but were repelled by the Wings’ defense.
  • Then Ericsson made a bad pinch, and New York set up a seam play, but Coreau gobbled up the puck with 12:07 remaining.
  • Detroit was out-shooting New York 8-4 but was out-shot 29-27 overall as of 7:53 of the 3rd; attempts 48-45 Detroit; hits 12-11 New York; giveaways 12-8 Detroit, takeaways 5-3 Detroit; blocked shots 13-5 New York; faceoffs 20-17 New York (46%).
  • The Islanders won the post-TV timeout faceoff, with Hickey tipping a shot just wide, but Abdelkader and Athanasiou were able to set up, and Athanasiou’s backhand was poked away wide by the Islanders’ defense.
  • New York raced back up the other way, and Bailey fed Nelson, but he was blocked off by Daley;
  • Coreau then made a nice toe stop on an initial shot AND rebound;
  • The Red Wings were able to sustain a bit of a cycle as Glendening, Booth and Frk worked off a deep zone faceoff, and they went off quickly;
  • Ladd and Lee and Clutterbuck cycled hard vs. Zetterberg, Glendening and Booth, but the Wings emerged OK, and Coreau made a nice stop at 10:05 on Clutterbuck.
  • At 10:05, Detroit was out-shooting New York 9-7 in the 3rd and was out-shot 32-28 overall; attempts 51-50 Detroit; hits 13-13; giveaways 12-8 Detroit, takeaways 5-3 Detroit; blocked shots 15-6 New York; faceoffs 20-19 Detroit (49%).
  • Detroit then lost a couple of battles for the puck in their own end, with the Red Wings reaping the benefits of deflected pucks out of their own zone, and Zetterberg’s line was succeeded by Helm, Larkin and Mantha, who cleared the zone, chased the Islanders back into the Wings’ zone, and helped Daley and Ericsson chip and re-set at center ice.
  • New York attempted to attack, but Larkin and Mantha made good defensive plays, and Mantha skated into the Isles’ zone himself, fed Booth, and Booth was stripped of the puck…
  • So Hickey raced in, and Coreau made a big stop;
  • Ouellet pinched to help Booth set up for a good shot on Greiss;
  • With 8 minutes remaining, action was up and down, up and down, and Frk, Athanasiou and Glendening got pinned down low, ultimately surrendering a point shot that Coreau grabbed out of the air.
  • Detroit iced the puck on the ensuing play, and Nielsen won the deep defensive zone faceoff, but Daley fumbled the puck, and the Wings skated out of trouble…
  • And into the Islanders’ zone, where Abdelkader fed Athanasiou for a fine backhand shot stopped by Greiss.
  • Greiss was keeping it close.
  • Nielsen and Abdelkader persisted, but Abdelkader’s pass for AA did not work, the Islanders chipped and chased, and Detroit regained possession.
  • Detroit forced Greiss to gobble up a Bertuzzi dump-in as the period began to wind down, and a TV timeout hit with 5:59 remaining.
  • At 14:01, Detroit was out-shooting New York 11-8 in the 3rd and was out-shot 33-30 overall; attempts 54-52 Detroit; hits 16-14 Detroit; giveaways 13-9 Detroit, takeaways 5-3 Detroit; blocked shots 16-6 New York; faceoffs 24-21 New York (47% for Detroit).
  • The Red Wings surrendered a rush but took one of their own, and Mantha, Helm and Larkin cycled hard and took a couple of blocked shots before New York was able to clear in desperation.
  • Mantha battled away and Ericsson set up at center, affording Detroit a change.
  • Frk, Booth and Glendening ground the puck out down low, to the most enthusiastic, “Let’s Go Red Wings” chants of the season…
  • Booth and Glendening fed Frk for a WONDERFUL one-timer that Frk FANNED on…
  • And Detroit chipped and changed, with New York firing the puck down the ice and out of play off a Red Wing.
  • Nielsen drew in for a faceoff in the Wings’ zone, he lost it, and the Wings’ shot-blocking shin pads and sticks got to work, springing Athanasiou on a BREAK in which AA was unable to solve Greiss on the backhand.
  • Daley then whistled a shot wide of Greiss on the forehand…
  • Zetterberg walked in and Bertuzzi CHIPPED the puck WIDE of Greiss, but he held the puck in, Ericsson and Zetterberg pinched…
  • Barzal fed Beauvillier, but he was blocked by Daley…
  • Zetterberg shot-passed the puck and put Nyquist offside.
  • The Red Wings tried very hard to hold the Islanders off the scoreboard as Greiss attempted to leave the ice, and Larkin and Mantha tried to score as he left…
  • Mantha tripped Nelson in front of the Wings’ net, and on the delayed penalty, Coreau made a big stop on Brock Nelson.

