Red Wings-Stars quick take: Dammit, Dallas!

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to break the Dallas Stars’ hex on the Red Wings at the American Airlines Center, where Dallas had won 7 straight games against Detroit.

The Red Wings rallied from a 3-0 deficit to make things close, drawing to within 3-2 on goals by Filip Zadina and Dylan Larkin, but Larkin was lost in the 3rd period, and while Detroit lost 5-2 in the end…Alex Nedeljkovic’s 24 stops on 29 shots were masterful, if not nearly legendary. It was a damn frustrating game as Dallas won their 8th straight opposite Detroit at the American Airlines Center, but the Red Wings at least made some progress in battling back from the deficit.

Regrettably, the best learning in the NHL comes from losing, and the Red Wings did a LOT of learning on a night when few penalties were called and many took place.

The teams iced the following lineups…

Tonight vs. Dallas. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 17, 2021

Stars during warmup ahead of the Red Wings:


Khudobin— Matthew DeFranks (@MDeFranks) November 17, 2021

The starters and scratches were as follows…

In the 1st period…

Detroit lined up the Rasmussen line opposite Hintz, Pavelski and Robertson, with Leddy and Hronek on defense and Nedeljkovic opposing Oettinger.

Rasmussen drew in for the opening draw opposite Pavelski and Detroit controlled the draw, chipped and chased, and Hronek helped battle the puck loose, with Namestnikov sending it to Rasmussen, who sent a shot wide of the net. Erne and Rasmussen jabbed the puck deep a couple of times before going off for a line change about 38 seconds into the game.

Gurianov and Benn worked the puck up ice for Hintz, and he was blocked off by Moritz Seider;

Dallas regrouped in its own zone, dumped and changed, and DeKeyser fed Fabbri, who skated in alone and fired a heavy shot in on Oettinger, who grabbed the puck off the goalpost blocker side and covered up.

With 1:24 gone in the 1st, Fabbri had to draw in for Suter and lost the draw, and Dallas dumped the puck down ice;

A Gustav Lindstrom pass to no one yielded a terrible turnover that Robertson slid to Tyler Seguin, who nearly put in the net, but Alex Nedeljkovic made a big stop;

Dallas began to generate some possession and control of the puck in their own zone, but Detroit managed to jab one more puck in on Oettinger, and they forced Dallas to ice the puck;

On the next draw, Veleno, Rowney and Gagner lost the draw, forced Oettinger to play it, and regrouped, with Veleno pushing deep, trying to cycle laterally, and Rowney reversing to nobody;

A mediocre Nick Leddy pinch forced Filip Hronek to cover up, and both teams changed some 3 minutes into the 1st period, with Hronek’s turnover yielding Hintz feeding Robertson, but Nedeljkovic made a good stop off the neutral zone turnover.

Detroit lost the next draw, and Dallas could not steal the puck from DeKeyser or Seider, so Erne, Namestnikov and Rasmussen laid the body in on the Stars through center ice, banged the puck deep, and cycled, but Dallas ultimately took the puck and carried it into Detroit’s zone, cycled, and Lindell, Gurianov and Benn blocked their own shot toward Nedeljkovic.

Dallas continued to push the Raymond-Larkin-Bertuzzi line back, and Nedeljkovic had to make a good stop 4:37 into the 1st.

Detroit iced the puck off the next exchange, and off the defensive zone draw, Suter and Leddy chipped the puck out to center, regrouped, and dumped the puck deep, where Oettinger played the puck to Leddy.

Dallas regained possession and chipped and chased; Detroit regrouped and Fabbri was stifled at the Stars’ line;

Dallas dumped, Detroit could not change, and Sekera sent a shot off Fabbri wide;

Larkin and Bertuzzi hopped over the boards, dumped and chased 2 on 2, and Dallas broke back away, with Glendening tangling with Seider and Dekeyser.

see if you can spot luke glendening saying hello to his former team— Saad Yousuf (@SaadYousuf126) November 17, 2021

Dallas won the battle for the puck, and Suter slid the puck deep for Pavelski, he sent it to Hintz, and Neljkovic made some TREMENDOUS STOPS to hold onto the puck with 13:43 left in the 1st.

Dallas led in shots 7-2, and, during the TV timeout, the refs double-checked to see whether the puck fell into the net behind Bertuzzi.

The play was confirmed as the puck not crossing the goal line.

