Red Wings-Senators quick take: Wings take their 3rd straight over sleepy Sens

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to sustain their winning streak as they hosted the Ottawa Senators for a matinee game on Saturday afternoon.

In a somewhat sleepy game, the Red Wings won 2-0 thanks to goals from Larkin and Athanasiou, superb positional and systems play by the Red Wings, a 31-save shutout by Howard and…lackadaisical, un-energetic play by the Senators.


The Senators’ lineup as known prior to the game, per the Ottawa Senators’ Twitter account…

So this lineup would hold true:

The Red Wings’ lineup was known as well:

The Senators started Jean-Gabriel Pageau, Tom Pyatt and Mike Hoffman at forward, Mark Borowiecki and Cody Ceci on defense and Mike Condon in goal;

The Red Wings started Darren Helm, Dylan Larkin and Anthony Mantha at forward, Danny DeKeyser and Joe Hicketts on defense and Jimmy Howard in goal.

Evgeny Romasko and Eric Furlatt refereed the game, with David Brisebois and Mark Shewchyk working the lines.

The 1st period

1st period observations:

  • Larkin drew in for the opening faceoff against Pyatt and he won the draw; Detroit chipped and chased, with Helm feeding Hicketts for a screened shot that was blocked. Larkin and Mantha tried to cycle, but Pageau cleared the puck out to center;
  • Detroit raced back into the Senators’ zone, and Larkin was stuffed by Condon.
  • Zetterberg, Nyquist and Bertuzzi took to the ice for an offensive zone faceoff, and the trio lost the draw; Ottawa chugged up via a 3-line pass to a pinching Duchene behind the Wings’ defense, and while his breakaway attempt was stifled, Duchene got the first Sens shot of the game 42 seconds into the 1st. Howard smothered thep uck for a faceoff.
  • Detroit won the defensive zone draw, and cleared the zone, forcing the Sens back in offside some 57 seconds into the 1st;
  • Nielsen drew in for the draw to Howard’s left, and he lost it, but Ceci could not keep the puck in, and he dumped so the Sens could change, with Kronwall and Jensen sending the puck up ice, where Nielsen, Abdelkader and Athanasiou chased it down and ground it along the Sens’ boards and center ice in front of the teams’ benches.
  • Ottawa took over at center, and Chlapik’s dump-and- chase was “fielded” down ice by the Wings, who took an icing call.
  • Glendening, Frk and Svechnikov completed the Wings’ four-line rotation some 3 minutes into the 1st period, battling the puck out to center, into the Sens’ zone, back to center, and into the Sens’ zone;
  • DeKeyser chipped and Detroit chased again…

And Mike Hoffman took a holding penalty at 2:36.

  • Hicketts pushed the puck to and from Dylan Larkin as the Wings won their faceoff, Nielsen and Frk tried to cycle, but the Sens were able to clear the zone;
  • Hicketts raced up to the blueline, dropped the puck for Larkin, and he fed Frk on the right wing. Frk’s passes were blocked off and Ottawa cleared their zone and changed;
  • With 1:03 remaining in the PP, Detroit held steady personnel-wise, with Frk, Larkin and Mantha cycling to the line, where Kronwall and Hicketts set up, and Hicketts pinched for a shot…
  • So Ottawa raced away 2-on-1, and Howard stopped Max McCormick’s shorthanded rush.
  • Kronwall took over and afforded Detroit a line change, and Zetterberg coughed up the puck at the blueline, affording Ottawa a 3-on-2 situation.
  • The Wings were unable to generate as much as a shot on the power play.
  • Nyquist fed DeKeyser for a fine shot attempt in the offensive zone as the PK ended, and DeKeyser’s shot was blocked out of play by Ceci.
  • Ottawa set up in the Wings’ zone off the center ice faceoff, but Detroit raced away via an outlet pass to Athanasiou as Detroit changed, and AA was held up at the Sens’ line, sans call…

And instead, Athanasiou was called for hooking at 5:40.

  • Larkin and Glendening came out and took the draw at the Sens’ line (for some reason), they lost it, but Detroit “fielded” the Sens’ dump-in and cleared the zone;
  • Karlsson carried the puck to center and dropped it to Dzingel, Glendening could not clear, and Karlsson helmed the PP with Hoffman and Duchene, cycling in an umbrella formation. Howard made a good stop from the slot at 6:29;
  • Glendening was then waved out of the faceoff dot, and Larkin won the draw to Jensen and then DeKeyser, who cleared the zone;
  • Ottawa set up and slowly worked their way into the Wings’ zone, with Jensen and DeKeyser tapping the puck to Larkin, and Helm was able to generate a near-breakaway, but Helm stopped and passed to Larkin instead…
  • And Detroit did not get a shot off.
  • Ericsson and Nielsen then struggled to move the puck, and Paajarvi was able to poke the take a lateral pass and send a shot in on Howard, who “snow angel’ed” to stifle the rebound.

  • With 15 seconds remaining in the PK, Ottawa won the deep zone faceoff, Hoffman got a shot off, Ottawa re-set at center, and Paajarvi and Chlapik worked the puck out front for a scoring chance that Howard stopped as the power play expired.
  • Ottawa and Detroit tangled in the defensive zone, and Nielsen, Larkin and Athanasiou combined to send a shot in on Condon–the Wings’ 2nd shot–over 8 minutes into the 1st period;
  • Athanasiou, Larkin and Mantha then set up a chance for Mantha that was stick-checked away in the slot, and another attempt by Larkin to “lead” Athanasiou via a flip pass was iced;
  • Larkin lost the defensive zone faceoff, and the Senators cycled down low, but a Howard poke check prevented a scoring chance coming out of the corner;
  • Bertuzzi hopped over the boards and worked the puck into the Sens’ zone, where Zetterberg pushed the puck deep, Hicketts pinched and jabbed a shot near the Sens’ net, and Ottawa’s Karlsson dumped and chased.
  • The first TV timeout hit at 9:58, and at 9:58, Detroit was out-shot 6-3, but attempts were 8-8; hits 4-2 Ottawa; giveaways 3-1 Detroit, takeaways 1-1; blocked shots 4-2 Ottawa; faceoffs 7-5 Ottawa (42%).
  • I apologize for the lack of player names; I’m unfamiliar with the Sens’ roster, and Ken and Mickey were in Story Time mode.
  • Zetterberg drew in for the post-TV timeout draw, Nyquist and Daley cycled down low, Bertuzzi got hacked and whacked sans call, and Detroit worked the puck to the point, sent it deep, and the Wings were blocked off by a Sens team stifled through center ice.
  • Ottawa’s second attempt to penetrate the Wings’ zone worked, and Zetterberg and Nyquist cleared the puck out of trouble.
  • Wolanin sent the puck up through center into the Wings’ zone, but Jensen attempted to clear, Athanasiou, Larkin and Frk battled out front, and Howard made a fine stop…

But Nick Jensen was called for interference at 11:10, yielding another Senators power play.

