Fundraising update: Plus-minus

As I prepare to leave for Traverse City today ahead of the Red Wings’ prospect tournament and training camp:

There’s good news in the fundraising department. We’re up to $1,200 in the hotel category, which means that we only have $900 to go to complete the biggest part of the fundraising push.

Several people have been extraordinarily generous of late, and while the $5’s, $10’s and $20’s tend to pave the way to TC, some folks have really gone out of their way to ensure that a couple days’ worth of hotel bills would be paid for.

The same is true in the gas-and-grocery front, where that fund is up to $320, which is enough to get me up to Traverse City, get me back home, and also pay for a fair chunk of the groceries over the two-plus week-long trip.

Again, I’m floored by the generosity of several of the higher rollers, but we’ll continue to raise funds in this department because, to be blunt, my cell phone is self-destructing.

The screen is literally peeling itself away from the cell phone itself, and, sooner or later, my phone will become inoperable; in the interim, I need to make the $225 necessary to replace my phone with another lease-to-buy device. I’m hoping to nurse my old Samsung Galaxy 7 through training camp if possible, but I’m just not sure how much longer it has.

As for the bad news…

My physical fatigue reared its ugly head on Monday. After a couple of days’ worth of heavy activity, I was hoping to be able to pack up and pack the car on Monday, but I wasn’t able to do so because I was too tired to move around much.

To the positive, I got a lot of sleep, and I should be able to recuperate a bit, but today is going to be a very difficult day as I have to squeeze about six hours’ worth of packing into three or four, and then I have to make the five-and-a-half hour trip up to TC.

I’ve got an auto-immune blood work-up scheduled for when I come back from training camp, and that will probably answer some questions as to whether this fatigue is from long-haul COVID or something auto-immune. My family has a history of auto-immune disorders, so I’m leaning toward the latter possibility.

Anyway, we’re still raising funds, obviously, as we have about a week to get that $900 for the full hotel bill, so:

If you’re willing to lend a hand, you can use Paypal at, Venmo at, Giftly by using my email,, at, and yes, you can contact me via email if you want to send me a paper check.

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