Detroit and Dallas continued to battle as Rowney, Veleno and Gagner pinched poorly, and Gurianov raced in vs Hronek, fed the puck laterally to Lindell, and he fired the shot wide of the net.

Dallas continued to attack the Red Wings’ net, with Nedeljkovic grabbing a long Benn shot with his glove;

On the next faceoff, the Rasmussen line pushed their way into the Stars’ zone, but Dallas used a stretch pass to spring Raffl, and Hronek had to save a goal by hacking the Stars’ youngster at 7:33.

On the penalty-kill, Rasmussen, Gagner, DeKeyser and Seider worked together, losing the initial draw but clearing the puck down the ice;

30 seconds into the PP, Dallas established possession and control, Benn, Gurianov, Heiskanen, Suter and Seguin set up, and Nedeljkovic made a good stop at the top of the crease on Heiskanen.

Detroit won the next draw, cleared the zone, and Veleno worked with Suter shorthanded, but again, Dallas’ stretch pass was incredibly dangerous, forcing Staal and Lindstrom to chip the puck down the ice in a hurry;

On the next rush, Dallas’ second unit set up, Seider battled down low, working with Staal, and Pavelski chipped a shot down low, Dallas worked the lateral pass in front, and Detroit blocked the pass and cleared the zone;

Nedeljkovic cleared the next rush himself, and DETROIT KILLED THE PENALTY.

Hronek chugged up post-penalty-kill and cycled with Namestnikov and Rasmussen, as the Wings got the first real cycle of the period going, but Dallas was able to chip and change, and Seider helped Larkin with the breakout.

Larkin chipped and chased, Bertuzzi could not contain the zone, and Glendening skated in, fired a shot wide, and Dallas set up at center ice, eventually icing the puck at 10:35.

Glendening and Suter drew in for a draw and Suter won it back, Leddy pinched deep, tried to cycle, and Dallas regrouped and iced the puck again, but Nedeljkovic played it to Zadina;

Dallas regrouped, re-set, and Nedeljkovic played the puck to Hronek, who could not clear;

Ned moved the puck yet again, and Detroit iced the puck with 8:49 left in the 1st.

Dallas lost the next draw, and Detroit cleared the puck out of danger, but Fabbri, Suter and Zadina had to withstand another Stars rush, Hronek was tied up in the corner, Suter and Staal came in to help, and the puck leaked out to Adam Erne, who charged up ice, buttonhooked, and gave the puck away;

Rowney, Veleno and Erne surrendered a back-door attempt as Lindell found Benn, who fired wide;

Heiskanen sent another shot attempt off Staal, and Detroit changed in desperation as Dallas went offside, affording ESPN’s slightly breathless crew a TV timeout.

Dallas won the next draw when play resumed, and the Stars almost got a net-front chance before Larkin and Raymond pushed the puck away from Detroit’s net.

Heiskanen then set up deep in the Wings’ zone, cycled, and was blocked off by Raymond, who pushed the puck deep, chipped in, and Dallas easily cleared;

Raymond at least forced Robertson to be chased through center ice, but Faksa buttonhooked and found Ryan Suter, and Suter chipped a point shot through traffic to give Dallas a 1-0 lead.

Suter saw tons of traffic in front, including Luke Glendening, and he flipped a wrister through the traffic and in past Nedeljkovic at 13:33. Faksa got the assist.

On the post-goal shift, Detroit’s Rasmussen line at least pushed the Stars back into their zone, but Dallas chipped and changed, Detroit changed, and Zadina struggled through center ice, Hakanpaa fed Raffl, and he was stopped by Nedeljkovic;

Gurianov was tripped up by a Wings defender sans call, and Oettinger grabbed and held on with 5:09 left.

At the TV timeout at 14:52, Dallas led in shots 9-2 and attempts 18-4.

Detroit lost the next faceoff, Dallas skated into Detroit’s zone, and Seider had to set up with DeKeyser to try and feed Larkin, who was hacked, whacked, and pushed the puck deep to Raymond, who was bumped by Heiskanen;

Larkin held the puck in, swept it deep, and Benn and Gurianov cleared the zone;

Dallas’ Suter set up a breakout, Dallas chipped and chased, and Nedeljkovic had to make another BIG STOP on Pavelski.

