Roughly Translated: Mathias Brome says he’s ‘leaving the rink with his head held high’’s Henrik Sjoberg spoke with Red Wings forward Mathias Brome just before the Red Wings announced their NHL roster–with Brome on said roster–on Tuesday afternoon, and here’s what Brome had to say, roughly translated from Swedish:

Brome’s hunt for an NHL spot: “I can leave the rink every day with my head held high”

Soon, NHL teams will nail down their teams for the premiere, tomorrow night, Swedish time.

In the last training camp games, Mathias Brome has played with two experienced players in Detroit–Valtteri Filppula and Sam Gagner.

“They’re skilled players I can learn a lot from. I feel that I have given everything now and I’ve actually been happy when I leave the rink every day,” says Brome to

Since Mathias Brome made his SHL debut with Mora in 2017-18, he’s managed to establish himself as a top player in Europe.

The 26-year-old has scored 8 points in 16 games for the Tre Kronor and has been rewarded with an opportunity to enter the NHL.

Training camp with the Red Wings is currently underway.

“I think it’s gone well; I’m satisfied. I feel that I’ve given everything I can and it’s been both fun and educational,” he says by phone to

“Then it has been different with a camp as opposed to home in Sweden where the teams are on the rink from day one when you start the season. There are a lot of players here and everyone wants to show off and there is good speed all the time,” says Brome.

At the moment, Detroit has three Swedes on the roster beside him.

Gustav Lindstrom, Patrik Nemeth and Christian Djoos–the latter of whom was picked up on waivers just a few days ago.

“He’s come here to the hotel now but needs to be quarantined a few days because he’s been in another state,” Brome says.

Detroit has also drafted ten Swedish players in the last three years, and a new blue-and-yellow era may be there soon.

Brome followed the World Junior Championship and the Swedes’ efforts in Edmonton. In Detroit, hopes are high for Lucas Raymond, and now Elmer Soderblom has also presented himself on the biggest stage for juniors.

“Yes, it suited well now with the time [zone] when you are over here, so I saw a lot. It was a pity that they did not go further, but it’s important to be the best when it comes and it did not work, but sometimes that is the case.”

What did you think when you saw Soderblom make his artful goals?

“Beautiful! The goaltender might have had a little better control there the second time, but they were really two nice goals, actually. I do not know if I met him in the SHL, but it’s damn fun to see many young players being so good now. You wonder what the hell they did to be so good, ha ha.”

The 26-year-old from Huddinge had a special autumn behind him.

When he recharged to enter the NHL and realize his boys’ dream the pandemic struck, and Brome had to recharge for another fall in the SHL.

“It was tough mentally to change from having chosen to do it for myself. It was a bit of a thorn, but it was tough mentally for the first 3-4 games, and I had many conversations with my agent, Jacob Hedin (of the AMA Sports Agency) about focusing on the here and the now,” says Brome.

It had an effect–and now he can look back on 23 games and 20 points (4 goals + 16 assists).

The forward arrives well-prepared for the United States.

“My game got better during the autumn, and I feel that I also developed during this half-season in the SHL. So it has been very positive for me to play in Orebro and come prepared,” he says.

Detroit has played in three practice games during the ongoing camp.

In the first game, Brome got to play with Adam Erne and Luke Glendening.

In the last two games he had more experienced players alongside, in the form of Valtteri Filppula and Sam Gagner.

“They’re all incredibly good players, and you learn a lot from them, so it’s clear that it has been fun.”

Right now, Brome is waiting to be told if he will get a spot on the premiere team against Carolina.

“It’s so hard to say. I actually have no idea, but I go down every day and do my best, and can walk away with my head held high. I have done everything I can, and more than that, you can’t do. Now we’ll see what happens.”

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