Filip Zadina’s draft Q and A transcript

From the NHL comes a transcript of Filip Zadina’s Q and A after he was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings 6th overall:

2018 NHL Draft Transcript – Filip Zadina (No. 6 Overall, DET)

NHL Public Relations June 22, 2018
Q. Were you surprised to go to Detroit?

FILIP ZADINA: Yeah, obviously I was kind of surprised, but I’m happy that I could be here, so it’s an awesome team. So I’m just excited to go with them and hopefully it’s going to go well.

Q. How surprised are you that you did fall to sixth?

FILIP ZADINA: I don’t want to call it that I fall to sixth. It’s a draft and I am in Detroit, so I don’t care what position I’m in. I’m a Detroit player. I just want to prove to Detroit that they have done a pretty good decision, so I’m just glad that I could be here.

Q. There was talk about going to Montreal. Did you expect them to pick you?

FILIP ZADINA: You know, it’s hard to say because, you know, everybody was probably expecting that I’m going to be in Montreal. But it’s a draft, so it can happen. Anything in the draft, and you see. So I was projected third and I’m going six.

I mean, like I don’t really care about the number. I’m just glad I can be in Detroit. It’s an awesome team and hopefully it’s going to fit me well.

Q. What makes you a special player?

FILIP ZADINA: I mean, my shot and my skating, they are my strengths. I can shoot the puck and I can pass it back, as well. I’m a good player, so I just need to prove it to Red Wing fans.

Q. Did you start to get worried you might fall even further?

FILIP ZADINA: I don’t want to call it like fall down. It’s just a draft. I was kind of nervous about where I will be, but it’s Detroit so it’s unbelievable.

Q. Are you excited for the chance to go to the NHL next year?

FILIP ZADINA: Yeah, I just want to go every single step and go for the ride and we’ll see what happens, if I make the team, and I will do anything for it.

Q. Do you know what players you will go with?

FILIP ZADINA: It’s hard to say. I wasn’t looking at the team so far, but I know, I know the players, like [Henrik] Zetterberg, captain, and Dylan Larkin, they are special players and they have like pretty good D, as well. I’ll be careful in the first practices.

You know, it’s a special place. I would love to play with them and we’ll see what’s going to happen. I will do anything for it and hopefully it will be good

Q. Is there going to be more motivation when you play teams like Montreal, Ottawa?

FILIP ZADINA: Yeah, I’m telling my agent if they will pass on me, I will fill their net with the puck. Yeah, it’s just I want to prove [to] them that they have done, like, bad decision. But I’m so glad that I am in Detroit right now, so I just want to prove to Detroit that they have got a pretty good decision.

Q. Any player you would like to model your game after or emulate?

FILIP ZADINA: Nikita Kucherov, he’s a special player and I’m just trying to model the game after him.

Q. Is it safe to say that Ottawa and Montreal will regret this decision?

FILIP ZADINA: Yeah, exactly. It’s going to be good games for me and I’m excited for it, sure.

Q. Is that part of what makes you a special player, having some swagger like that?

FILIP ZADINA: No. I mean, that doesn’t make me a special player.

Q. Do you like playing with swag like that?

FILIP ZADINA: Yeah, I do like to play like this.

Q. What did the Detroit management say to you?

FILIP ZADINA: It was just like, you know, congratulations to me and they are glad they can pick me. So it was the same from my side, so I was just glad that I can be here.

Q. Are you surprised they got you?

FILIP ZADINA: I can’t say. I didn’t ask them. Maybe when I will be back I will ask them. It’s good for me.

Q. What has this day been like for you?

FILIP ZADINA: It was kind of nervous day. You know, when we woke up, we just trying to be OK, not be nervous. Every single player was here and I’m getting more and more nervous because it’s a draft and it’s – it’s just, you know, it happens, what team is going to pick me and you know, it’s going to be like your future. So like I am in Detroit, so I just – I am so happy.

Q. You’re joining a team that’s in a building process. Your thoughts on being part of that?

FILIP ZADINA: Probably it’s good for me that I can get more chances to play and to show the people that I can play in NHL.

Q. Are you relieved that this day is finally here and it’s over and are you looking forward to development camp, which begins on Tuesday?

FILIP ZADINA: Yeah, exactly. I was planning for this day since I was a little kid. It’s finally here. It’s over and done with, so you know, and now I’m just looking forward to being in Detroit and fighting for my spot on the team.

Q. How NHL-ready do you think you are?

FILIP ZADINA: I don’t know. It’s tough to say. Hopefully like I’m – I mean, like I am ready to play. Hopefully. We will see.

Q. Your agent, Ryan Barnes, was drafted by Detroit . . .

FILIP ZADINA: Yeah, he told me he’s going to take good care of me because he’s from Detroit. It’s good for me I have my agent here, it’s so close. It’s just good stuff for me.

Q. How did you pass the time today?

FILIP ZADINA: You know, I was trying to – I was trying to don’t think about the draft. I was in the aquarium with my parents here in Dallas. So I was – yeah, we made a nice day together and you know, I’m in Detroit so it makes my day.

Q. Are you familiar with the Red Wings, the Original Six and their history? How familiar are you with the franchise?

FILIP ZADINA: Yeah, I mean, like I heard about it a lot, and especially about like these players in Detroit. They are just like the best players in the all history in the NHL. It’s just good for me that I can play here.

Q. What do you think about seeing all the Europeans go high?

FILIP ZADINA: Yeah, the European teams are going, they are like doing pretty good job. They are working with us. It’s just – you know, it’s just good for Europe hockey.

Q. When you get a chance to check your phone, will there be texts from teammates?

FILIP ZADINA: I don’t know. I don’t have my phone here. My mom keeps it for me. So when I’m going to be back with my family, I’m probably going to check on my phone.

Q. Describe being drafted and how it feels.

FILIP ZADINA: It feels awesome. I feel so happy right now and you know, I just – I don’t get it so far that I’m in Detroit, so tomorrow I will wake up and, ‘OK, I’m in Detroit so I’m happy.’

Right now, it’s gone so quick, so I just can’t even realize it that I’m in Detroit.

Q. Who is here sharing this experience with you?

FILIP ZADINA: My parents and my agent. This is like the closest people that I’ve got.

Q. You said it went by quick. Was it nerves or were you excited?

FILIP ZADINA: Yeah, like I wasn’t nervous. I was nervous here when I get into the rink because I know it’s a draft day. It was a nervous day, but I was trying to chill and don’t think about the draft because it was a long day like in front of me, but now it’s done and I’m in Detroit. So it’s just awesome.

Q. After development camp, what are your plans for the rest of the summer?

FILIP ZADINA: I just want to train myself and be ready for the NHL.

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