Nelson sold the trip, and Mantha headed to the penalty box at 18:24.

  • Β New York won the deep zone faceoff on the PP, playing 6-on-4…
  • Eberle, Nelson, Barzal, Bailey, and Tavares cycled, Pullock fired a shot off the glass, and Dylan Larkin was high-sticked sans call…
  • Thus yielding an Eberle chance that should not have happened.
  • New York continued trying to work the seam pass on the point, and Barzal found Pullock for a tying goal.

Barzal fed Ryan Pullock for a seam pass goal that Coreau should have stopped at 19:30.

Β Pullock scored from Barzal and Bailey at 19:30 on the power play, tying the game at 3.

  • Detroit buzzed after the goal against, and Nyquist fed Bertuzzi for a fine tipped shot that Greiss stifled, and the Wings headed to overtime.

The 3rd period in summary: The Red Wings played an excellent period but could not out-detail the Islanders, who picked the Wings’ weaknesses apart and tied a game they trailed 3-1.


  • Zetterberg, Nyquist and DeKeyser started for the Wings, working the puck up through center ice and dropping it to Nyquist and then Zetterberg, who put a backhander off Greiss and out of play at 24 seconds of OT.
  • Larkin, Mantha and Daley took over for the deep offensive zone draw, the Wings pushed the puck through center, and Mantha fired a slot shot on Greiss, who made a big stop.
  • Mantha, Daley and Larkin were backed in off the next faceoff, with Tavares’ shot being blocked by Daley.
  • Daley then skated up with Larkin and Mantha, and Daley’s shot was blocked, affording New York a 3-on-2 off the line change.
  • However, Mantha stole the puck and GREISS MADE AN AMAZING STOP ON MANTHA. Greiss didn’t bite on the deke!
  • Detroit’s Athanasiou swiped the puck on the next rush, but he was poked away by Greiss;
  • Eberle, Hickey and the Islanders raced into the Wings’ zone, and they sent a shot on Coreau that was stopped;
  • Nielsen fed Athanasiou as he rushed out of one zone and into the next, but Greiss made another big stop;
  • New York went 3-on-2 on the line change, Nelson’s shot was blocked, Bertuzzi waited to feed DeKeyser, and Bertuzzi hit the goalpost instead…
  • Eberle raced in, dropped the puck to Nelson, and Coreau stopped the puck.
  • With 2:21 remaining in OT, Larkin and Tavares drew in, Coreau played the puck and Tavares and Barzal ended up working the puck to each other off a steal, and Coreau made a flashy glove stop.
  • New York won the next draw and Tavares put a puck off Coreau that Larkin had to fish out from behind Coreau…
  • Mantha fed Daley and Larkin, they were stood up…

And John Tavares raced into the Red Wings’ zone, deked Mantha and fired a shot over Coreau’s blocker to score the OT winner at 3:16.

Β Tavares scored the OT winner at 3:16.

In overtime: The Wings got into a track meet and got burned.


Here’s the Game Summary

And the Event Summary:Β 

The final shot attempts were 70-70 in a free-wheeling game.

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My name is George Malik, and I'm the Malik Report's editor/blogger/poster. I have been blogging about the Red Wings since 2006, when MLive hired me to work their SlapShots blog, and I joined Kukla's Korner in 2011 as The Malik Report. I'm starting The Malik Report as a stand-alone site, hoping that having my readers fund the website is indeed the way to go to build a better community and create better content.

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