Khan scouts Tyler Bertuzzi

MLive’s Ansar Khan examines Tyler Bertuzzi’s 2018-2019 season stats and 2019-2020 season outlook this morning:

2019-20 outlook: Bertuzzi’s first full NHL season was a tremendous success. He showed he can be an offensive threat in addition to providing grit, physicality and abrasiveness. He has a knack for being around the puck and he goes to the hard areas, in the corners and in front of the net, making him an ideal complement on the top line with Dylan Larkin and Anthony Mantha.

Bertuzzi has strong hockey sense, the ability to get his stick on pucks on the forecheck and force turnovers. He gets the puck on the net and doesn’t need a high volume of shots to score goals.

A second straight healthy off-season, following two injury-plagued summers, should enable Bertuzzi to gain strength and perhaps get a little quicker.


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11 thoughts on “Khan scouts Tyler Bertuzzi”

  1. Of course Khan doesn’t acknowledge that his 16% shooting percentage likely isn’t sustainable and due for a regression. No depth in analysis. Just like the prospect reviews where every guy has a chance to be a star.

    1. If you don’t have anything to share save negativity, why continue so obsessively posting such negativity?

  2. Obsessively posting negativity? Ok sorry. I just call it like I see it. Profiling Bertuzzi without even mentioning his unusually high shooting percentage seems biased.

    And for what it’s worth, numerous readers were critical of Filppula and Nemeth (ie Fil is a washed up bum)…and I have been positive about both moves as excellent decisions to buy our kids needed development time. I’ve fully supported all of the front office changes which has resulted in a much better scouting and management team. Others were critical of Seider whereas I embraced that pick. How is that obsessively negative? Like I said, I call it the way I see it. But I’ll happily go away from this thriving comment section.

    1. Generally speaking, your comments are variations on a theme (and a theme that is posted with sometimes obsessive frequency).

      That theme is, “Everything sucks, and so does George (when he’s not being extremely negative).”

      It’s not pleasant to read, it’s not pleasant to know that it’s going to be repeated, and it’s probably discouraging discussion because the theme is repeated toward those who also choose to comment on an article. “Everything sucks, and if your opinion is not negative, so do you.”

      That’s not, “Calling it like I see it.” When you’re negative 90% of the time, and you’re negative toward my opinion 100% of the time, that ends up sounding like somebody who’s not happy to be here unless they’re bashing SOMEthing or SOMEbody.

      That kind of talk also does a fine job of invalidating what valid and cogent points you do make (and you are an intelligent person who knows their stuff, so let it be said) because they get buried in the compulsive negativity.

      I’m not saying that you’re not welcome here. I’m saying that this stuff gets tiresome, and I’m saying that *I* don’t have to put up with your bashing *me.* I’m not going to refrain from posting my own stuff simply because you think my prospect coverage is too lovey-dovey. I’m tired of being pushed around there, and it’s not going to stand any more.

      In the end, everyone who posts comments on any website has to determine whether they’re getting anything positive out of what they post, as well as whether they’re contributing to discussion. Being the person that comments the most or being the person that comments most consistently negatively…those are not trophies to place on one’s mantle. That’s just talking, and it’s not necessarily advancing the narrative.

      1. Sorry George. I’m really not understanding your view of me. Signing Filppula and Nemeth was bashed by many. But not me. I’m super positive about that. I love it. Likely ensures that we don’t rush guys like Veleno, Cholowski, we send Ras to the AHL. All good wonderful things for this organization. I loved the draft, mostly because Yzerman took charge and then quickly dumped most of our scouts. Awesome stuff. Wings are finally on the right path. Exciting. Positive. But I also happen to believe people over-hype our prospects and roster players. History suggests this is true. Sorry to everyone who finds that evil.

        1. Wingnut, you missed, or are trying to deflect, George’s point—I wrote:
          “Go away Wingnut—regardless of some valid comment, your sarcastic & negative style is poisonous!
          As I’ve stated previously, your tongue makes you socially unacceptable.”
          George can turn you off in a heartbeat and will just as he did last year’s version of you [are you FS?].
          Either grow up or my vote is to get rid of you!

  3. Different analysis for different crowds. The Athletic would be better off to cover a topic such as shooting % and regression.

    MLive is just catering to the more common, more casual base. No sense in continuously hammering Khan expecting anything different; especially in a place that isnt that specific article’s comment section. Or his inbox.

  4. Yeah Mr. Bertuzzi! Best 2nd round pick since…..Mr. Hronek.?

    Glass is way more than half full now!

  5. Not suggesting advanced stats and charts. A simple comment about how 21 goals was impressive but it came with an unusually high SH%. So repeating that may be a challenge unless he gets more shots on goal.
    Also, if an article gets posted here why can’t we comment on it? Just calling it like I see it. Comments section might be more lively if we stopped telling people to pipe down all the time. So bizarre that I’m the negative one despite being one of the few to defend Filppula and Nemeth??

    1. It’s a salient point to bring up. You know that better than anyone now that Glenny bounced back after I schooled you on that.

      So just consider bringing up that point in the comments without -also- tearing down the writers.

    2. Go away Wingnut—regardless of some valid comment, your sarcastic & negative style is poisonous!
      As I’ve stated previously, your tongue makes you socially unacceptable.

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