Friedman weighs in on KH’s future

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman mentioned Red Wings GM Ken Holland during Sportsnet’s Saturday Headlines, stating that Ken Holland was scouting as hard as ever, that the Red Wings were about to make a free agent pitch to college UFA Daniel Brickley, and Friedman believed that there would be clarification regarding Ken Holland’s status coming from ownership by the end of the season. According to Friedman, the scuttlebutt suggested that Holland was talking with ownership regarding the term and role he would play under his new contract, and “hockey people were not talking” like Holland would be out.

Check out the 1:50 mark of the following video.



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    Daniel Brickley, Left Defence, Minnesota State Univ. (Mankato), 6’3″ 205 lbs, Junior

    Brickley could have been a top free agent in last year’s class as a sophomore but opted to stay in school. He has solidified his spot as a top college free agent with 10 goals and 33 points in 36 games this season. Brickley is an offensive force from the blue line. He has an outstanding slap shot, and a good wrist shot with a quick release. He uses both effectively and gets them on the net. Brickley is even more effective on the point due to his good lateral mobility. His ability to walk the line opens up passing and shooting lanes. Brickley also has good passing skills and vision. He could stand to be a little bit faster in his straight-line skating.

  2. Was just thinking before seeing Friedman’s comments yesterday:

    Detroit badly needs a big college free agent signing to inject some young talent into the lineup. We have some forwards; Rasmussen might join the team this Fall – at the very least for an audition, you’d think.

    Wonder what the sales pitch is this time? Can uncertainty around the GM and coach help? If I were in his shoes, I’d want to know who’s going to be in both roles going forward. Surely Holland isn’t telling Brickley how deep our defense is. One thing that seems consistent is that these kids want a legit chance to play a meaningful role. Is Holland willing to offer that and back it up. He still doesn’t seem to get how many young players are now making a big impact, right out of juniors or college. And it doesn’t happen because they are being played six minutes and told to make a bigger impact if they want to play more.

    1. Right on Lefty! No one familiar with our coaches eggs with think that they will be just handed to them….and I don’t see the attraction either.

      1. O. seriously i guess, sounds like a Mr. Dekeyser.2. I hope hes promised top 4 minutes for a reasonable time, because that is something that SHOULD be available right now.

    2. Remember when Jimmy Vesey wanted a “legit” opening in a top 9 role? His agent made that very clear. Then Kenny reports that he met with Vesey and emphasized how much depth we had. Sign with us. We have 23 guys on the roster and a ton of guys stashed in the AHL. Depth. Depth. Maybe he even reviewed an org chart with Vesey. Nice sales job Kenny! Shocking that Vesey signed elsewhere…

  3. That sales pitch with Vesey as reported really does speak to how out of touch our GM is with the current NHL and how his peers construct a roster and integrate young players.

    He still seems to think that the league average age is like 5-7 years older than it is. And that the young players being recruited now are so in awe of the Red Wings reputation and culture they like being told how many years they will have to ripen behind very average veterans. Not to mention that telling a kid how deep your team is, doesn’t make sense unless you are saying: a) join us, we’re a good team – look at all the players we have here and in Grand Rapids! And/or b) here’s why you would really need to wait your turn – all these good players are ahead of you.

    When you finish second to last in your conference or similar a couple of years in a row, those justifications have got to start sounding delusional to these players and their agents.

    1. I’d like a new GM who will actually evaluate why our “sales pitches” typically fail? Why do some UFAs refuse to even answer the phone? Why do so many college free agents turn us down? Go consult with some of the player agents and better understand why we’re shunned! Maybe being Original 6 and having a new building isn’t enough. Maybe we need to better articulate a long-term rebuilding plan? Maybe we need to reassure guys that Detroit has good schools for their kids or a vibrant social scene for their wives? But go and learn from our strikeouts. I highly doubt Kenny is spending time on this. He never ever needed a polished sales job. Guys came here to win. Not anymore. The only guys who sign now are vets looking for a payday and country club atmosphere…Green, Nielsen, etc…

  4. The only selling point that I would believe right now is”I probably won’t trade you!”

  5. I criticize Holland a lot, but he is the only GM in town with a league championship in his pocket. Yes he had very good people around him, but in any business that is the case with successful people, no exception in sports. Look at this scenario, the Hockey gods smile on the Wings with the 1st overall pick. Holland acquires/signs Jakub Trouba (remember he allegedly showed a true interest while leveraging his holdout into a crappy 2 year contract). Not way out of the realm of probability, but the defense and the Teams future suddenly looks waaaaay different.

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