ESPN’s Peters discusses a potentially transformative draft

ESPN’s Chris Peters penned an Insider-only article regarding the Red Wings’ 7 first-three-rounds-of-the-draft picks, and it’s a solid read:

It’s hard not to view the 2018 NHL draft as particularly crucial for the Detroit Red Wings. Now that Ken Holland knows his job is safe for a while longer, he has an opportunity to reshape the team a little bit. It’s probably going to end up taking longer than the Wings would like, but there is an opportunity to make some significant gains in their prospect system.

In what is considered a deep draft, particularly within the top 50, the Red Wings have two first-rounders and two early second-round picks. Add in three more third-rounders, and the Red Wings have seven of the first 90 picks in the draft. Of the years to have a surplus of early picks, this should be a particularly fruitful one. The Wings join the New York Rangers as the only two teams with seven picks in the first three rounds of the draft this year. To finish out the draft, Detroit additionally has a fourth-rounder, a pair of sixth-round picks and a seventh-rounder.

Of the picks, No. 6 overall is obviously the one they can’t miss on. This is a year in which the top 10 looks particularly strong. Not winning the draft lottery likely does not afford the Red Wings an NHL-ready asset next season, but they could still net a player who instantly becomes the top prospect in their system and a player with a great opportunity to have a lasting impact on the franchise. It all comes down to finding the right fit for the organization.

The rest of the picks have a chance to fill out a system that has some intrigue, but there are a lot of unknowns and longer-term projects for Detroit right now. There won’t be any quick-fix options in the draft, but there is enough here to aid the Red Wings a few years down the line when they’re a little further along in their transitional phase.

Peters continues, picking Quinn Hughes 6th overall…

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7 thoughts on “ESPN’s Peters discusses a potentially transformative draft”

  1. “You’re not going to want to hear this — and I’m not saying he is — but he plays like Bobby Orr. I’ve never seen a guy possess the puck and skate his own problems away.”

    Haven’t heard a lot about Quinn. Skating his and others problems away certainly would be great for Wings D until they get sent away

    1. Huges is high on a lot of Wing fan’s mind because he is a local guy, at UofM. Of the second best D prospects he’s by far the best skater. He has a lot of offensive skills. Out of Boqvist, he and Bouchard he’s probably the 2nd best in his own end. He would be yet another undersized Dman in Detroit’s prospect pool Holland has said the Wing’s are probably full up of undersized Dmen – meaning he’s probably leaning toward Bouchard.

      Here’s a quick look at who could be available at pick 6.

  2. There’s an outside chance that one of the top 3 forwards falls to the wings too. I wonder what the wings would do if Tkachuck or Zadina slid to them.

    1. Zadina over Tkachuk. Every time. Tkachuk is the one guy I hope we avoid. Oldest guy in the draft. So stats have always been helped by that. I think he tops out at a 3rd line winger. But he has lots of character so Kenny likes that…

    2. Zadina is the better forward. There’s lots of talk about that. Carolina is thought to be taking lil’ Svech at #2 and Montreal needs a scoring winger but who knows what Bergevin will do. He’s been known to do crazy things. He could pick Bouchard just because he thinks Bouchard’s French Canadian. Lots of people feel Bergevin will pick Zadina. If everything goes as predicted Svech and Zadina should be #2 and #3 based on team need. Both those guys are thought to be better then Tkachuck and Wahlstrom.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if AZ takes Tkachuck just because his dad played there. Though I don’t really know if they care about “character” guys.

      Ottawa’s the pick that will most likely alter Detroit’s choice in my opinion. Ottawa is faced with the prospect of losing Karlsson. If they do, that will be their biggest need. By all the talk this season it sure seems like Karlsson is gone next season.

      I’ve heard a lot of talk that Ottawa will take Boqvist simply because he a Swede and has the highest ceiling between he, Bouchard and Hughes and that will somehow help keep Karlsson. If Ottawa choses Bouchard then Detroit will probably take Boqvist. If Ottawa take Hughes the choice between Bouchard and Boqvist for Detroit is probably harder. I would expect Detroit still takes Boqvist though Kenny has hinted they want a player with “size” which I guess means a “taller” player with really long arms (probably short legs though). I really haven’t seen any arguments for Ottawa taking a forward. I’m sure they are out there though. Maybe someone else knows.

      1. Boqvist has already had multiple concussions. His ceiling is high but that may scare off the Wings. He is also short.

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