There’s a ‘C’ in Detroit with Dylan Larkin’s name on it

The Hockey News’s Jared Clinton wondered aloud which players might fill the vacant captancies around the NHL, and there is only one correct answer as far as the Red Wings are concerned:

It’s Dylan Larkin. It has to be. As it stands, he is the future of the franchise, and it only helps matters that he’s a local boy who grew up idolizing the Red Wings. It’s a perfect fit. And, frankly, the timing is right to name him the captain this summer.

Though he has been mentioned in connection with the captaincy in the past, even as early as his sophomore season, Larkin has proven over the past two seasons that he can be a game-changer for Detroit and shoulder the load that comes along with being the No. 1 guy for the franchise. He had some lamp-lighting difficulties in his third season in the NHL, but responded with a stellar 32-goal, 73-point season in 2018-19, a campaign that also saw him draw some consideration for the Selke Trophy. He’s the total package, and that package seems likely to be sealed with a ‘C’ at some point soon.


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10 thoughts on “There’s a ‘C’ in Detroit with Dylan Larkin’s name on it”

  1. Larkin always seems to be a lot older and wiser than his age. Just an amazing young man and then add Hockey skills. The C is an obvious choice (even in his 1st year). To bypass him for the C might cause a Riot in Detroit.

  2. Mite Mr. Kronwall be a better choice with what is likely a learning/loss year ahead of them? Shield our future captain for the climb ahead. Just one more year Mr. Kronwall ! Please?!

      1. I see the sentiment for Kronner having the C but 1. It would only be for a Max of one year 2. How many games will Kronner be able to play next season.

        Not the end of the world, will see what Kronner’s decision is for playing.

        1. I was just looking at it as a ‘thanks so much for all the years’—certainly beats a KH type ‘loyalty thanks’ involving 3-5 more years at $5M each. 🙂

          1. Waiting for contracts to expire that were signed way..way back when you retired… should be a great reminder that there should be limits to loyalty.

            2 Years for Mr. Filpulla is max loyalty imo.

          2. I was just thinking ,, Kronner was our best DMan a lot of the time, not only because our DMen were poor (not including 1st yr guys). Amazing actually with knees that are poor and his age. Green has health problems but I hope the rest don’t look into mirrors.

            “Thanks for one more year of Kronwalling” sounds better today. Sure miss those fools coming out of their own end with their heads down and then getting put into some state of misery.

  3. Watching him go Kronwalling when his team knows how bad he is dented…is what we all need to see and respect. Willpower in the face of all obstacles will win cups for any team..any year.
    Blues?!..just outwilled everybody from bottom to top..

  4. Giving the C to Kronwall as a way to say thanks? Why? He already has a fat bank account. Just retire. We don’t need another Cleary situation.

    1. A valid opinion, possibly equal to the others that are less on the ‘cold’ side.

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