Comments on comments III: 24 hours

It has become evident that my constructive criticism of the comments section went in one ear and out the other, and as such, I am incredibly disappointed in the community’s behavior of late.

I have been approached by several people who have asked me to make changes because they don’t feel comfortable joining the community as it is currently constructed.

The people who have asked me to make changes are long-time members of the community and are long-time contributors to the blog. I value their input, and they have been adamant that both my community and my business are suffering because the zoo has gotten out of hand.

A current member of the community has reached out to me as well, and I will take their comments into account as I move forward.

If you feel that you’re being targeted or have concerns about the community as currently constructed–including your participation in said community–I need you to contact me via email, Twitter or Facebook over the next 24 hours, because I am going to “prune the tree,” and I’m not going to be subtle about it.

I still believe that this community can work, but I don’t believe that it is working right now, and as reluctant as I have been to make changes, you’ve left me with little choice but to be heavy-handed.

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George Malik

My name is George Malik, and I'm the Malik Report's editor/blogger/poster. I have been blogging about the Red Wings since 2006, when MLive hired me to work their SlapShots blog, and I joined Kukla's Korner in 2011 as The Malik Report. I'm starting The Malik Report as a stand-alone site, hoping that having my readers fund the website is indeed the way to go to build a better community and create better content.

16 thoughts on “Comments on comments III: 24 hours”

  1. George, I believe you have many good people here interested in discussing hockey. But sadly, many of these conversations get hi-jacked. I’ve tried hard to stay on topic. I’ve tried hard to express balanced views…critical of some things, and positive about others. Just wish others would do the same. Come on people. This is George’s last warning!!

    1. You tried real hard

      “But some are finding that hard to follow.”

      Ridiculing someone for using Wikipedia (multiple comments)

      “But seems like some people are pretty sensitive about this…”

      “I thought we just needed to be 2% better? Haha. Can’t believe this was said less than a year ago.” (Get over it)

      “Svech has SIZE, Strength, Competitiveness…notice no mention of skating. Strange because I thought speed and skill were our big draft priorities?” (Antagonizing)

      “The next Hossa, words right out of our chief scout.” (Lie)

      “But again, super cool if you disagree. Super cool if you think the Wings emphasize speed at the draft.” (Sarcastic)

  2. You know, I have no problems here as I simply checked the ignore box next to the handle of the ignorant one who comes here to bloviate.

  3. Everybody knows the ONE person responsible for all this stuff. Just ban him like every other Red Wings’ page, forum or blog did, and move on. Makes no sense to keep that fatty guy around. He doesn’t respect anyone around here. Everyone knows that. No sense to keep that guy around.

    This is my 3rd or 4th comment ever. Reading your blog for years from Europe. I don’t care much about comments, but every little while I read them, there’s always some fatsavage guy who clearly has some problem and is searching for problems and offense. I have no problem pointing that out, I don’t know that guy and absolutely don’t care about him or what he writes or thinks, because it doesn’t matter. I feel sorry for him, muse be a sad and frustrated human-being.

    Your blog and the way you run it is great. Make the right decision!

  4. I might be in the minority here, but to me, Fatsavage’s posts have been trending more respectful, less self-absorbed, less focused on who made what exact point seven months ago in which exact thread. Room for improvement, but some good info and arguments (substance).

    What’s annoying and distracting though are the instant personal attacks that are focused on that one poster. The goal seems to be to immediately make things personal and either knock the first poster for so much as writing in the first person, or, worse, trying to bait the first poster into a personal exchange in which all the hockey we came to read about and discuss is pushed aside and lost in sniping between 2-3 people.

    I’ve read good, thoughtful posts from the second and third posters’ in this scenario, too. But only when they stop fixating on going after the first poster and focus on hockey.

    I can see why Fatavage’s posting – often the first to reply, generally critical, sometimes self-referential and a bit know-it-all and repetitive – can annoy some posters. I guess I just come back to: if you don’t like a poster and you find them annoying, skip them or block them.

    Except in a dedicated post like this where a problem needs to be solved, there is little worse than posters talking obsessively at and about other posters. Especially when it is 90% ad hominem and seemingly designed to trigger a reaction and then point – “See! He’s doing it again”.

    If see a post by FS – or anyone – that i feel I’ve read ten times before I’ll skip it. If there’s little point other than summarizing what the GM has done wrong (and I’ve sure written redundant posts like that, too) then I skip it. If a post is all about the poster when it’s not relevant…skip it.

    What ruins an entire thread for me though is seeing ten or so comments, thinking: interesting topic! And then seeing one post that’s mostly substance, followed by five attacks on that poster as a poster or person.

    Can we have rules and guidelines for the kind of posts that actually advance discussion – and George’a blog? And a hard and fast rule not to target other posters or mention them as people in a negative way? That latter stuff has zero to do with hockey and no one else cares.

    As long as a poster is trying to be informative and make reasonable arguments, there’s room for improvement. But picking at another poster as soon as they post just turns a thread into a food fight.

    My two (or so) cents.

    1. Excellent post, Evan. I’ll add my two cents to the mix as well. FS is a double-edged sword. FS is certainly knowledgeable and drives discussion, even if it is a little repetitive and pessimistic. But I think the issue is that FS also attracts the other type of commenter that just wants to pick fights. And a lot of that is due to FS’s willingness to respond to said commenters with the same level of vitriol.

      I wanted to follow George over here and comment, but I admit I’ve been spending most of my time at KK. Immediately after FS was banned there, the comment section became more tolerable because there was a lot less divisiveness. We are all fans of the same team, right?

      So I don’t know what the right solution is here, but I think I know what the easiest one is.

      1. The same vitriol? I’ve been called a racist, psychopath, narcissist, autistic, mentally ill…when I have ever responded with that type of personal attack? More often than not, I’ve begged others to stop the childish behaviour and encouraged them to post about something relevant to the article. Sorry. Seems a little unfair to accuse me of slinging mud like others are. I’ve taken George’s constructive criticism from a couple of weeks ago to heart. I’m stating my opinion. Trying hard to stay on topic. And generally ignoring the constant attacks against me.

        1. Also noone can criticize u because u defer them to george but you have no problem dishing out your own criticism. Like a spoiled rich kid crying to daddy

  5. You do what you need to do, George. We’re behind you.

    Also, thanks for the “Ignore” option.

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