Talking about potential options for the Wings’ captaincy

The Free Press’s Ryan Ford examines six possibilities for the Red Wings’ captaincy if Henrik Zetterberg is unable to play this upcoming season, including the team choosing to go without a captain or rotate the captaincy. As far as I’m concerned, however, there’s one option should Zetterberg not be able to continue his career:

Dylan Larkin: With just three seasons in the NHL, Larkin is probably still a touch too young to wear the Wings’ ‘C’. Still, at just over 22 years old, he wouldn’t be the youngest captain in Wings history – that would be Yzerman, who got the ‘C’ at 21 years, 151 days — or the youngest in NHL history – that would be Edmonton’s Connor McDavid, who was named captain of the Oilers at 19 years, 266 days. If the plan is to eventually make him captain, why wait, Red Wings?

Continued, and I know that Larkin would experience some growing pains as a young captain, but I believe that he’d receive the support necessary to withstand the weight of a “C” on his jersey.

Who would you choose as captain if Zetterberg cannot play?


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6 thoughts on “Talking about potential options for the Wings’ captaincy”

  1. There’s only 1 choice and you got it spot on George. Larkin ia the future captain so why give it to Kronwall to simply keep it warm for a year… Laekin learned from Z and Kronner and should do just fine. There really are no other intelligent choices. Abby… no, Nyquist… haha, Kronner… why when we’ll be in the same position next year as we potentially are today? Nielson- no, DDK- lol. Literally every other name is laughable atp.

  2. Other than just giving the “C” to Larkin now, I think it would make sense to have Larkin and Kronner as co-captains this year for two reasons…..Kronner has earned it for what will likely be his last year and it would take some of the burden off of Larkin as he gains another year of maturity.

    1. What Steve says about lessening pressure on Larkin makes sense, plus Kronner gets a well deserved piece of recognition.

  3. I put the big C on Mr. Larkin the day he was drafted and put skin on it.

    Almost time to pay up Mark, looks like we are fishing in WaWa! Your treat!

  4. It’d probably go to Kronner for his final year. I’d prefer that Larkin just get it and start his reign of terror, but I can see Kenny and Blash “rewarding the veteran”.

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