Detroit struggled off the next deep defensive zone faceoff, with Hronek surrendering control of the puck, and Suter cycled, Hronek coughed it up AGAIN, and Dallas’ Suter held the puck in, worked with his teammate, and Nedeljkovic had to stop Klingberg from out a distance.

With 3:43 remaining in the 1st, Detroit lost the next defensive zone draw, but Staal broke out with Rowney, Detroit chipped, Veleno worked it out front and Dallas took over, icing the puck with 3:20 remaining.

Detroit won the next draw and fired a heavy shot on Oettinger, Suter and Zadina let Seider blast a puck through traffic, and Heiskanen swept the puck to center, where Seider and DeKeyser set up.

With Detroit changing, Nedeljkovic had to help Staal and Seider feed Raymond for a rush off the right wing.

He was blocked off, Bertuzzi held the puck in vs. Seguin, and Staal got tripped up at center, sans call, but Raymond stole the puck and was stifled by Suter.

Dallas worked up 3 on 3, Radulov fired the puck on Nedeljkovic, and Detroit chipped and changed;

Raymond’s shot was blocked by Klingberg;

Leddy chased with 1:35 remaining, skated behind his net, and waited for the change to complete itself;

Leddy was chased “out of the pocket” and charged to center ice himself, lateral passed Rasmussen, who got a shot in on Oettinger, and Detroit tried to establish a cycle, but Dallas regained possession and chipped an icing call down ice with 57.3 left in the 1st.

Suter drew in for the offensive zone draw, vs. Benn, and Benn tied up the draw, affording Dallas an easy clear and DeKeyser a chip shot off the end boards that Dallas regained, skated to center, and Hintz was checked off the puck by Fabbri.

Seider and DeKeyser interchanged, and with 20 seconds left in the 3rd, Fabbri worked the puck in deep, was held by Heiskanen, and a Leddy flub yielded a Stars exit and a would-be 3 on 1 broken up by the end of the 1st period.

First period stats between Detroit and Dallas. Dallas leads 1-0 after 1 period of play.— George Malik (@georgemalik) November 17, 2021

Stats after 20. #DETvsDAL— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 17, 2021

In the 2nd period…

Rasmussen drew in for the opening faceoff at 9:30 PM EST, and the Wings won the draw, Hronek chipped the puck in, and Dallas cleared the zone.

Hronek regrouped at center, Dallas skated the other way, and Hintz buttonhooked to Suter, he fed Klingberg, Dallas cycled, and Namestnikov skated up but was hit hard by Klingberg who stood up Namestnikov at the line.

Raymond, Bertuzzi and Larkin took over up front, but Dallas was able to chip and chase, and Detroit had to ice the puck to negate a chance by the Benn line exactly 1 minute into the 2nd period.

Larkin drew in vs. Benn at the right faceoff circle, Larkin kicked the puck free but Jamie Benn tipped down a Heiskanen shot…

And Dallas took a 2-0 lead as Benn’s tip of Heiskanen’s shot doubled the Stars’ lead at 1:06.

Detroit won the next faceoff, pushed the puck deep, and Lindstrom got a good shot off that popped out of Oettinger’s glove, but Detroit did not give Dallas a tough time in their zone, and they were able to clear with ease.

Detroit and Dallas settled in for the next couple of minutes, but Detroit was definitely on the defensive end…

Oettinger did stop an Erne shot off a nice drop pass from Rasmussen, who then wrapped the puck around the Stars’ goal, but most of the play was taking place in the neutral zone.

Namestnikov chipped the puck in 3:20 into the 2nd, it was re-chipped in as Larkin’s line came over the boards, but Dallas controlled the puck, Gurianov fed a teammate for a wide shot, and Bertuzzi and Larkin went the other way…

And were blocked.

Larkin whipped a shot from the right faceoff circle in on Oettinger, but it was stifled, and Raymond cycled to the point, swept the puck deep, and Bertuzzi cycled, but Lindstrom could not hold the puck in, and Nedeljkovic had to help the Wings clear their zone.

Dallas then took control of the puck, Heiskanen pinched and then regrouped vs. Suter at center ice, Seguin battled the puck vs. Suter, who kicked the puck out to center, and Dallas chipped and chased;

Zadina tipped the puck down the ice for an icing with 5:17 gone…

Suter drew in for a defensive zone draw, won it, and Detroit cleared and changed lines.

Dallas regrouped, Suter sent the puck in deep, and Dallas iced the puck with 5:34 gone.