  • At 11:10, Detroit was out-shot 7-3 and out-attempted 10-8; hits 4-3 Ottawa; giveaways 4-2 Detroit; takeaways 1-1; blocked shots 4-2 Ottawa; faceoffs 7-7 (50%).
  • Larkin lost the deep defensive zone draw and Ottawa sent up umbrella style, with Howard stopping Hoffman, Larkin battling Hoffman for the puck and ultimately stripping Duchene thereof;
  • Ottawa chipped and chased into the Wings’ zone, and Daley was overpowered, but Larkin helped vs. Pageau and Dzingel, and Glendening cleared the zone, so Detroit changed.
  • With 1:10 remaining in the PK, Ottawa completed a Kronwall Drop at center ice, but the Wings stood up at the line and stifled the Sens’ break-in;
  • Ottawa had to re-set in their own zone and skate through center, where they chipped and chased; Howard was unable to clear himself, and Ceci tried to set up Ryan for a shot; instead, the Wings blocked a couple of shot attempts and cleared the zone with 15 remaining in the PK.
  • Ottawa worked the puck back into the Wings’ zone, cycling hard, and Howard had to stop Chabot in front…
  • And Jensen raced back into the play, doing a fine job of stifling a Sens 3-on-2 grind down low.
  • Detroit battled the puck through center, and Athanasiou rushed into the Sens’ zone, sending a backhander wide of Condon;
  • Mantha and Svechnikov generated another shot attempt before the Sens iced the puck (sans call, again);
  • Zetterberg took over with 5:35 left in the 1st, and Detroit slowly but surely worked the puck through center, with Zetterberg and Nyquist trying to set up possession deep.
  • Instead, Wolanin and company chipped into the Wings’ zone, and Hicketts and DeKeyser battled the puck around the back boards to center ice. Zetterberg was stifled by Dzingel and the sens skated through center, into the Wings’ zone, and Ceci was blocked off but the Sens rushed back to stifle a Wings rush, going offside in the process.
  • At 15:21, Detroit was out-shot 9-4 and out-attempted 13-10; hits 7-3 Ottawa; giveaways 6-3 Detroit; takeaways 2-1 Detroit; blocked shots 4-3 Ottawa; faceoffs 8-6 Ottawa (57%).
  • When play resumed, Detroit cleared its zone and Nielsen and Abdelkader worked the puck up to Athanasiou, whose rush was parried away; DeKeyser raced through center and jabbed the puck deep, with Larkin taking over at the Sens’ line; Svechnikov pushed the puck back through center to avoid a Senators backcheck, and he worked the puck to Mantha, but Ottawa dumped the puck down, and Sens cleared to center and cycled, re-set at center, and Hicketts and DeKeyser got a little lucky as Hoffman sent a turnaround shot just wide of the net.
  • Ottawa re-set in their own zone as Karlsson sent a puck through center, with Hicketts chipping the puck all the way back down the ice for an icing call with 2:21 remaining.
  • In a chippy game, Detroit’s Zetterberg won the defensive zone draw, and Hicketts tried to send the puck up ice, but he was blocked as the bouncer put him offside.
  • Zetterberg drew in for an offensive zone draw, he won it, Bertuzzi took some hacks down low and protected the puck, Zetterberg came in to help, and the Wings worked the puck to the point, pushed it deep, and mashed and banged the Sens’ defense;
  • Ottawa cleared the puck over Kronwall’s head, #55 set up with Jensen and sent the puck through center, and Athanasiou pressured the Senators’ defense, forcing the Sens to chip and chase.
  • Duchene was unable to set up on the cycle, so Daley found Abdelkader, Ericsson poked at the puck but missed, and Nielsen cleared the zone.
  • With 41 seconds remaining, Ottawa cleared the puck to center, Larkin and Svechnikov raced back into the Sens’ end and sent a shot just wide, and Hicketts held the puck in, but Ottawa cleared to center, Hicketts chipped the puck to Karlsson, and he retreated behind his net to end the 1st.

The 1st period in summary: In a period where not much took place, Detroit was out-shot 10-4 and out-attempted 17-11. It was a bit of a sleepy affair as both teams tested each other’s defenses and went back and forth.

Statistically, Detroit was out-shot 10-5 and out-attempted 17-11; hits 8-3 Ottawa; giveaways 6-3 Detroit, takeaways 2-1 Detroit (possession changes 7-5 Ottawa); blocked shots 4-4; faceoffs 9-9 (50%).

Individually, Athanasiou led the Wings with 2 shots, and Hicketts, Larkin and Svechnikov had 1 shot; Hicketts, Mantha and Bertuzzi had hits; Ericsson had 2 giveaways; Jensen and Nielsen had 1 takeaway; Ericsson blocked 3 shots, Frk 1; Zetterberg’s 3-and-2 (60%) led the Wings in the faceoff dot; Detroit was “even,” and Hicketts led the Wings with 8:39 played; Larkin played 6:39; DeKeyser and Ericsson played 6:33, Daley 6:26, Athanasiou 5:47, Nielsen 6:43, Zetterberg 4:45.

FSD had the scoring chances at 3-1 on the Sens’ 10-6 shot advantage.

The 2nd period

2nd period observations:


  • Larkin lost the initial faceoff and Joe Hicketts played the puck around to DeKeyser, who was blasted with a heavy hit;
  • Helm, Larkin and Mantha worked the puck into Ottawa’s zone, but the Sens streaked the other way 2-on-1, and Pageau slid a pass to a teammate, retrieved the puck from Dzingel and sent the puck wide…

And as the Red Wings headed to the power play as Jean-Gabriel Pageau got tagged for high sticking at 43 seconds. Borowiecki actually high-sticked Larkin.

  • The Senators won the deep defensive zone draw and cleared it down the ice, where Kronwall set up behind the Wings’ net.
  • Kronwall engaged in a lateral pass before Zetterberg dropped it to Nyquist; the play actually worked, Zetterberg and Kronwall fed the puck to Nyquist who found Bertuzzi for a fanned attempt;
  • Nyquist fed Kronwall for a deflected shot, and Bertuzzi put a shot off a leg, and Kronwall kept the puck in once but not twice.
  • Zetterberg fed Nielsen as the Wings began to change units some 1:10 into the PP, and Zetterberg and Nielsen gave and went with Larkin, Nielsen worked the right wing half boards, Hicketts held the puck in for Frk, and Zetterberg fed Larkin for a side-of-the-net shot that Condon stopped.
  • The 2nd unit drew in for an offensive zone faceoff with 25 seconds remaining on the PP, Larkin won it to Hicketts, then Frk, he sent a cross-slot pass to Nielsen, who was blocked off, but Frk and Hicketts played the puck down low for a big boomer that was blocked, and Hicketts poked the puck down into the slot.
  • The power play expired with a shot off Condon as its only chance.
  • Ottawa penetrated the Wings’ zone but stayed for a short period of time as Detroit iced the puck;
  • Glendening drew in and won a faceoff to Daley, Helm fed Athanasiou, and he streaked in on Condon, who made a good stop;
  • AA, Glendening and Frk then surrendered a rush to Dzingel, who split the Wings’ D and sent a sneaky shot off Howard and the goalpost;
  • Ottawa picked things up considerably;
  • Detroit managed to play the puck out to center, and Helm tried to feed Larkin for a near-breakaway, but the Sens’ D stood up;
  • Detroit re-set at center and Mantha fed Larkin for an easy goal.

Ottawa surrendered the puck at the Red Wings’ blueline, 4 Senators raced into the Wings’ zone, leaving Karlsson alone, and Jensen fed Mantha for a 2-on-1, he found Larkin and Larkin had an empty net in which to shovel the puck.

 Larkin scored the 1-0 goal from Mantha and Jensen at 4:10.

