Monday’s post-practice Tweet and videos: Bertuzzi, Blashill

The Detroit Red Wings practiced with Tyler Bertuzzi and Gustav Lindstrom in the fold on Monday at Little Caesars Arena, but Marc Staal remained sidelined due to COVID protocols.

The Wings open up a stretch of 4 games to be played over the course of 7 nights tomorrow vs. the New York Islanders, and 3 of those 4 games will be played at LCA.

After practice, Tyler Bertuzzi spoke with the media…

Red Wings F Tyler Bertuzzi says he is not changing his mind about getting vaccinated after bout with COVID-19.— Helene St. James (@HeleneStJames) December 13, 2021

I’m tired of this storyline. We know he’s not going to get vaccinated. We know where he stands. This is not shocking news, even after contracting COVID. For whatever reason, he’s arrogant enough to stand behind his “life decision” despite the science showing that COVID vaccination reduces the risks of infection, hospitalization and death by 10-to-15-fold.

So f***ing what. Ask him something else. Yeah, this pisses me off, but the Wings and the NHL can’t make him get the vaccine, so that’s just the way it is. His choice, his potential and very real consequences, for both himself and his teammates.

Anyway, that was the only post-practice Tweet. Here are videos of Bertuzzi and coach Jeff Blashill speaking with the media:

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2 thoughts on “Monday’s post-practice Tweet and videos: Bertuzzi, Blashill”

  1. “For whatever reason, he’s arrogant enough to stand behind his “life decision” despite the science showing that COVID vaccination reduces the risks of infection, hospitalization and death by 10-to-15-fold. ”

    That is completely inaccurate. You need to read more, other than the communist news you apparently rely on to make the above statement. Quit spewing disinformation and propaganda!

    Rational thinking would lead anyone to the conclusion that the experimental jab has no impact on contraction or spreading. Almost 100% of the NHL had the shot and they have as much COVID protocol activity as anywhere else. Get a grip and quit demanding everybody else wear their obedience collars and bow down to inferior knowledge.

  2. “Quit spewing disinformation and propaganda”

    Unfortunately, you are missing the environment in each league or even which occupation or age group…. There are so many variables. In Canada at this time most people in hospital (Covid Patients) 99 % Have Not been Jabbed. With this number reduced to 1%, obviously Covid would be near to being stopped. The top issue for me is the Major reduction in Deaths.

    Everyone, except those having reasons not to take Vaccination, and are told they have to take the Vaccination or be laid off, suspende without pay, fired, etc. is the Employers choice.

    The end Goal is to irradicate the Covid Virus, like Tuberculosis plague. Tyler is an idiot, that has a new Baby added to his Family and risking the chances of the baby dying. He can definitely make a choice for himself but the problems he might cost other people are NOT his to Choose.

    I was a hesitant to get a Jab but being 72, and having had a number of strokes over the last 21 years. I was told 5 years is the average time until I might die. I sought out help for some of the problems I had. I went back to work the same day and I reported to the CEO, in the oil and gas industry. No one asked if I was OK.

    I have made the , the obvious choice (for me) of the majority and will go for the Booster Jab. I would have a tough choice to go against the Majority.

    Now my opinion of Tyler is that he has some lights missing and in the Future, Tyler has painted himself into a corner. To risk the Health of his baby, being he is very selfish and immature

    What does StevieY do if Tyler becomes infected again or again?

    Tyler using a Life decision” is hilarious. Ask him to define that. The 3rd shot or Booster, based on people I trust, greatly reduces the chances of getting whatever the Virus is called today. The Majority has the Knowledge and Obedience collars are for those with no B@lls to admit to stop following the sheep.

    On the END Tyler should be traded but the return will be a lot lower than before he opened his mouth.

    I liked the Tyler Hockey now go to another team.

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