Larkin took the offensive zone draw, was tied up, and Raymond tried to beat Suter to the puck, but he could not.

Hronek held the puck in walked laterally and fired a shot in on Oettinger, but it was deflected wide…

So the Wings went from the right faceoff dot to the left one, Larkin drew in again, and he lost the draw, but Raymond and Bertuzzi were unable to keep the puck in the Stars’ zone.

Heiskanen and Raffl played catch, cycled to the line, and Gurianov was stopped by Nedeljkovic with Benn’s butt in Nedeljkovic’s face.

The Stars continued to dominate possession and control of the puck in the offensive zone, opposite the Larkin line, and Seider had to block Hintz off as he tried to get the puck set up for Seguin.

Dallas cycled again and fed the puck to Hintz at the bottom of the faceoff dot, and Nedeljkovic made a masterful stop to keep the game 2-0.

The shots in the 2nd were 4-3 Detroit, but the attempts were 25-18 Dallas at 7:07 of the 2nd.

When play resumed after the TV timeout, Rasmussen drew in for a d-zone draw that was tied up, Dallas took control of the puck, and Detroit at least tipped the puck out of play before it got to Nedeljkovic, who was battling three Stars and 2 Red Wings defensemen;

Dallas then held the puck in deep and Nedeljkovic couldn’t stop everything as Dallas regrouped, regrouped, and regrouped.

Roope Hintz swept the puck toward the net, and it went off Hronek’s stick and into the top shelf.

Roope Hintz made it 3-0 at 7:24 of the 2nd period.

Detroit won the next draw, and battled deep, but the Stars chipped the puck back down ice for an icing with 12:23 left in the 2nd.

Suter drew in vs. Seguin, the Wings won the draw and fired a long shot in on Oettinger, and DeKeyser sighed…

Detroit drew in for the next draw, Suter lost it, and Sekera and Lindell cleared the zone;

Nedeljkovic made a nice toe stop on Jacob Peterson, and Dallas recoiled, dumped and changed, and DeKeyser took over, tried to thread the needle to Suter, and Dallas took over.

Klingberg and the Stars turned it over at center, Zadina dumped and chased, and Oettinger held on for a faceoff…

Rowney took the next draw, working with Zadina and Gagner, and Dallas took over instead, but Gagner broke in with Zadina off a neutral ice turnover, and he scored a GORGEOUS BACKHAND GOAL TO MAKE IT 3-1 AT 9:09.

Backhand pass ✅
Backhand goal ✅@89SGagner@zadina_filip— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 17, 2021

Gagner fed Zadina to make it 3-1 at 9:09 of the 2nd period.

Detroit then lost the center ice draw, Nedejlkovic had to stop a back-door play for Benn, Benn fired another shot in on Nedejlkovic, and Detroit at least stood up at the center ice line, dumping the puck down for icing at 9:56.

Detroit won the next faceoff, Bertuzzi tried to Home Run pass to Raymond, and it did not work, so Hintz, Pavelski and Klingberg charged in, cycled, and Klingberg got a second shot in on Nedeljkovic before Detroit broke out.

Erne fed a far side shot in on Oettinger, Staal fired another in from the blueline, and ESPN+ went to a TV timeout as Oettinger held on.

Detroit was making incremental progress.

10:22 into the 2nd, the shots were 5-5 in the 2nd and 17-9 Dallas overall; attempts were 34-22 Dallas.

When play resumed, Suter won a deep offensive zone draw, working with Veleno and Fabbri, and Lindstrom regrouped at center, Dallas took over, Seguin was stood up by Suter, and Fabbri fed Veleno for an offensive zone foray.

Veleno, Suter, Staal and company battled the puck deep and laterally across the ice, and Dallas took over;

Radulov chipped and chased, Leddy fed Rowney, working with Zadina and Gagner, and Dallas cleared the zone with ease;

Oettinger then played the puck around the boards, Gagner and Zadina stole the puck, Rowney battled the puck back to Leddy, and he could not hold the puck in;

With 7:40 remaining, Heiskanen walked in alone vs. 4 Wings, was blocked off, and Erne, Namestnikov and Rasmussen worked with DeKeyser and Seider to regroup and re-set;

Errne and Rasmussen tried to help the Wings generate some traffic on Oettinger, but that didn’t happen on that particular shift.