  • On the post-goal shift, Colin White pushed the puck deep for Ottawa, Detroit parried the rush, and MANTHA broke in on Condon, but was stopped as he got hacked.
  • Sans penalty.
  • Easy save for Condon as a result.
  • 4:51 into the 2nd, Helm drew in for an offensive zone draw, Nyquist stuffed the puck in on Condon, and he made the stop;
  • Ottawa chipped and chased, with Howard steering a shot into the corner;
  • Ottawa tried to set up, but Nyquist, Bertuzzi and Hicketts chugged up into the Sens’ zone, Bertuzzi battled deep, and Ottawa cleared, with Daley battling Paajarvi out of the Wings’ end;
  • Glendening, Frk and Svechnikov did a fine job of both battling the puck deep into the Sens’ zone and coming back to push the puck out of trouble as Glendening was dehelmeted by Borowiecki;
  • Ottawa’s response was to chip the puck out of play, into its own bench, triggering a timeout at 7:24.
  • At 7:24, Detroit led in shots 6-2 in the 2nd but trailed 12-11 overall; attempts 21-20 Detroit; hits 10-6 Ottawa; giveaways 7-3 Detroit, takeaways 2-1 Detroit; blocked shots 7-4 Ottawa; faceoffs 13-12 Detroit (52%).
  • When play resumed, Jensen, Abdelkader and Nielsen cycled in the corner, DeKeyser held the puck in with Jensen’s help, and Nielsen got hacked fairly heavily by Borowiecki, affording the Sens a chip and chase scenario where Hoffman sent a shot in on Howard, who gloved the Sens’ shot.
  • Detroit continued to press offensively as Helm, Ericsson and Mantha chipped and changed, and Mantha pumped the puck back to Larkin in the high slot, but his shot was blocked;
  • Daley chipped and chased, Helm jabbed at a puck in the slot, but Borowiecki sent the puck to center, where Smith fed the puck deep, and the Wings chipped and changed;
  • Jensen slid the puck into the Sens’ zone, Bertuzzi battled the Sens to find Nyquist, Kronwall sent a shot off a leg and Bertuzzi swept the puck into Condon;
  • When the Sens cleared the puck to center ice, Detroit chipped and changed, but was called for icing at 9:12;
  • Ottawa won the offensive zone faceoff back to Karlsson, he regrouped at center, and Howard made a good stop on Chlapik;
  • Chabot battled with Duchene to swipe the puck from Bertuzzi, and Ottawa pushed the puck to Karlsson, whose shot was blocked by Howard; Howard stopped Duchene’s simple rebound attempt as well.
  • With 10:09 remaining in the 2nd, Frk and Svechnikov nearly combined for a scoring play as the Wings raced away from an icing call against, and Frk and Svechnikov did a better job of helping the Wings check as Ottawa attempted to attack;
  • Ericsson and Ceci got into a slashing fight, sans penalties…
  • So Daley broke out and slid sideways to find Nielsen; he cycled with Hicketts, and Ottawa cleared the puck and touched up with a high stick.
  • At 11:03, Detroit was out-shooting Ottawa 8-5 in the 2nd and was out-shot 15-13 overall; attempts 26-25 Detroit; hits 10-8 Ottawa; giveaways 7-4 Detroit, takeaways 2-1 Detroit; blocked shots 9-6 Ottawa; faceoffs 15-13 Ottawa (54%).
  • When play resumed, Detroit won the blueline draw, chipped and chased, parried away a Senators rush, and when Ottawa set up in the Wings’ zone, Claesson sent a shot just wide of Howard, Athanasiou and DeKeyser and Hicketts worked the puck deep, and changed;
  • Detroit battled the puck into the slot, Mantha was hit by Borowiecki, Larkin stood up to the Sens’ bully and Condon stifled a Wings shot.
  • Larkin drew in and won an offensive zone draw that Mantha pumped back to the point, and Kronwall jabbed a puck into Condon;
  • Larkin and Mantha had to come back as Ottawa set up in the Wings’ zone, with Dzingel pushing the puck to Ceci at the point, and his shot was blocked; Ceci sent the puck deep to White, to Duchene it went, and Larkin and Mantha negated an icing call and afforded Detroit a change, with Athanasiou stealing the puck and Svechnikov losing possession;
  • Ottawa chipped and changed, Daley facilitated an outlet pass, and Ericsson skated into the Sens’ zone, dropped it to Frk, Frk skated deep and worked with Svechnikov, and he missed Athanasiou.
  • Detroit changed lines, with Zetterberg taking over, and Nyquist and Hicketts were both stripped of the puck, with Hicketts taking a penalty.

Hicketts was called for slashing at 14:25.


  • At 14:25, Detroit was out-shooting Ottawa 9-6 in the 2nd but was out-shot 16-14 overall; attempts 28-26 Detroit; hits 11-11; giveaways 7-4 Detroit; takeaways 2-1 Detroit; blocked shots 10-6 Ottawa; faceoffs 16-14 Detroit (53%).
  • Glendening drew in for the PK faceoff, and he lost it;
  • Karlsson set up with Hoffman, who coughed up the puck, and Detroit was able to force the Sens to skate back into their own zone;
  • Ottawa set up, skated into the Wings’ zone, and Chabot dumped, Karlsson chased, Hoffman set up at the point and switched with Karlsson, reversed to the line, and Chabot fed Karlsson, Chabot sent a shot off a Wings shin guard and out to center;
  • With 50 remaining in the PK, Ottawa went offside, so Detroit could carry the puck out to center, and Jensen chipped and chased;
  • Nielsen, Helm, DeKeyser and Jensen then stood up to Dzingel and White, and the Wings cleared the zone with ease;
  • Ottawa then went offside, and the Wings tied up the final PP faceoff, with Daley and Kronwall sending the puck deep into Ottawa’s zone as the PK expired.
  • Abdelkader skated into Ottawa’s zone and chipped a shot into Condon.
  • Larkin drew in for an offensive zone faceoff with 3:16 remaining in the 2nd, and the Wings lost it, so Ottawa chipped and chased its own, with Jensen and Kronwall sending the puck to Mantha, and Condon played the puck around the boards so the Sens could send the puck to center;
  • Jensen flipped a puck to Svechnikov and he crashed and banged behind the net, with Mantha and Athanasiou working togetehr to get the puck to Hicketts, and his shot went off Condon and right to Mantha, who sent a rebound in on Condon.
  • Ottawa then allowed Zetterberg to skate into the Sens’ zone, Chabot was dumped, and Nyquist tried to feed the puck in front.
  • Instead, Hicketts and DeKeyser worked the puck laterally and down low, Detroit cycled, and Hicketts pinched, with Ottawa skating in 4-on-2 as a result.
  • Pyatt could not center the puck the first time, but the second time he got a shot off that Howard stopped.
  • Detroit changed lines with 1:13 remaining, and Larkin, Helm and Frk worked the puck to Ericsson, he avoided a hit, and Frk fed Daley, Daley chipped, Ottawa cleared and came up 3 on 2 with Hoffman feeding Duchene, but Howard gloved the puck and made an easy stop.
  • Nielsen drew in for a defensive zone draw with 38.3 remaining in the 2nd, he was tossed, Athanasiou lost the draw, Howard stopped Karlsson, and Ottawa retreated to its own zone.
  • Ottawa skated into the Wings’ end, the Sens sent a point shot wide of Howard, and Svechnikov and Nielsen and Athanasiou “ate clock” to end the 2nd period.

The 2nd period in summary: The Red Wings were able to score the first goal of the game because their structure was excellent throughout the second period, with Detroit doing a good job of stifling Senators rushes and the Wings dominating the shots and attempts.

Statistically, Detroit out-shot Ottawa 11-9 in the 2nd, and was out-shot 19-16 overall; attempts were 31-31; hits 12-11 Ottawa; giveaways 7-2 Detroit, takeaways 2-1 Detroit (possession changes 8-4 Ottawa); blocked shots 11-7 Ottawa; faceoffs 18-16 Ottawa (47%).

