Moon shot update: We are orbiting the moon…

I’m not supposed to spill the beans yet, but I’m blogging again, so let’s put 2 and 2 together:

I have a really kind aunt. While dealing with a really bad case of the stomach flu, Aunt Annie had to postpone her date with an audiologist at U of M to test her hearing for some badly-needed hearing aids, but she felt terrible for me after I effed up my laptop’s monitor cable last night, reducing the 8-year-old I called GAMERA to spare parts.

Between your generosity–there are 22 of you so far, having donated from $5 to $300, and everywhere in between–and a sense of duty to my patrons/audience/peeps by both myself and my aunt…

I found a more-than-tolerable laptop, an ASUS Q537, and the last one at the Novi Best Buy, and Aunt Annie’s heart melted a bit, so she let me take out a loan in the form of a credit card payment that she can’t necessarily afford yet.

Long story long, Tuesday was a 20-hour day, but I’m typing from behind the screen and atop the keys of a laptop I am calling MOONSHOT in (all of) your honor, despite the fact that we’re about $250 short of where we should be to afford the machine.

I still need to raise funds to afford this damn thing, and I still need your help to do that, whether that’s by, or some other means.

But the moon shot is go. It’s just a matter of making sure that we can touch down and then safely return to the land of a saner blogger and a saner aunt, both grateful for the $1,200-out-of-$1,400’s worth of support.

I know this is not an easy time to ask for financial assistance, and I’ll have to keep doing it, but by Gord, we’ve come so far.

Mostly, thank you. My brain is scrambled from the stress and lack of sleep, and the second day of the draft won’t help in that regard, but that’s okay.

We’re almost there and back. That’s pretty damn amazing, and now it’s time to finish the trip.

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