I took a nap, and the Red Wings have been shut down through Christmas

Well, this was not a shock:


NEW YORK (Dec. 19, 2021) – The National Hockey League announced today that due to concern with the number of positive cases within the last several days, as well continued COVID spread, the Detroit Red Wings’ games will be postponed at least through the scheduled completion of the League’s Holiday Break in the schedule on Dec. 26. The decision was made by the NHL’s, the NHLPA’s and the Club medical groups.

A decision on when the Red Wings’ training facilities will re-open will be made by the League and the NHLPA in the coming days. The League is in the process of reviewing and revising the Red Wings’ regular season schedule. Red Wings’ postponed games include, tomorrow vs. Colorado (previously postponed) plus Thursday’s game at Minnesota.

The Red Wings have followed, and will continue to follow, all recommended guidelines aimed at protecting the health and safety of their Players, staff and community at large as set by the NHL, local, state and federal agencies.

May the team get healthy again.

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One thought on “I took a nap, and the Red Wings have been shut down through Christmas”

  1. Sadly, while I sort of watched the Oilers at the Kraken. I noticed during the two anthems, many, many in the crowd were not wearing a mask. So maybe that will get Covid Variances a boost. Stupid. If you go to a sports event, concert, etc .YOU SHOULD BE WEARING A MASK.
    Then the game started, both stupid coaches from both teams, would pull down their masks to yell, at officials, talk,LOL, to their players and other coaches. You want Covid, do not worry you have asked for it.

    This is the USA and every state seems to be different, with Michigan leading the pack for some reasons. Canada, some dumb rules, some provinces giving Booster now, were I live “the health doctor (says they are going to wait until Science tells more about the new variance) BUT in Oct all the Health employees were told they would get a week off for Xmas.
    A Damn lie about science, blah,blah,..

    Politicians do not have the tools and knowledge to understand and find solutions world problem.

    It is highly likely that these dangerous diseases will be here for good.

    Climate Change bit the politicians, Mother nature growled loudly. The general population I doubt we are surprised.
    Lies, Lies and more lies. I was taught if you lied there was a good chance you would get caught at some point in your life.

    Anyway, I got a little agitated and drove the Health dept nuts. I was going to get Covid Booster and that was it.
    I am tempted to say if you didn’t follow the rules and medicine, tough luck. But it is worrisome that a significant % of society is helping feed the World problems.
    End of Rant!!

    As for the Wings , I see more are being put on Covid protocols, no big deal, teams games are being rescheduled. StevieY’s opinion on the NHL protocols was a bit off. I suspect there is no right way to protect their teams.

    The saying about leaving the Barn doors open, …. sort of defines what/who caused were we are today?

    Stay Safe to all.

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