Individually, Larkin and Athanasiou led the Wings with 3 shots apiece, and Jensen and Mantha had 2 shots; Hicketts, Abdelkader, Glendening and Nielsen had 2 hits; Ericsson had 2 giveaways; Jensen and Nielsen had takeaways, Ericsson blocked 3 shots, Jensen 2; Zetterberg’s 5-and-3 (63%) led the Wings in the faceoff circle; Detroit was +5, and Hicketts led the Wings with 14:38 played; Daley played 13:42, DeKeyser 13:33, Larkin 12:56, Ericsson 12:40, Athanasiou 12:00, Kronwall 11:23, Jensen 10:59, Nielsen 10:32, Zetterberg 10:27, Mantha 10:17.

FSD had the scoring chances at 7-6 Detroit despite the Wings’ 19-16 shot disadvantage.

The 3rd period:

3rd period observations:

  • Larkin drew in for the opening faceoff and the Senators won the faceoff, and pushed the puck to the Wings’ line, where a staggered dump-in yielded a Hicketts chip and a Mantha pass to an open wing, but Helm covered up and cleared the puck.
  • Ottawa dumped the puck down ice and iced it 35 seconds into the 3rd.
  • Zetterberg drew in and won an offensive zone draw, but Nyquist lost the puck to Pageau, Ottawa chipped and changed, and the Wings responded with Zetterberg charging up the ice himself, firing a wrist shot on Condon.
  • Athanasiou had to substitute for Nielsen on the next draw, and he won the faceoff to Daley, who sent a long shot in on Condon.
  • The Wings were unable to retain possession, but Detroit worked the puck to center, Ottawa chipped and stole the puck, but Daley and Nielsen worked the puck out to center;
  • Dzingel battled with Daley, as did White, and the Sens sent a shot in that Ericsson blocked, and while Athanasiou was able to get to center ice, Duchene swiped the puck…

And Athanasiou cleared the puck out of play in the Wings’ defensive zone, sitting for delay of game at 1:55.

  • Detroit lost the defensive zone draw and Ottawa set up, with Hoffman working the puck down low, Karlsson pinching for Pageau, Ottawa pumping the puck to Karlsson again, and Pageau centering the puck for Duchene, whose shot went high and wide;
  • Karlsson took a recoil and fired it wide, and Duchene had a prime scoring opportunity in the slot but missed wide trying to pass.
  • Duchene and Hoffman re-set, Chabot fed Karlsson and Howard made a good stop by squeezing the puck between elbow and body.
  • Ottawa lost the next draw but swiped the puck and set up on the PP: Ceci sent a shot in that was blocked, and Helm’s block nearly resulted in a breakaway;
  • Ceci’s block then resulted in a short spate of Sens possession, and Detroit dumped and changed;
  • With 10 seconds remaining on the PP, Ottawa set up, with Ceci, Wolanin and Ryan pushing the puck deep and then chipping it in to force the Wings to regroup.
  • The Sens then lobbed a puck into the Wings’ end and iced it 4:23 into the 3rd.Detroit won the offensive zone draw…

Svechnikov went into the crease and Andreas Athanasiou took the rebound of a Kronwall shot and fired the puck over Condon to make it 2-1…

But Ottawa challenged due to goaltender interference. Svechnikov was pushed into the goaltender by Borowiecki.

 The goal stood, and it was Athanasiou from Kronwall and Svechnikov at 4:29, giving Detroit a 2-0 lead.

  • Athanasiou and Mantha pushed the puck into the Sens’ zone off the center ice draw, and Ottawa chipped the puck out, but Athanasiou sent the puck up to Jensen, and Svechnikov jabbed the puck toward Condon, who covered up.
  • Zetterberg then took an offensive zone draw and fed Bertuzzi, but was unable to stuff the puck on Condon. Bertuzzi cycled instead, and got Hicketts a pass off Hicketts’ butt which Hicketts ultimately sent into Condon;
  • Detroit regrouped at center, and Ottawa flipped the puck out of trouble, with Duchene sending the puck into Detroit’s zone with a high stick deflection.
  • Nielsen won the next draw and the Wings were on the defensive, with Pageau and Claesson forcing Ericsson and Daley to chip the puck out of trouble;
  • At center ice, Nielsen forced a turnover, but Hoffman swiped the puck…offside…yielding a quick commercial break at 6:15.
  • At 6:15, Detroit out-shot Ottawa 3-2 in the 2nd but was out-shot 21-19 overall; attempts 37-35 Ottawa; hits 13-11 Ottawa; giveaways 8-5 Detroit, takeaways 2-1 Detroit; blocked shots 11-10 Ottawa; faceoffs 24-20 (55%) Detroit.
  • The Red Wings won the blueline draw and Helm fed Larkin, who picked the puck out of the air, but could not score in the slot. He sent a wide shot in on Condon instead, and the Wings regrouped at center, with Helm skating in and firing a shot off Condon.
  • Ottawa charged up 3 on 2, and Pageau tried to feed Karlsson on the rush. He could not, so Pageau pushed the puck back to Karlsson at the point, and Howard stopped the shot.
  • Detroit then afforded Ottawa another scoring attempt, and Howard stopped Paajarvi, Detroit chugged up the other way, and off the rush, Svechnikov fed Glendening for a shot that was stopped by Condon.
  • The Wings stole a puck from Ottawa in its slot off the next exchange, but the Wings both sent the shot wide nad suffered a penalty…
  • On the delayed infraction, Ottawa gained Detroit’s blueline but blocked the Sens’ shot…

And Svechnikov headed to the box for slashing at 7:48.

  • Phantom penalty at best.
  • Ottawa set up on the PP as an umbrella, using Hoffman, Karlsson and Pageau, and Howard made a good stop on Hoffman in tight, though there was a quick whistle which aided Howard;
  • Ottawa won the next draw, Pageau fed Chabot, he set up with Karlsson and Hoffman, and Detroit blocked the Sens out to center;
  • Ottawa skated back in, with Karlsson trying to poke the puck deep, and Nielsen both nearly stole the puck and blocked a Karlsson shot;
  • Detroit ground the puck out down low, but Hoffman emerged with the puck out of the scrum and got a point blank shot on Howard, who made a WONDERFUL blocker stop.
  • The Sens sent the puck around the back boards off a shoot-in, Wolanin and Dzingel set up, feeding Ryan, and Dzingel sent a shot high and wide, with Svechnikov exiting the box in time to clear the puck to center himself.
  • 10 minutes into the 3rd, Ottawa chipped the puck into the Wings’ zone, Detroit regrouped, but Howard gave the puck to White, who sent a shot in that Howard stopped;
  • Nyquist and Bertuzzi worked with Zetterberg to set up a couple of shot attempts, by Nyquist, Bertuzzi and Zetterberg, and the Sens took a penalty for holding on the play.

Borowiecki was called for holding at 10:41 of the 3rd.

