Gustav Nyquist was in a reflective mood prior to the World Championship final

International hockey writer Julie Robenhymer penned an article for in which she spoke with Gustav Nyquist just prior to Sweden’s World Championship final against Switzerland. Nyquist won a gold medal with Sweden on Sunday.

Robenhymer noted that Nyquist was still stinging from the Wings’ playoff-less spring, so he looked for an opportunity to help his home country while bettering himself:

“It still hurts to think about not being in the playoffs. I check the NHL scores every morning, maybe I’ll watch the first period of a game if I’m still awake” he said. “As a competitor, you still want to be in that race and playing for a Stanley Cup. So, of course, I wish I was still there, but I’m not. I’m here and having the chance to win a gold medal for your country isn’t a bad alternative.”

It’s that desire to win a Stanley Cup that was driving his focus here at the world championship and why he’s looking at anything and everything he can pick up from other players that might help him be just a little bit better, faster, smarter on the ice.

“You’re still playing against a lot of really good players here. It’s a little bit of a different game because of the big ice and it takes a little while to get used to, but it’s still fun to challenge yourself in that way and see how other players do things,” Nyquist explained. “This is an opportunity to improve and put me in a better position to help the Red Wings get into and go far in the playoffs next year. We haven’t made it now in two years and that’s something we obviously want to change.

“I think we had a lot of young guys take steps this year and hopefully they can take another step, while everyone else takes a look in the mirror and sees what they can do better to improve as well and help the team succeed a little bit more. We all need to be better.”

Robenhymer continues

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  1. What is Nyquist talking about…look in the mirror and see what they can do to improve?

    Cause I thought when players look in the mirror they are supposed to see Blashill’s face? Clearly Nyquist hasn’t fully learned the process. Haha!

    1. Wow, look at all the laughs that occurred since this post was made.

      Comedy Gold.

      1. He’s obsessed with himself. He posts on every article, usually first in, just to bash on anything and everything involving Detroit and the Red Wings.

        This has gone on way too long, and as a long-time reader, I am to the point of raising the red flag so this site can continue to grow. He’s got to go…

        We don’t have to fall in line and agree with everything the Red Wings do, but some constructive criticism goes much further than just trashing every article posted…

        1. “We don’t have to fall in line and agree with everything the Red Wings do, but some constructive criticism goes much further than just trashing every article posted…”

          This forever.

        2. Maybe you missed me saying how positive I was about the David Pope signing. Or how I think our college prospects like Pearson or Holway don’t get enough attention. Or maybe you missed me saying how happy I was to hear that the organization will be letting some AHL vets walk away so that the Griffin’s have room for more kids. Smart move. Long overdue. Or how I praised the decision to let Bertuzzi train this summer instead of wasting more time in the AHL playoffs. Or how I’m glad we’re moving on from Coreau and McCollum. Or how I used to defend guys like Sheahan from his critics. Or how I used to say that Nosek could easily replace Miller and improve our team.

          Yeah. I’m never positive. I hate everything.

        3. Hello PuckMucker—yup, IMO your assessment is mostly correct, but there has been noticeable positive change the last couple weeks (surprisingly so!).
          I think George is giving maximum room to change, as I see, with some progress! The word ‘enabler’ has been used about George, but, again IMO, not quite there yet.
          FS is clearly a ‘half-empty’ water glass, but would like to see if further change possible—to me, what he does now is tolerable (but minimally).
          Without further improvement, however, George will have to cut him loose.
          P.S.: FS does have a good knowledge-base which could contribute to healthy discussion BUT ONLY IF presented in a more healthy way!

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