Raymond had to draw in for an offensive zone draw with 7:06 remaining, Larkin slid a pass to DeKeyser, who fired the puck off Bertuzzi, who stayed at the front of the net;

Seider chugged the puck in and fired a shot off Oettinger himself;

Leddy and Bertuzzi worked the puck deep, Heiskanen freed the Stars to cycle, and Larkin FANNED on a Bertuzzi pass, which was eventually sent down to Nedeljkovic, who sent Leddy off on his way;

Hronek set up, fed Suter, and Fabbri raced in, was tripped, and Dallas was going to the penalty box.

Robby Fabbri generated a penalty in which John Klingberg had to sit for tripping at 14:26.

On the power play…

Detroit lost the initial deep offensive zone faceoff, but Larkin, Raymond and Seider set up, and LARKIN SCORED A BEAUTIFUL 3-2 GOAL IN A HURRY.

Bar. Down.@Dylanlarkin39— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 17, 2021

Dylan Larkin scored at 14:39 of the 2nd to make it 3-2 from Seider and Raymond.

13 ticks into the PP, Detroit was in the game.

Rasmussen drew in for the next faceoff, Dallas took over in their zone, and DeKeyser standing up yielded Moritz Seider draped up on by a Star and Benn swept the puck to Gurianov, who was stoned by Nedeljkovic;

Dallas continued to press the Red Wings, but Zadina fed Namestnikov, he cycled to Rowney, and Namestnikov tried to jam the puck deep, with Oettinger stifling him;

Dallas dumped and Detroit regrouped, with Gagner chipping the puck deep for Rowney and Zadina, who set up.

Hronek held the puck in, Oettinger reversed it, and Dallas came out of their zone, but surrendered possession to Detroit;

Hronek lugged the puck up to Larkin, he fed Bertuzzi, and Bertuzzi coughed up the puck to Lindell.

Dallas chipped, charged into Detroit’s zone, and Raymond could not clear, so Seguin sent the puck across to Peterson, and NEDELJKOVIC MADE A HUGE STOP ON PETERSON.

This Seguin setup to Peterson that didn’t go in drew the loudest ooos and ahhs from the crowd tonight— Saad Yousuf (@SaadYousuf126) November 17, 2021


We see you, @alexned_!— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 17, 2021

Seider set up at center, chipped the puck off the end boards, and Dallas decided to ice the puck with 2:29 left in the 2nd.

Detroit took the offensive zone draw, Suter won it to DeKeyser, Suter worked with Seider, and Suter swept it back to Seider, who fed Fabbri, who was blockered away.

Detroit re-set at center, Fabbri, Suter and Veleno worked the puck deep, but Dallas regrouped, and Veleno blocked off a Stars pass;

Seider set up with 1:35 left, Seider looked as Pavelski hacked Nedeljkovic sans penalty, and Detroit tried to chip and change unsuccessfully;

DeKeyser and Seider surrendered possession, Klingberg fed the puck to Robertson down low, and Nedeljkovic spread eagle stopped the puck.

Dallas won the next deep offensive zone faceoff, and Leddy and Hronek battled the puck around the back boards, Dallas swept the puck through the crease, and Larkin, Raymond and Bertuzzi battled the puck to Raymond, who was stopped by Oettinger dekeing and dangling….

Dallas skated into Detroit’s zone, Raymond was dumped by Radulov, and Raymond hacked and whacked, but Heiskanen got the puck, fired wide, Nedeljkovic stopped the next point shot, and that was 2 periods of play.

Game summary and event summary after 2 periods of play. Detroit trails 3-2.— George Malik (@georgemalik) November 17, 2021

Down 1 with 1 to go. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 17, 2021

In the 3rd period…

Rasmussen drew in for the opening drw vs. Pavelski, who won the faceoff to Klingberg, Nedeljkovic played the puck around the boards to leddy, Erne took a Rasmussen pass and dumped the puck down low for Big Moose, he stood up vs. Klingberg, the puck came to Hronek, whose diagonal pass did not work, and Dallas chugged up into the Wings’ zone.

Hronek and Leddy took over, Leddy turned the puck over, and Benn fed Gurianov, but Leddy covered up for his own mistake.

Hronek centered the puck, Dallas came back in deep and Nedeljkovic’s pass for DeKeyser was turned over;

Hronek battled the puck up to Raymond who cleared the defensive zone and the Stars set up;

Dallas dumped, Seider reversed flow and Raymond tipped deep, and Oettinger made a HUGE STOP on Raymond in front.