  • At 10:41, Detroit was out-shot 8-6 in the 3rd and 27-22 overall; attempts 43-39 Ottawa; hits 13-11 Ottawa; giveaways 10-5 Detroit, takeaways 3-1 Detroit; blocked shots 11-10 Ottawa; faceoffs 28-21 Detroit (57%).
  • The Red Wings lost the initial deep offensive zone faceoff, but Detroit was able to skate up to center and Nielsen worked the drop pass to Larkin, who spun back and fed Hicketts…
  • Hicketts tried to skate through center, and was successful, but Frk and company were unable to keep the puck in the Sens’ zone, and Ottawa’s Pyatt and Burrows battled the puck deep into the Wings’ zone.
  • Detroit changed a full 1:05 into the PP, and Nyquist was able to enter the zone with speed, he dropped the puck to Nyquist, the pair gave and went, fed Zetterberg, and he sent a pass to Abdelkader in the slot. Abdelkader was blocked off by Condon.
  • Zetterberg drew in with 33 seconds left on the PP and 7:51 left in regulation, and the Sens ended up winning the draw, flipping the puck out of trouble and forcing Howard to make a stop.
  • Zetterberg took the defensive zone draw and tied it up, with Nyquist and Kronwall setting up.
  • Kronwall tried to feed Nyquist for a breakaway off the breakout, but Condon sniffed out the play and pushed the puck out of trouble.
  • Ottawa tied up the next draw, and Glendening was unable to keep the puck in the Sens’ zone, so Athanasiou, Glendening and Helm worked the puck back into the Sens’ zone, Ottawa battled the puck into the Wings’ end with urgency…
  • And instead, Helm and Athanasiou BOTH nearly scored off breakaway and wraparound attempts, respectively.
  • Ottawa survived the scare, with Condon stopping Helm and Athanasiou sending the puck wide;
  • Detroit then surrendered a rush to the Sens off an offside, and a Ceci shot blocked into the crowd yielded a TV timeout at 14:03.
  • When play resumed, Zetterberg lost the deep defensive zone draw, the Ottawa sent the puck out of trouble, and Zetterberg, Nyquist and Bertuzzi raced into the Sens’ zone, with Ericsson feeding Nyquist for a shot that was tipped through the Sens’ slot.
  • Zetterberg found Bertuzzi, Bertuzzi sent the puck back to nobody, and Howard sent the Wings away.
  • Abdelkader, Athanasiou and Nielsen all piled up in the corner vs. Pageau, Ceci and Wolanin, and Abdelkader briefly came out with the puck, but Ottawa won the war, dumped, chased, and could not do much with the puck.
  • Detroit changed with the puck at center ice, Ottawa surrendered the puck to Larkin, and he was stopped once and twice by Condon.
  • Hicketts pinched, but the Sens skated up to center ice;
  • Larkin skated back in, was picked off, and Ottawa and Detroit changed on the fly with 3:26 remaining.
  • Detroit worked the puck deep but surrendered a 2-on-1, and the Wings parried the Sens’ rush;
  • Ottawa pushed the puck into Detroit’s zone, and Howard stopped both a point shot and a couple of Senators shot attempts as Claesson and McCormick hacked and whacked at Howard.
  • With 2:50 remaining in the 3rd period, Ottawa won the offensive zone faceoff, Bertuzzi cleared the zone, and Ottawa set up, skated back in, and Bertuzzi centered the puck for DeKeyser, who made a big clear.
  • Detroit pumped the puck out and to center, and Ottawa sort of fumbled their way through center as they pulled Karlsson with 1:50 remaining.
  • Abdelkader then got the stick snapped in half by Bobby Ryan, and Ryan went off.

Bobby Ryan exited for slashing at 18:19.

  • Mantha, Larkin, Helm, Kronwall and DeKeyser set up, cycled around the perimeter down low, and Larkin tried to free Helm, but instead, Pageau and Duchene skated into Detroit’s zone, Howard tried to glove the puck, and Ottawa took over at center ice.
  • Pageau raced up and into the Wings’ zone as Ottawa raced in, and Karlsson jabbed and fell, Jensen backhanded the puck to center, Mantha fed Larkin and the puck did not settle down, so Hoffman sent the puck to the line, where Larkin and Zetterberg worked a give-and-go, with Condon making a big stop.
  • Jensen pinched as well, bumbled the puck, and killed the clock.

The 3rd period in summary: The Red Wings did an excellent job of killing clock throughout a 3rd period in which they were sometimes out-played but not out-positioned. Detroit worked its tail off to secure a victory, and whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on your point of view.


Here’s the Game Summary

And the Event Summary

The final shot attempts were 52-46 Ottawa on their 31-27 shot advantage.

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George Malik

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86 thoughts on “Red Wings-Senators quick take: Wings take their 3rd straight over sleepy Sens”

  1. Sleepy it was. Larkin’s line (for while) looked great. Why Blashill used the Blender makes no sense to me. AA, Larkin, Mantha had energy (scored both goals), so break them up. Duh

    Svech has no problem going to the net which was good to see, big boy!

    1. My thoughts exactly. The Sens played the smarter game by letting the Wings win. Now there’s no way without lottery luck that Ottawa won’t draft higher. Why go on a streak now when it doesn’t matter and even hurts your draft chances?
      Hopefully they wake up and let Montreal win. Not getting my hopes up. Wings will probably win the next 3 and move even farther away from the best draft choices…

  2. Hey George! Thats what we are all in awe of! Superblog!

    I Dont know how you spell odd last names so many times.Wow. Should just type a jersey # and have auto correct to current nickname.

    Wings get a full 60 minute game for once, I like that! They have been locked to the 25ish place for a while now, a supertank would have improved chances by only 5%. Senators looked like they cared about “improving” by 5% tho.

  3. Tanking only works in a system where last place guarantees you the #1 pick. Why does no one get that? If you do get it i apologize. The last place team has a 18.4% chance to get 1st pick! 18%!

    Now finishing the season on a winning streak, kids playing well, hopefully creates hunger, drive and promotes good habits going into next season.

    At least in theory

  4. I have no faith in the management of this team. They are probably good people but other organizations like Pittsburgh, Nashville and Toronto have a plan and they make confident, wise decisions. Blashill said some of his players play “poke and hope” hockey. It appears that KH and his leadership team operate on the “poke and hope” philosophy when it comes to building a winner. We have a leadership team that makes knee-jerk decisions and hopes they work out. Paul Woods asked “who could do a better job?” on the broadcast yesterday. Many young and upcoming assistant GM’s and hockey men are available. I have a friend who has had season tickets for several years and he is dropping them this year. To keep the same leadership team is going to do a lot of damage on all levels.

    1. Mr. Holland has over-ripened himself, that supposed to mean he is better because of all that experience, and ready for the next league….

      Sign and trade to Seattle would be a next level trade, and would be the best transaction hes made in 10 years! Go for it Mr, Holland, I think your finally ready, you can do it!

  5. Coaches and players dont tank. Even the worst buffalo teams didnt do it (coaches and players). What is management supposed to do? Keep in mind the player’s union.

    1. tell Jeff he’ll be standing on the curb if the team wins again.

      I do understand that last place only has an 18.4% at number 1.
      What finishing bottom three does is limit downside risk of your picking dropping into the 6-10 range, and it makes your other round picks fall where you placed. If they win out, they could fall as low as ninth, a little bad luck and our “lottery” pick is higher than 10. Think we find a superstar there? I don’t, we’ll get a nice piece, maybe, but nothing that really moves the needle as far as competing for the cup in a few years.

  6. For Know it All
    Mrazek today
    APR 1 3 39 36 .923 0 63:36 1 1 0
    This year Howard – Tanking,hmmm??
    GAA Sv%
    2.81 .910
    This year Mrazek
    2.97 .903

    1. Haha. Not my fault one guy thought Lyon got the win, another guy says he got hurt after 7 minutes, another guy says 7 minutes of the 3rd, making 14 saves instead of 17.

      Was just trying to help with a couple of actual facts!

      Anyone see the save on Pastrnak? Wow! Or did you just post the stats? Because 3 goals against doesn’t sound great. But Mrazek was fantastic. 3rd star of the game.

      1. But but Howard had nearly identical stats and Petr better Stats than Coreau.

      2. But but Howard had nearly identical stats as Petr had better Stats than Coreau.

      3. Another Boo Boo, Butcher was actually a 1st year player this year making 4 Rookies (on the Devils) that are playing full time.

        Looking at a lot of teams, sort of rebuilding, makes me want vomit comparing the Wings fiasco.

        I really can’t see the Wings D changing a lot, too many unmovable contracts. I must be missing something, with upgrading the D ??

  7. Don’t need stats, got lucky and watched the game. 36 saves helped his stats. I don’t expect any long term brilliance from Petr. I just feel that Howard is overrated and stats might tumble next yr and no backup. Not a 55/60 Game goalie anymore.

