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According to MLive’s Ansar Khan, the Red Wings are hoping that recently-signed prospect David Pope can compete for a roster spot right out of training camp. Pope has developed into a sniper with a skill set that impresses Wings director of player development Shawn Horcoff:

“He’s a kid that has improved his skating over the years and I think that’s helped him get to the areas where he can score,” Horcoff said. “He’s great on the power play, he’s got a real good one-timer off the flank and a great wrist shot in stride. He’s a kid that’s really come on the last couple of years and had a great senior year.”

The Red Wings selected Pope in the fifth round in 2013 (109th overall). He had 20 goals and 41 points in 35 games this past season.

Horcoff said Pope is wiry, has a long reach and is hard to knock down.

“He’s had to earn everything in his life,” Horcoff said. “He’s a little bit of a late bloomer. He’s a winger that gets up and down the ice well and he’s a guy that can shoot it. Put him with good players, put him in position to score goals, he’s going to put it away. We’re hoping he can come to camp and show us that.”

Khan continues, and I remember when Pope first came to the Wings’ summer development camp as a 165-pound sniper. He has built up his body and his game significantly over the past four years.

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10 thoughts on “Talking about David Pope”

  1. Similar to my comments yesterday. Fast. Long reach. Tall, but not too physical. Finds space to get his shot off. Might be a nice upgrade to our bottom 6. Too bad that’s already crowded with Nielsen, Helm, Abby, Glendening. $15M for those 4. Ridiculous.

    1. article only said one of those things “long reach.” dont pat yourself on the back too hard cuz in 2 years you will hate him and call him a bust lol

      1. I said he was tall. He’s 6’3. But I guess since this particular article said he was wiry with a long reach, and didn’t mention his height…well then I guess I’m wrong.

        I said he was fast and finds space to unleash his shot. Horcoff said he gets up and down the ice well and his improved skating helps him find areas where he can score. 4 out of 5 dentists would agree that’s a very similar take. But I guess since Horcoff didn’t repeat the exact same words I’m wrong again.


        1. “I said he was tall.”

          fatsavage says:
          May 9, 2018 at 8:51 AM
          Similar to my comments yesterday. Fast. Long reach. Tall, but not too physical.

          fatsavage says:
          May 7, 2018 at 3:00 PM
          Since I apparently do nothing but criticize the Wings…let me be the first to say this is great news. I’ve always liked Pope’s combination of size and speed. I think he can step in quite soon and give our bottom 6 a boost of speed, size, and skill.

          fatsavage says:
          May 7, 2018 at 11:40 PM
          I don’t see Pope having much in common with Shanny. More like a young David Booth. Fast. Long reach. Finds room to get his shot off. But not too physical. Maybe a little bit like a Kris Kreider or a Brett Connoly?

          I’m not seeing tall…….until today.

          1. Wow. Like Sherlock Holmes. I guess when someone says they like Pope”s combination of SIZE and speed…it implies that he is bigger than the average winger. Or when someone says a guy has a long reach, it implies that he’s probably a taller player. I then compared him to guys like Booth, Kreider, Connoly who are all taller forwards.

            But you got me Sherlock. I never used the word TALL. So sorry about that. I’ll try harder next time. Sigh. My goodness.

          2. “…it implies…”

            Since when did you start going with what you imply rather then what you actually say?

            I can’t keep up with you.

            “I then compared him to guys like Booth, Kreider, Connoly who are all taller forwards.”

            How were we supposed to gather you were talking about height when you said,

            “Maybe a little bit like a Kris Kreider or a Brett Connoly?”

            Maybe you were talking about their white skin? Maybe you were talking about how they are male? Maybe you were talking about their skating? Maybe you were talking about how they play chess? You left it up to everyone else to interpret. If you don’t like how other people interpret what you say then you should work on being clearer and more accurate with your statements……oh…right….your the victim. ……..

  2. Please stop the personal attacks. I will have to stop them for you if they continue.

    1. Please stop it George. While I have tried to have “hockey” discussions with Fatty I am getting tired of the passive aggressive insults as well as the childish remarks. You’ve really let this go on way too long and while I commend you for your tolerance at some point it just becomes pure enabling. I don’t care if you remove me too. I think it is worthwhile sacrifice for everyone else. I really don’t mind just being a reader if that’s what it takes. Like I’ve said before, Fatty has more to lose here then I do.

  3. Bert/Z/Nyq

    Those three question marks:

    1. Missing Rasmussen. Almost guaranteed a roster spot since he’s not AHL elligible.

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