Khan’s mid-day trade rumor update

MLive’s Ansar Khan updates the status of the Red Wings’ trade discussions:

The Detroit Red Wings would like to move several players for draft picks and/or prospects before Monday’s trade deadline.

But general manager Ken Holland doesn’t feel urgency to unload players under contract beyond this season. If he’s not comfortable with the return, he’ll wait until the off-season to resume trade talks.

“I’m open for business over the next year or two,” Holland said. “I’ve been talking to lots of teams. I’m open to talking about lots of things, but the reality of it is most of it doesn’t happen. But over the next year or two, we need to acquire more futures and we need those futures to get better. Lots of young kids over the next year or two are going to work their way into Grand Rapids. We got to continue to keep trying to funnel them from the draft table through Grand Rapids on to the Detroit Red Wings.”

Holland remained in Detroit Sunday, in meetings with the front-office and scouting staff, while the team is in New York to face the Rangers tonight (7 p.m., Fox Sports Detroit) in the final game before Monday’s 3 p.m. trade deadline.

“I’ve done lots of talking in the last number of days,” he said. “We’ll see what the next 24 hours brings.”

Khan continues

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17 thoughts on “Khan’s mid-day trade rumor update”

  1. “I’ve done lots of talking in the last number of days,”
    “I’m open for business over the next year or two,” Holland said.

    Sadly these days will turn into years, as the Wings continue their plunge into mediocrity , fans will get stuck paying for a permanent loser and young Wings will walk.

    Good idea Ken!! He will still be here talking.

    The only reason Green will leave is that KH’s self created Cap Hell will force him to resign SOME kids , not all…Right AA

    Is Illitch still in charge of anything? I will take Mrs Illitch any day.

    Her sons didn’t learn a Hell of lot it seems from their parents.

    1. Current executive staff has been in place a long time. Possible that too much respect for experience is being paid?

      As a general contractor you pay engineers and others to compensate for your “general” knowledge of the details. You must trust their words and ideas, or act in spite of their expert advise.

      The lack of public intervention means they are probably confident in the current administration. I expect more of the same.

      1. Chris Ilitch just *doesn’t talk to the media,* and as Little Caesars and Olympia Entertainment are private companies, it’s hard to get a feel as to what they’re going to do. There’s been little indication that Chris is doing anything but running the sports business parts of the equation as he was when his dad was around, but whether he approves of Holland is hard to say.

    2. If Ken is serious, he’s going to make moves, but not all of them will be made at the deadline. We’ll see, lots of time between now and 3 PM tomorrow.

  2. He has a 1 or 2 year plan of rebuilding. Officially the end of retool era then?

    His plan extends past his own contract…..hmmm.

  3. So basically don’t expect much in terms of meaningful moves. Just make the safe move of UFAs for a 3rd round pick.

    1. I actually expect KH to try to move multiple players, but it sounds like he’s leaning toward draft day as to when he accomplishes his feat.

      1. “Trades are hard. The market will open up at the draft. Once rosters take shape in camp we’ll know who we can move. The trade deadline will give us a better idea of what’s available. Has to make sense for both sides.”
        Same garbage, different year.

  4. That’s Hollandese for “nothing’s going to happen.”

    No trade at the deadline, no trade at the draft, no trade in the offseason, nothing. He’s rudderless. He can’t go to Seattle soon enough.

      1. A future fan also…one way or another its probably Holland for us. Grabbing a couple fat contracts on the way out would still make me smile tho.

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