Red Wings at the World Championship: Hronek scores for Czechs in loss to Sweden

At the World Championship in Denmark:

Gustav Nyquist finished even with 3 shots in 17:39 played as Sweden defeated the Czech Republic 3-2.

Libor Sulak finished even with 1 shot in 17:56 for the Czechs, and Filip Hronek scored a goal on 3 shots in 16:49 played.

The IIHF’s website posted a recap and a highlight clip:

Update: The Free Press’s Helene St. James weighs in on Hronek’s progress:

At 20, Hronek is the third-youngest player on the Czech team. He joined the squad after the Grand Rapids Griffins were eliminated in the first round of the AHL playoffs on Monday.

Hronek is a by-product of the Wings’ trade to Pavel Datsyuk’s contract to Arizona in 2016, after Datsyuk decide to leave Detroit with a year left on his contract. Part of the return was the Coyotes’ second-round pick in that summer’s draft, and the Wings used that selection, at 53rd overall, on Hronek.

He turned heads in his first full year of pro hockey, finishing this past season with 39 points in 67 games, finishing second in scoring among rookie AHL defenseman. He ran the Griffins’ first power play unit (15 of his 28 assists came during man advantages). Now he’s off to a good start at the World Championship, a tournament that Dylan Larkin used last year as a huge boost to his confidence.

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12 thoughts on “Red Wings at the World Championship: Hronek scores for Czechs in loss to Sweden”

  1. We also could have just taken Hronek a few moments earlier with our own 2nd round pick. We used that on Smith (yeah, another 4th line winger). So even without the Datsyuk trade you can easily select Hronek. But this is a classic way to make the trade sound easier to stomach.

    1. Can you calm about this? Why must we all buy into your interpretation of the trade, under penalty of death?

    2. I’m not even angry that I blew up at you, and normally I’d be incredibly upset with myself for “cracking.” This is a great example of where your desire to never give the Wings a quarter goes into semantic detail to ensure that anything possibly taken in a positive manner is made sure to be discounted at every turn.

      The Wings picked Hronek with a Datsyuk trade pick. They picked Smith with their own pick, but that doesn’t mean that in effect, they picked Givani Smith and thus still suck at picking players. They picked Filip Hronek. It’s not the end of the damn world, even in the world where The Pavel Datsyuk Trade is micro-analyzed by Wings fans because Ken Holland tried to swing for Steven Stamkos not knowing that he wasn’t even interested in Detroit.

      Everything is negative as possible, as down on the Wings as possible, and that’s bringing the whole blog down. That’s what people tell me on and off the record, and I have to do something about that.

  2. It’s clear now after yesterday’s comments that fatty is racist against Smith. Racism alive and well in 2018.

    1. Regardless of his strong hockey knowledge base, FS is (as I said before) a very slow learner lacking the required skill-set to socially interact within our hockey blog.
      In addition, he did cross-the-line yesterday with outrageously insensitive, racially-charged comments.
      IMO, we are now expending too much energy on him & his intolerant ways, which now has spilled over into racism.

    2. Well, obviously it’s Smith fault for putting himself in the middle of it. I mean, if only he went the Michael Jackson route. (Note heavy sarcasm)

  3. Again fatsavage being a red wings hater.

    Who are you a fan of DumbSavage?

  4. I knew I’d regret checking in on the comments. I’ll go back ignoring them unless I hear that FS is no longer welcome.

    Maybe I’m out-of-line but, George, this guy is a cancer in your effort to develop a following on your new venture.

  5. I am not a racist. In fact, some of those accusing me of that had referred to Smith as a menacing black player? No racist undertones there fellas?

    My Smith comments were misinterpreted. Nobody deserves racist taunts or death threats. Full stop. I simply pointed out that Smith has often found himself in the middle of this controversy. Is it possible that it’s related to how Smith reacts to these situations? Maybe. Maybe not.

    The trash talk among players and some fans often crosses the line. French players are called frogs. Highly offensive when put in context. There is a story today on Fetisov. He was called a Commie. He was told to go back to Russia, over and over. Did he flip anyone the finger? Was he always in the spotlight? Sedan’s were routinely questioned about their toughness, which led to offensive comments about their sexuality. Again, they handled that quietly. Then you have trash tall that gets real personal…addictions, wives, kids. Nothing is off limits. Ask Tootoo.

    My only point was why is every incident with Smith public when others handle this quietly.

    But now I’m the racist. Get real.

  6. Again, FS, IMHO you are a very insecure person and in dreadful need of professional assistance.
    Further opinion is based on many, many observations involving arrogance, self-victimization, plus near-total intolerance of any of us/our views.
    And the list goes on.
    The word “cancer” has been used—it’s now rapidly spreading!
    Frankly, you remind me of someone from my distant past, one of my former wives!

  7. I think many have been have taken the bait given at times by FS.

    I was in favor of the ignore option but that would mess up reading the blog in full.

    If FS is a problem then just ignore I guess or not respond BUT there are more that enjoy battling a comment made that they feel is wrong.

    Personally , I have enjoyed anything George has done (aside from the odd difference of opinion, LOL) .

    If there is something that irks you on the Blog just move on to the next topic.

    I am far too old to keep up with stats, etc but I do find some interesting(old Brain Cells do not die just sleep a lot).

    I do want this Blog to keep going but it has to push him too hard.

    This is his lively hood, think before you press submit. That also goes for me who has Red Wing passion that can get red hot.

    Have a Great Day and I look forward to reading your opinions and comments about Hockey! Oh, retirement sucks! LOL

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