Small blog-ness Monday fundraising

I never know when the timing is right to drop one of these, but something happened today that I will share with you to frame what I’m about to say:

I noticed this morning that my reporting regarding Aftonbladet’s news that Lucas Raymond hasn’t been included on the Swedish Olympic master roster, thus diminishing his chances of being part of the 2022 Swedish Olympic team (significantly), was re-reported by a major news reporter who probably doesn’t read TMR, and then Tweeted out by someone else in Wings Twitter land who may or may not know I exist.

Long story long, that pissed me off, because it reminded me that TMR is always going to have a limited audience, and that I’m just not part of the “in crowd” when it comes to Wings Twitter land.

For better or worse, you get the reportage here, but not the self-promotion. You know I’d do this for free if I could, and you know the ego just isn’t here for the most part. It’s about reporting the news as best I can around here, and the rest of that bullshit is excluded as much as is humanly possible.

But we’re small here, and we’re probably always going to be small, so I’m accepting that concept and just moving on to continue to provide you with the best news possible from this one-man show.

Going into “Cyber Monday” and ahead of “Giving Tuesday,” I know that times are tough and that inflation and gas prices are hitting us all in the wallet…

But Aunt Annie and I are halfway to our goal of raising our delinquent property taxes, with $748 to go, and my cell phone is literally falling apart and requires about $600 to replace.

So I need to do something I hate in asking for financial assistance in paying those bills without reinvesting much of what you give into the website.

If you can lend a hand to the smallest of small businesses, we are essentially a non-profit here–what “profit” I make goes to paying the bills, buying essential stuff and that’s about it–and I’m hoping that, somehow, a fundraiser that almost never goes well will go better this time around.

Aunt Annie and I need some help here, just to keep the taxes paid and the stupid cell phone paid for because my credit rating is probably a single digit due to all the student loans.

If you’re willing to lend a hand, you can use PayPal at, Venmo at, Giftly by using my email,, at And you can contact me via email if you want to send me a paper check.

I’m gonna try to keep the “no commercials, no ads” thing going for as long as I can, but doing so requires me to request financial support from time to time, and it’s a little early for “Giving Tuesday,” but it’s time.

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