Conor Garland not aggravated by Filip Zadina’s ‘midget’ quip. And there was much rejoicing.

The Vancouver Province’s Ben Kuzma spoke with Vancouver Canucks forward Conor Garland and coach Travis Green about Garland’s reverse hit on Filip Zadina on Saturday night–the one that resulted in Zadina calling the 5’10” Garland a “Midget“–and Garland offered this take on the situation:

“They thought it was a bad hit, or whatever, and you want to stick up for your teammates,” reasoned Garland. “It is what it is. I’ve been hit like that and my team has gone after somebody. If somebody on our team got hit like that, we would expect the same thing.”

Continued; and there was much rejoicing.

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One thought on “Conor Garland not aggravated by Filip Zadina’s ‘midget’ quip. And there was much rejoicing.”

  1. I got to see this game on the Tube , Sportsnet. Garland 1st, he is a p!ss ant with no talent but more importantly he didn’t go after the puck but just aimed are Zadina. Teams have these types of players and the Wings have to deal with it , however they can or wish to.
    It is a waste of a roster spot but IMO required especially during a rebuild with prospects from Europe. If Gavin Smith can make the Wings roster as a hockey player, great, if not send him down. The Wings do have a player, forgot his name, that should be able to deliver a message to another player. Zadina should stop talking and learn to deal ewith this crapas the officials WILL NOT!
    The Canucks should have won this game but got shutdown by Greiss.
    I will say that Zadina did not do anything wrong on the ice.
    These young guys and more as they grab a roster spot are hopefully the Wings future. IMO they must be protected. a so called “goon” is required and StevieY should consider a LOW draft pick in the future and deliver some payback and hopefully play Hockey.
    This is and has been in the past with Bettman’s rule.
    I don’t agree with my own comments for now. If a palyer like Raymond can’t make the team because he can’t defend himself, then I will watch something else. I was very close killing a couple of players as a small very young goalie. I ended up using their heads as a target. No helmets back in the day and sadly it worked. Taking two kids out of hockey was a poor deterrant .

    Today players are at lot bigger and stronger even at a young age. It makes me sick to watch Larkin, Zadina in two games get receive maybe career ending Goon attacks.

    This bind refs is not going to stop and the Wings have a decision to make.
    I don’t think Gavin Smith is a bad person but he has to have a Lil Bert like personality on ice and make the team as a 4th liner.

    I am taking about Dirty Cowardly hits not rough play.

    For now a call up from GR is needed to end this garbage at least until they have someone to take Garland like players out of the Wings game.

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