Sans Dylan Larkin, Pius Suter was working on the first line, and Veleno on the 2nd, and Veleno won the draw to Seider who sent shot in on Oettinger;

Seider and DeKeyser helped Zadina and Fabbri force the Stars into an icing with 2:15 gone in the 3rd…

Bertuzzi, Suter and Raymond returned to the ice for another offensive zone draw, and Bertuzzi had to take it; he lost the draw, but Suter and Raymond supported Bertuzzi, Suter lay on the puck, and Dallas came out of the pile with the puck.

Dallas flipped the puck out of trouble, Lindstrom’s clearing pass was blocked and cent deep, so Nedeljkovic helped Lindstrom send the puck deep, and Dallas regrouped.

Gurianov cycled, Nedeljkovic made a smart stop on a Star, and then a second stop on Heiskanen.

Rasmussen drew in for the defensive zone draw, won it and Hronek chipped and the Stars were the ones who chased, so Vladislvav Namestnikov hooked Gurianov, but there was no penalty.

Detroit continued, Dallas skated into Detroit’s zone, and Dallas took the puck over, cycled to the point, Hakanpaaa slithered the puck deep and Dallas’ wraparound made it 4-2. Jason Robertson beat Nick Leddy and Michael Rasmussen to the puck, Filip Hronek went wandering, and Nedeljkovic could not stop the wraparound.

Dallas took a 4-2 lead at 3:48. Nedeljkovic never saw it. Pavelski and Hakanpaa had the assists.

On the post-goal shift, Dallas remained a force in the Wings’ end, and Seider and DeKeyser struggled, Radulov fed Klingberg, and Seider made a big block;

Fabbri fed Veleno to jab the puck at the side of the net off an interchange, and Oettinger made a big stop;

And we were told that Dylan Larkin was done for the night.

Detroit won the deep offensive zone draw, but the lateral pass from Staal to Rasmussen did not work, the Stars blazed a trail the other way, and Detroit got very lucky to not be scored upon.

Suter, Raymond and Bertuzzi helped Staal and Lindstrom clear their zone again wit h14:24 remaining, Raymond fed Bertuzzi, he fed Suter in the slot, and his shot was tipped high and wide;

Dallas regained control in the Wings’ zone, cycled, and Rowney, Gagner and Zadina worked together to chip and chase.

Hakanpaa sent the puck up and out of trouble, but Dallas iced the puck with 13:31 remaining…

Detroit lost the deep zone faceoff, Lindstrom and Staal exchanged passes…

And Erne and Namestnikov chatted with Tyler Seguin after he ran Lindstrom into the side boards.

When play resumed after the TV timeout, there was 13:16 remaining, and Dallas skated into Detroit’s zone, Detroit regrouped at center, and Namesntikov fed a high, hard shot…

Into the mesh above and behind the goal.

With 12:58 remaining, Suter, Bertuzzi and Raymond took to the ice, lost the deep offensive zone draw, and Bertuzzi regained possession but not control, Dallas regrouped, and Seider and DeKeyser had to interchange the puck.

Raymond forechecked, with Bertuzzi, and Suter and then Dekeyser fired shots in on Oettinger…who made the stops.

Leddy and Veleno got backed into their own zone, but Veleno broke in 2 on 2, he was stifled, and Dallas iced the puck with 11:35 remaining.

Suter drew in, Raymond fed Suter down low, Bertuzzi helped cycle, and Raymond and Suter tried to generate a shot that was blocked by Pavelski.

Detroit returned to the offensive zone, albeit briefly, and Bertuzzi was tripped, sans call;

Detroit set up in their own zone, Gagner fed Zadina, and Oettinger gobbled up both the shot and rebound by Rowney with 10:25 remaining.

Rowney lost the next draw, Dallas chipped and chased, and Rowney got help from Seider in order to chip the puck up to Fabbri, who was stopped by Oettinger;

Glendening iced the puck with 9:47 remaining;

Rasmussen drew in, lost it and Dallas cleared the puck out of trouble;

Leddy and Hronek tried to key a break-in, Rasmussen did a WONDERFUL job of taking a lateral pass from Erne and sending a HARD shot in on Oettinger, but Oettinger made a HUGE STOP.

With 9:28 remaining in the 3rd period, Detroit led Dallas in shots 9-4 in the 3rd, but Detroit still trailed 28-24 overall.