    Maybe Flyers should keep Mrazek and Lyon?? Might be a good YOUNG competitive goalie Duo???

    1. Flyer’s have Elliott and Neuvirth under contract next year. Plus Lyon and Stolarz as RFAs. And then Carter Hart on the way who will be better than all of them. No way they qualify Mrazek unless he carries them on a deep run. Even then, they would need to trade/waive at least 2 guys to make room.

      1. FS, excellent evaluation of what’s what with the Flyers. Stranger things have happened than a deep run for a team though in the playoffs. I believe if the Flyers make it to the 3rd round and Mrazek wins 6 games in the playoffs our 3rd pick from them becomes a 2nd. If they sign him to a contract, we get an additional pick (2nd ?)

        1. I Think if they sign him the 2nd becomes a 1st round pick. And he did look like a keeper last night.

          The brief Neuverth showing most likely made him realize how good he had to be to not get waived without a kiss good-bye. His hot then cold play matches Phillys’ style.

          Waiving 2 for him and paying $4,000,000 means he was a playoff MVP candidate tho, not likely……but possible.

          1. So whenever I correct people with the actual facts I get accused of being a know-it-all. So how about I just say this…neither of you are correct in the conditions attached to the Mrazek trade. Google it. It’s not that complicated.

            Also, not sure why Neuvirth coming off the IR acted as an incentive for Mrazek. It was very clear when the trade was made that Mrazek would help Lyon hold down the fort while Elliott and Neuvirth were on IR. When healthy, both of those guys will be given a look. I think with Neuvirth getting reinjured so quickly he’s finished for the year. Now it’s Mrazek and Lyon, until Elliott gets back. But none of this changes Mrazek’s incentive…prove that he is an NHL goalie! Simple as that. Even though the chances to be re-signed by the Flyers is pretty low, he’s showcasing himself for 30 other franchises. For example, we know the Oilers were interested. If he proves competent in Philly then maybe they bring in Mrazek as an unqualified RFA (ie UFA) to act as a 1B with Talbot? 1 year. $1-2M. A chance to then earn a bigger pay day next year. But there are numerous other franchises that will be looking for a cheap back-up with upside. Philly is just his opportunity to showcase himself.

  8. I don’t imagine he would do well as any-ones backup. Well payed but not well played.

    I’m guessing(we all are, inc. himself?) he needs constant games to keep his focus. He also is visibly disturbed when Lyon starts, or hes eating the smelling salts…If he doesnt grab a net in the NHL, then KHL will give him one and comparable wage.

    All I really know is that I am not bent anymore about his failure to succeed here. He has his chance and I think hes blowing it with emotional baggage.

    1. Really? He’s visibly disturbed when a teammate gets a start? Care to provide a video link to that? Because despite the allegations of being a cancer…his Wings teammates said nice things when he left, and his new Flyer teammates did the same. Looking forward to your video evidence…a quote from Mrazek would also work. Something like…”that face I made on the bench is because I’m visibly disturbed when my teammate gets a start”.


      1. Mrazek is one of my Fav players, very disappointed about his inconsistency.

        But I will call you on this BS above. Tired of people knocking Mrazek and it always turns out to be BS. So I will agree with Fat Savage on this one.

        Evidence PLEASE!!!!!

    2. You better do what he says…no one is allowed to have a differing opinion from Fatty!!

      Also waiting…

      1. I am a novice when it comes to links and passing real data to you all, but I am attempting to be better every day. I get foiled and frustrated by what apparently is copyright material and my posts wont post when I try… and I’ve tried to post on several different subjects to add to our debates before. Maybe I should get some lessons from my ten year old, or you…..your not very smooth but I do like your documentation of OPINIONS.

        I AM very good at understanding body language and impressions and reading into a situation based on what I see, and I’ve seen almost all Flyer games at least since the trade. Take it or leave it.

        And…..who has ever trash talked a teammate on the record, or said outright about themselves that they are jealous and selfish? They all spout trained responses and thats all WE get. Unless we watch closely and surmise a lot now, we just have to wait for the post career biography.

        I also was watching and rooting for him to succeed because it didn’t seem like our coach made great choices and wanted to confirm Mr. Blashill played him poorly. I am coming to the conclusion that our coach was right…. this time. Still hope he pulls it out in the playoffs tho.

        1. Mr. Blashill played him poorly. I am coming to the conclusion that our coach was right…. this time.

          Wrong Wrong Wrong, IMO
          Have you seen Howards and Mrazeks stats YTD??

          How do you see ALL Mrazek Flyers games, Home and away. More on that???? I want to see All Wings games Home and away, while you are at I would like to see all VGK, Jets…maybe Lightning.

          Will wait,,,, LMAO

          1. I have a job that allows me to have the metal blasting or a hockey game on. Its actually helpfull when making art..and I work all the time so it adds up to a lot of games.

            I watch all of the games after they are over. My remote location makes it hard to observe anything on standard TV options. The couple games that just have a condensed 8 minutes available you can still can tell who has manners and restraint quickly……

          2. MtMatt, I have to disconnect from this conversation (for Health reasons). You will believe that , right???
            You really have an odd way to pass on your opinions, some by watching 8 mins of Hockey and using some opinions that I have not not heard in the Hockey world. Maybe it is my age and 50 +/- yrs of only Red Wing Hockey. I was also fortunate to be able to have some (short) conversations with Mr Hockey (In Saskatoon, SK). That has not given me any insight into your hockey thoughts.
            Sadly, I have not been to Detroit, that may give you an edge regarding hockey.
            To be honest I understand FatSavage but have not figured MtMatt and your views on Hockey (just guessing you are talking hockey?)

            Do not hesitate to converse with anyone on this Great Blog, even it is only yourself).

            Holy Sh!T

        2. So you have formed an OPINION based on your expert interpretation of body language…and then stated that OPINION as if it was a FACT.

          So some of us have a different opinion. Now what? I guess we’re wrong then?

          1. ” I dont imagine”

            “I’m guessing”

            “All I know is”

            All words that went with my OPINION. Its an obvious attempt at a being humble and contradictory at the same time. Try it. Please.

          2. Sorry you claimed “he also is visibly disturbed when Lyon starts” …sounds like you’re stating a fact there. No sign of that being an opinion. But I’m not an expert in interpreting body language or watching 8 minute highlight packages. So maybe you are right. Mrazek could also be into voodoo.

          3. I told you, not allowed to have an opinion that savage doesnt like. He will lambaste you for it.

          4. Biv, if anyone comes on here labelling a player as a bad teammate without any true evidence then yeah, some of us (it’s not just me by the way) are going to question that. What if I said…

            Larkin is probably a bad teammate. He is visibly disturbed when Zetterberg tries to teach him something. I can read body language. With that attitude Larkin is headed for the KHL.

            See how that works?

        3. It’s all good, man. You shouldn’t feel bad for sharing an opinion like that. It’s hockey talk, not life and death.

          And it’s not baseless, as we all know about Mrazek being upset that he got passed over for the starting job in the stadium series by an AHL goalie.

          1. I remember this one time when Hasek was pulled after letting in a couple of bad goals. He came to the bench and broke his stick in the hallway. I was watching his body language after that and it seemed like he was visibly disturbed with every save that Osgood made. Draper asked him to pass him a towel but he didn’t do it. I think this body language problem is why Osgood got the nod in the playoffs. In fact, some players didn’t even hug Hasek after they won the Cup. I was watching. Such a cancer.

  9. I sort of feel this is make or break time for Petr. Not with the best team to do that with (another ex-goalie GM, hmmm?).

