Griffins morning skate Tweet: Cholowski’s “in” tonight; Axel Holmstrom’s out

From the Grand Rapids Griffins tonight, ahead of tonight’s game against the Manitoba Moose (7 PM EDT on ESPN 96.1 FM and the AHL Live):

There’s not-so-good news as well, per the Grand Rapids Press’s Peter J. Wallner:


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5 thoughts on “Griffins morning skate Tweet: Cholowski’s “in” tonight; Axel Holmstrom’s out”

  1. It’s about time Cholowski gets to play. I mean, a few weeks Kenny goes on and on about the need to “rebuild”. We’re not going to over-ripen anymore. We’re going to make room for 2-5 young players next year. Yeah, he said all the right things. Sorry Kenny. Your words are meaningless. How about actions? So here we are a few weeks later and the Griffins are in the playoffs using the following d-men:

    Lashoff – age 27 – no NHL future
    McIlrath – age 26 – no NHL future
    Russo – age 25 – no NHL future
    Renouf – age 23 – no NHL future

    Meanwhile we have Cholowski and Saarijarvi, both age 20, sitting around eating popcorn. Is that the sign of an organization that is turning over a new leaf? Let these guys play. Who cares if they make mistakes? Is the success of the Griffins playoff run more important than the development of the guys who actually have a chance to help the parent Red Wings?

    I especially like the argument that they are soaking up knowledge during practices and being around the guys. Hmm, isn’t that the exact argument used AGAINST bringing up a player to the NHL??? We don’t want X here in the NHL playing small minutes or sometimes being a scratch when they could be playing big minutes in the AHL. So which is it Kenny? So Cholowski and Saarijarvi are soaking up knowledge as healthy scratches in the AHL…but that doesn’t happen at the NHL? Makes no sense. And we will only insert Cholowski as a 7th d-man. Like we can’t scratch a guy like Renouf and give Cholowski a regular shift?

  2. I’m glad to see Cholo in the lineup. I’m sure it was good for him to observe the system for a few days before he is given some icetime. Rushing him on to the ice in an unfamiliar situation might mess with his confidence and the team chemistry during an important part of the Griffin’s season – the Playoffs. I’m glad he got a chance to acclimate to a higher level of play.

    Still, I sure wish Ken Holland would weigh in on this situation before crazed Wing’s fans jump to conclusions about how he is handling his prospects. What I can’t stand is for decisions made by Ryan Martin and Todd Nelson not to be attributed to KH. We all know KH is actually in charge of a business owned by Dan Devos and Dan Van Andel. Devos is still raking all that cash from Arena Football what would he care about the Griffins’ profits.

    1. You don’t think Holland has significant influence on Ryan Martin? Following Kenny’s comments about the organization needing to embrace younger players and relax the over-ripe philosophy, Martin then declared that we’re going to be making some significant changes in Grand Rapids. But maybe it was just a coincidence and they never talk about such matters?

      Anyway, assuming Cholowski’s confidence isn’t shattered tonight and his career derailed, here’s hoping he replaces one of the 4 guys that have no future and becomes more than just a 7-th d-man running a PP unit.

      1. “You don’t think Holland has significant influence on Ryan Martin?”
        Sure I do. But, they have a business to run as well and owners who expect to make money. Yeah, the Wing’s probably have some kickbacks to GR but I also bet GR does not completely do what the Wing’s ask them to do. That’s just a stupid way to run a business.

        “But maybe it was just a coincidence and they never talk about such matters?”
        Hello assumptions……..

        “…assuming Cholowski’s confidence isn’t shattered tonight….”
        Yeah. If you say they will be then they will be.

        “….here’s hoping….”
        You hoping for some positive outcome is like finding out the girl you hooked up with at Daytona Beach actually attends college.

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