When play resumed, Detroit won the offensive zone draw, Leddy blasted a heavy shot wide, and Detroit regrouped at center ice, Bertuzzi fed Raymond, Hronek fired a hard shot in on goal and Benn iced the puck.

8:54 remained, and the clock was Detroit’s worst enemy.

Dallas won the next deep defensive zone draw, DeKeyser and Hronek cycled, DeKeyser found Zadina, he skated up and in with Fabbri and Veleno, and DeKeyser was stopped by Oettinger after Fabbri was tripped…

Sans penalty.

DeKeyser sent the puck up ice, had to regroup with Seider, and Seider skated up himself, fed Bertuzzi, Gagner wrapped to the point, and Staal fired the puck wide of the goal.

Dallas chipped, Nedeljkovic keyed the breakout, and Gagner backhanded the puck deep, but Oettinger got in on the puckhandling business, and Dallas chipped and changed.

Lindstrom fed a blind pass deep, Rasmussen and Erne battled the puck out of the corner, and Rasmussen’s wrap was blocked, but Namestnikov found Hronek, Detroit could not cycle, and Dallas chipped and changed;

Detroit chased the puck into Dallas’ zone, Namestnikov, Rasmussen, Raymond, Leddy and Hronek never got control of the puck, and Oettinger got his stick back after dropping it;

Suter and Bertuzzi joined Raymond with 5:53 remaining in regulation, and Raymond fired a hard shot off Oettinger’s blocker;

Raymond nearly got another chance but was checked by Sekera;

Bertuzzi was dumped;

DeKeyser fired a heavy shot in on Oettinger, who gloved the puck with 5:29 left, and we headed to the final TV timeout.

With 5:29 left in the game, Detroit led in shots 13-4 in the 3rd and was tied 28-28 in shots overall; attempts were 55-51 Detroit.

When play resumed, Dallas won the deep defensive zone draw, cleared their zone, and Detroit chipped and chased and SEIDER BLASTED A STAR AT THE BLUELINE.


MO’D OVER RAFFL #LGRW— Ryan Hana (@RyanHanaWWP) November 17, 2021

Play continued as it was a legal hit on Michael Raffl, and Raymond chipped and chased, Hronek slid the puck to center ice, and Dallas regrouped.

Dallas chipped and chased with 4:35 remaining, Fabbri chipped as Detroit changed, Fabbri kicked at the puck, Fabbri battled deep, Leddy walked the lien and fired a shot wide of the net, Zadina tried to help but Dallas chipped the puck down ice.

Detroit then turned the puck over, but Rasmussen and Erne chased the puck down in Dallas’ zone, centered the puck, and Oettinger had to make a stop;

Glendening chipped, Dallas changed with 3:20 remaining, and Rasmussen, Namestnikov and Erne let Gurainov break away, but he was covered by Lindstrom and Staal;

Lindell and Benn worked the puck deep and Nedeljkovic stopped a shot with 2:52 remaining.

Detroit pulled Nedeljkovic with about 2:30 remaining, and Dallas nearly scored on Filip Hronek, who played goal, and Robertson put the puck off the goalpost…and Seider…

Detroit broke out, Raymond fed Suter, he chipped, Detroit chased, and Dallas cleared the puck wide of the net.

Sadly, Dallas won the deep defensive zone draw and scored the empty-net goal to salt it away.

Jason Robertson scored at 18:23 from Glendening 5-2.

Dallas then battled the puck deep into Detroit’s zone, the Wings cleared, but were on theier back foot, Veleno and Gagner and Rowney worked together for a final-minute shift, and Seider and DeKeyser chipped the puck deep.

Dallas carried the puck to center ice and dumped it in, Seider carried it out, and Leddy and Hronek battled the puck out to center as time expired.

Final from Dallas.

The road trip continues Thursday night in Vegas. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 17, 2021

Tonight’s #DETvsDAL stats.— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 17, 2021

Statistics: Here are the Game Summary and Event Summary:

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My name is George Malik, and I'm the Malik Report's editor/blogger/poster. I have been blogging about the Red Wings since 2006, when MLive hired me to work their SlapShots blog, and I joined Kukla's Korner in 2011 as The Malik Report. I'm starting The Malik Report as a stand-alone site, hoping that having my readers fund the website is indeed the way to go to build a better community and create better content.