    He has shown he can be a good #1 and can be out of North American hockey.

    Inconsistency will define his future and I don’t see Holland $$ being his salary. I shudder to think of what Holland will do to give thw Wings 2 competent goalies.

    No prospects seem ready for at least next year. Holland scares me so this is a bad combination.

    C Chelios’s name keeps popping up , in my mind, as a coaching replacement at least. To change the Coach I think you get rid of the Current (GM) who has everyone in the Wings Management fooled into thinking he is a God.

    The Flyers Goalie situation both current and long term sure seems better than the Wings and Hextall is another Goalie GM.

    Holland has set up the fans expectations for next yr , so he has built a pretty safe nest for a couple of yrs anyway, IMO.

    Then we will calling for his head again down the road AGAIN. KH is pretty good at fleecing the decision makers to give him contracts. The recent one will have an increase in $$$, no idea why.

    Adding one or two prospects each year, won’t cut it. Devils have three 1st yr players playing well. Kincaid has pushed Schneider into the #2 hole. Add to this the 1st year prospets of the previous year Butcher, etc and a new Coach and Voila into the playoffs we go ,,with a bright future.

    Then there are the Garth Snows (another Goalie GM), I will laugh for awhile just typing that. Their Goaltending is funny, to be nice.

    Oh well , I like Goalies, but they don’t seem to understand the game.

    Even my Son, when asked what, he liked about goalies by Brent Sutter (Red Deer Rebels Coach),,,,,,said he liked getting hit by the puck.

  10. Well the scoop on Mrazek trade conditions are 4th becomes a 3rd (currently) then becomes a 2nd if they reach conference finals and he wins 6 games. It becomes an additional 3rd (2019) if they resign him. For Petr’s sake don’t be so touchy after I give you a compliment. By the way HSJ had it wrong on trade as reported in the FREEP. This information from the NHL.
    Good article in “The Athletic” on prospective defense for the Wings next season.

    1. “For Petr’s sake don’t be so touchy after I give you a compliment.”

      Some people have a precious ego. Lol.

      “Good article in “The Athletic” on prospective defense for the Wings next season.”

      Wing’s Nation has a good article about the future of the Wing’s D too.

    2. Great thanks! Miss St. James maybe mentioned a 1st was involved and I really wanted to believe something like that was possible for Mr. Holland to pull off.

      What does the Athletic cost? Are you generally satisfied?

      1. Yes. Totally satisfied. Custance is the Bob McKenzie of Detroit Hockey. He understands hockey holistically and not just from a fan’s perspective.

        1. Mr. Custance..holistic..Nice.. will look into it! Just have to convince my wife I need another hockey subscription..all the Red Wings reporters need us honey!

  11. Biv, if anyone comes on here labelling a player as a bad teammate without any true evidence then yeah, some of us (it’s not just me by the way) are going to question that. What if I said…

    Larkin is probably a bad teammate. He is visibly disturbed when Zetterberg tries to teach him something. I can read body language. With that attitude Larkin is headed for the KHL.

    See how that works?

  12. AAAARRRRGGGGHHH. This sounds like a bad Bette Davis movie. Peace to all my fellow Wing die sufferers.

      1. Are you sure you don’t mean “Dead Wing” sufferers? (It’s not that bad, but it plays). 🙂

        1. Sigh. I think we should all welcome any opinion, positive, negative, sane, crazy.

          But when an opinion gets stated as if it was an absolute truth, what is so terrible about asking someone to provide support to that? If you are going to claim Mrazek is visibly disturbed when a teammate gets a start, then why can’t we (again, I’m not alone here) ask for something to back that up?

          If I say Abby has 12 goals this season…well that’s a FACT. Nothing more needs to be said. But if I say I think Abby is a cancer in the dressing room and all the young players hate him, well that is an opinion, and something that I might be asked to provide some rationale for. And if my rationale was that I saw him break a stick once and I can read his body language on the bench, well then I should be prepared for some people to demand a bit more evidence.

  13. FS stated:
    “Sigh. I think we should all welcome any opinion, positive, negative, sane, crazy. But when an opinion gets stated as if it was an absolute truth, …..”
    FS, you fail to understand that essentially all of us “welcome any opinion…,” with you as the exception! You truly believe yourself to be the epitome of hockey’s “absolute truth.”
    I find your demeaning ways with those who have independent views socially repulsive, especially when you paint yourself within biv’s description of “perpetual victimhood.”
    Further, I pity those with whom you must deal in the face-to-face world, BUT MOSTLY PITY YOU for not recognizing your social skills issues and the need to seek assistance.

    1. oh no! here comes the snide retort from Fatty. Or….maybe he will say he is the victim here……it won’t be too long for us to know…..

    1. Well Damn, I didn’t know Mrazek had a little Petey. How did Jimmy do giving up FOUR ?

      Hope your a Female, Oh my, LMAO

      1. The difference to me is that we need Howard to play poorly to get better lottery odds. This team needs to suck and suck hard in order for long term success. Not everyone agrees with that. The Flyers need Mrazek to be good, and he has been bad on a playoff team that’s better in every way than the Wings. That’s indisputable.

        1. Haha. So let me get this straight. Both goalies give up 5 goals, but it’s OK for Howard because we don’t really want to win anyways. I love it when the goalposts are moved.

          Did anyone even see the Philly game (probably not since it wasn’t on NBC right?)…how many goals did Mrazek look bad on? Let’s see…I counted numerous defensive breakdowns by the Flyers defense. He was hung out to try. Islanders had breakaways, numerous odd-man rushes, a PP goal by Tavares where he was left standing alone. After the game, the coach specifically said Mrazek was not the problem and we hung him out to dry tonight.

          But I guess when you only look at box-scores you reach another conclusion. But pretty hilarious that not long after your jab at Mrazek…Howard let’s in 4 straight goals to blow a 4-1 lead. Ah the irony…

          1. The Wings players interviewed after the game said Howie wasn’t the problem either. That he made good saves, and kept them in the game, played very well. So what is the difference? Wing losing = increased draft odds. Philly losing = one step closer to missing the playoffs (unlikely, but possible). They both suck, one team needs them to suck for any number of reasons (lottery, to tell blashill and holland to suck it) and another team needs at minimum average goalying to get into the playoffs. Philly has dropped from 1st in the metro all the way to last wildcard spot, thanks in good part to Mrazek. I think this is why it’s impossible to have a constructive conversation with you. So dismissive of any differing viewpoint, you mock it, and don’t agree with anyone on anything. sad.

          2. Where did I say Howard was at fault? Yeah nowhere. You were the one saying Mrazek was making himself look bad. Not me. Not anyone else. That was your view. I guess because he gave up 5 goals and it wasn’t on NBC.

            Also, are you saying that Howard wasn’t giving 100% last night? Like if winning this game was important then Howard would have played differently? Serious question. Because I’m not understanding your point.

          3. If you’re not understanding my point, then maybe you aren’t as smart as you claim you are, Mr. 99%. LOL

          4. Goals against Mr. Mrazek were basically Mr.Tavares alone down low with time to wait for the goalie to guess first. No chance even for little Petey..HA . Flyers offence looks ready to outscore defensive mistakes, but I dont think this team will make it to conference finals with any of their goalie choices available… or any goalie at all.

  14. Portland Winterhawks just won game 7, 3-1 over Spokane.
    Cholowski 7GP, 4G, 2A, -2, PIM 6, SOG 21, GWG 1

    I only watched a couple playoff games, but caught the rest on radio call have been attentive to the Winterhawks website this year. SO, here is my amateur observances.

