Kaden Fulcher named Mastercard Memorial Cup’s best goaltender

According to the WHL’s website, while the Laval Titan captured the Memorial Cup on Sunday, but Red Wings prospect Kaden Fulcher was named the tournament’s best goaltender:

Kaden Fulcher of the Hamilton Bulldogs earned the Hap Emms Memorial Trophy as the tournament’s Most Outstanding Goaltender. The prospect of the Detroit Red Wings went 2-2 with a 2.27 goals-against average and a .918 save percentage.

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10 thoughts on “Kaden Fulcher named Mastercard Memorial Cup’s best goaltender”

  1. Really, really odd that most of the previous “Best Goalie” winners became busts. Martin Jones is the only impact goalie in decades. But that’s probably due to a small sample size. You have 4 goalies playing a few games each and one gets named MVP.

    Also worth noting Dobson made the tourney all-star team. He was a beast. Hope we pick him over Bouchard.

      1. Explain where I talked crap about anyone? I like Fulcher. Hope he keeps progressing. Just made the comment that the past winners of this award have definitely not had much NHL success. Just a plain fact. Frankly I found it a little surprising how many no-names have won this in the past.

        Seriously though. You guys are so obsessed with me that you don’t even read my posts. This isn’t talking crap about anyone.

        1. You didn’t really talk crap but you ALWAYS bring up the bad instead of the good. Like you can never just give anyone props.

          It’s so annoying.

          1. So I didn’t talk crap then? Thanks. Then don’t accuse me of that.

            Now go look at articles about David Pope or Chase Pearson. Was that positive enough for you?

            Or go back and find articles where many people here were critical of guys like Tatar and Sheahan and Mrazek. Notice how I was defending our own players and trying to be positive?

            Or go find articles on how Kenny and Martin have acknowledged that we need to reduce the glut of veterans in Grand Rapids and turn over more roster spots to kids. Notice how I praised them for that decision? Or how I said letting Bertuzzi focus on training was the right decision.

            Give me a break. I give credit where I feel it is due. I’m positive about certain things. I’m critical about others. You are free to do the same thing. In this particular instance I didn’t utter a negative word about Kaden Fulcher. Nada. Zip. I merely made an observation that it was really, really odd that the past winners of this award have found very little NHL success. Honestly can’t believe how my initial comment could have offended anyone.

      2. Timmy,

        You have to stop reading into Fatty’s comments. He only speaks literally. There really is nothing between Fatty’s lines except empty space.

  2. fatsavage

    You must be too young to remember many good goalies in the last 50 years, oh well! Stay Positive , Fattty

    Nice article on Bobby Smautz! Frky, watch some replays of Bobby , scary shot but missed the net a lot, even in the ancient Saskatoon Arena (long torn down) Snarly player!

    George , no comment section on Frky??

    1. Hey Winged Rider. We’re talking about winners of the Hap Emms award. It started in 1975. Mike Vernon won in 1983 and obviously had a very successful NHL career. Martin Jones won in 2010 and is having a nice career. The other 40-odd winners haven’t accomplished much. Most of them never even made the NHL.

      1. “The other 40-odd winners haven’t accomplished much.”

        I know you probably mean these goalies never became Vezina winners year after year but, I guess it’s all about perspective because I bet some of these guys would say they had pretty nice lives.

        Gary Carr – pretty decent politician.
        Pat Riggin – played 11 NHL seasons.
        Darren Pang – Maybe the shortest player ever in the NHL and one heck of a broadcaster.
        Mark Fitzpatrick – 10 NHL seasons.
        Félix Potvin – (big miss here) play 16 seasons in the NHL

        But I get what you mean. Awards really don’t mean anything. They must just show a guy is lucky or was just in the right place at the right time.

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