    Smooth looking skater. Pinches a lot but seems to time it well and so far rarely gets caught. His goals appear to be mostly on the rush. Quick release on his snapshot and a couple the goalie didnt react until the net rippled! Couldn’t really tell why the -2….but on 2 GA he rotated faster than his D pair could react and the pass made it through him. Seems to prefer finesse to force.

    Don’t know if hes ready, but he has me hoping for another Nick the Stick Lite, or at least a more offensive Mr. DeKeyser

    1. The Wings do sorely miss a “physical” defenseman. I look at Panarin’s goal last night (not sure if he had more than one) where he skated through the entire team almost. Not a push or a shove to be had. Just came right through the middle. Shot, save, rebound, score.

      Thanks for your insight, appreciated even if it is “amateur.” On that same note, hope George is well and makes it back soon. I am entirely too lazy/busy to go and find the info on the prospects myself.

      1. I am certainly no George, but he inspires me to be better at what I love and give 150%. Be well Sir! We miss you!

        We do need a snarly, stubborn Mr. Vlady type or 3 to go with the skill D on the way. I’m not sure if thats available in the 1st round this year…. but its time to check it out. Maybe Mr. Button is a good place to start.

    2. Thanks MtMatt. Keep those reports of prospects coming in from everyone. I am a geezer and would like another cup before I personally run into Sawchuck, Plante and Gordie.

    3. Mr. Holland and his crystal ball maybe lucked out here…Mr. Chychrun just damaged his other knee, yes that’s both knees in one season. Was playing first pair minutes lately tho.

  15. Wings just sent Svech and Hicketts back to Grand Rapids. Awesome. Hicketts can draw back in so Saarijarvi can go back to being a healthy scratch. Then of course we just brought over Ehn, Sulak, maybe Cholowski is on the way. But maybe eating popcorn watching a bunch of veteran Griffins go on a playoff run helps build that winning culture. Every game the guys getting the key minutes are Tangradi, Street, Lorito, Puempel, Ford, Russo, etc…Nobody with any future. Oh well. I guess David Booth and Witkowski draw back in to grab some cheese.

    1. Depressingly veteran heavy farm team…but, Mr. Martin promised a youth movement next year. It probably really depends on how long playoffs last for them and who needs to be resigned because loyalty and reward for past efforts…not future… I will believe only when it happens at this point. But at least it was acknowledged…right?

  16. Yes, in my view the Wings are really thin on prospects. That was another downside of Mr Holland trading away prospects with the Win now Green Light given to him by Mr I . That might have been too much for KH, maybe an Amber light.

    Here we are with only a glimmer of the future. The future may be a long painful new Wings era. That is why cleaning house is my hope, at least there will be an excuse.

    Some teams have sort of rebuilt a bit faster. The Devils have hit home runs with their drafting, made room on their roster by successfully trading the players that would not be part of the future and playing 4 1st yr players on a regular basis. Even Schneider got a seat as a #2 backup Kincaid was given a look and he grabbed it as he is now the goalie of the Devils moving forward.

    Moving forward dissecting the past is tough to read everyday but it seems to be all we have as the future is really not looking that great yet. Wings have to make room for possible upgrades. The bottom 6 and goalie(s) might be a good place. KH has blocked that route with contracts and players that other teams don’t want. Eating salaries might put the Wings in Cap Hell (still). I have no idea if there is a way out to bring in prospects and PLAY them. The management team that KH has chosen have shown they can create Hell on ice but cannot fix THEIR mess.

    Can it really hurt to sweep the deck. I say no. This is probably not possible Jr I hasn’t got a clue or hasn’t shown any interest in Hockey. The inevitable resigning of all the them seems to be imminent. Honestly looking back the Dead Wings were in a easier to fix, maybe?

    I am pissed off that most fans and media are closer to the fixes than the Wings.

  17. Yes I’m pleased that Martin has at least acknowledged this ridiculous log-jam in our minor leagues. It’s important to have a few veteran leaders (ie like a Lashoff, Tangradi, etc…) but we’ve gone completely overboard. It’s criminal that kids like Saarijarvi are scratched on a recurring basis. I don’t care if Lashoff, McIlrath, Renouf, Russo give the Griffins a better chance to win…you need to be giving guys like Hronek and Saarijarvi big minutes. If that means a few more losses along the way then big deal. If that means the Griffins miss the playoffs, well that sucks…but is a playoff run that valuable when the kids are barely involved anyway? It’s great that Ben Street and Matt Lorito are piling up the points on the PP, but I want Svech on the #1 PP every night. With Hronek acting as the QB. So next season we better clean house in the AHL and cut loose a bunch of guys. Tangradi, Street, Lorito, Elson are all UFA forwards. Bring back one veteran (Tangradi?) and let the rest walk. And I’m not just talking about the veterans. You need a few of those. But cut bait with a bunch of dud prospects as well – Renouf and Nastasiuk are RFAs. No future. Don’t even offer a contract to them. Russo, Sadowy – buh bye. See if guys like Frk, Jensen, Givani Smith, etc…can be used as currency to move up in the draft. So take a couple of 3rds, add Frk or Jensen or Smith, and move up to another 2nd rounder. But start cleaning house please!!

    1. Thinking everyone except the Grand Rapids area would be still be happy when they end up missing playoffs under these new realities F.S.

      Mr Saarijarvi seems permanently positive and realistic but this has got to be getting to him by now. Flint and Toledo? Seriously?

      Hes been badly played by both G.M.s and their lack of decisiveness….They did mention they knew they were at the end of a long run and made no motions to prevent it, or do anything except acknowledge it. At least one head should roll for this…but it wont.

      1. There isn’t even a guarantee that doing any of this would yield materially worse results. Like if you reduce the role of some veterans and give more prominent roles to Hronek, Svech, Saarijarvi, Holmstrom, etc…does that destroy the Griffins season? I doubt it.

        The other hidden flaw from this log-jam is it likely discourages us from adding college talent. You think a guy like Daniel Brickley hasn’t noticed that not only is the Red Wing roster bloated with mediocre veterans, but they might not even have room for me on an AHL roster! Why would I sign with them and stunt my development? Who knows whether guys like Jimmy Vesey had the same concerns. What if our own David Pope or Pearson reach that same conclusion and refuse to sign out of fear they will just get buried behind this avalanche of garbage in the way? Kenny needs to be on an episode of HOARDERS.

        1. I was too pessimistic about a young Griffin season. Mr. Nelson is a great person to have there right now, and I trust him to make the best of a lot of learning moments.

  18. I have seen this question being bantered around and there is nobody better than Bob McKenzie

    Bob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie) Tweeted:

    DET guaranteed no less than a 4th round for Mrazek.

    If PHI makes playoffs AND Mrazek wins 5 games for PHI in reg season, 4th becomes a 3rd.

    If PHI advances to CF 2018, AND Mrazek wins six playoff games, the 3rd becomes a 2nd.

    If PHI re-signs him next season, DET gets PHI 3rd in 2019.

    1. Sigh. I can’t believe we’re still on this topic. But at least you got the facts right. Many others have been pretty confused about it. Heaven forbid we make a trade in which the other party has the option of which pick to surrender…either a 2018 2nd round pick or a 2019 2nd round pick. Ooh the intrigue. I also like when teams hold multiple picks from other trades and there is stipulations on which pick is in question. So player X for one of your 3rd round picks, but the lesser of your pick or the pick you already hold from team Y. We might break the internet if people have to figure out stuff like that…

    2. Thanks for this! This is laid out very clearly for a tweet and as stated above, Helene St. JAMES had it wrong.

      I guess we can’t all be on the intellectual plane of the almighty FS!

          1. I was banned from KK. Came here. Used the same username. Nothing to hide. No idea why you think I was 3 different sites? Now how about we go back to the topic at hand, isn’t that what George asked for?

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