Prospect playoff round-up: Smith’s Rangers strike back; Rasmussen 2G + 1A during Tri-City loss

Of prospect-related playoff note:

In the OHL, Givani Smith finished even with 6 shots as his Kitchener Rangers won 3-0 over the Sault Ste. Marie Greyounds.

Jordan Sambrook finished at -1 with 2 shots for Sault Ste. Marie, which leads the Ontario Hockey League’s Western Conference Final 2 games to 1, and you can watch highlights of the game here;

In the WHL, well…it’s hard to tell that it’s the WHL, given the way that the Tri-City Americans are scoring and surrendering goals.

Michael Rasmussen scored 2 goals and added an assist (including a 4-4, game-tying goal in the 3rd period) on Monday night, but Tri-City collapsed, losing 8-4 to the Everett Silvertips.

Everett leads the Western Hockey League’s Western Conference Final 2 games to 1, and Rasmussen has 14 goals, 15 assists and 29 points registered over the course of 14 playoff games.

Here are Rasmussen’s goals, per the WHL on Twitter:




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27 thoughts on “Prospect playoff round-up: Smith’s Rangers strike back; Rasmussen 2G + 1A during Tri-City loss”

  1. George,
    if Tri-City Americans gets bounced this round, is there any talk of Rasmussen going to play for Grand Rapids during their run?

    1. Believe I read somewhere that Rasmussen has to make the Wings next year or he must go back to Juniors, i.e., no AHL.
      If accurate, sounds like no AHL this year.

        1. Wrong. Rasmussen can join the Griffins once his WHL season ends. In fact, the Wings have already stated that this is their plan. Doesn’t guarantee that he plays. But he is eligible to. Other teams do this all the time. Tampa just inserted Cal Foote onto their AHL roster…while we have Cholowski and Saarijarvi still eating popcorn.

          Next year, Rasmussen is ineligible to play in the AHL. So it’s either the NHL or CHL.

          Anyway, just thought some facts might help the discussion. I’m one of the few people that has read the CBA from front to back. P.S. It wasn’t for fun 🙂

      1. Yep. I’d imagine it will change soon because the game is getting younger. Well except for the red wings lol

        1. Wrong. A player like Rasmussen can join the AHL team as soon as his CHL season ends. He is then eligible to play in the AHL regular season, not just playoffs. See Cal Foote. His CHL season just happened to end sooner than Rasmussen’s. Not sure why this is so complicated.

    1. Here’s the summary…..without the “wrong”.

      When a player’s CHL season ends, they are allowed to join an AHL club on an amateur tryout contract for the remainder of that AHL season. But when the next season begins, the player’s options fall back to the NHL or CHL if he’s under 20.

      CHL players can join an AHL club for the playoffs only. They can not join the AHL until they are 20 years old.

      1. Wrong. Nowhere does it say that a CHL player can only play in the AHL playoffs. There are dozens of examples. But I guess other readers can decide whether to believe you or me…

        1. If it helps…google Cal Foote. Drafted a few picks after Rasmussen. His CHL season ended. Tampa immediately sent him to the AHL where he immediately started playing REGULAR season games. He is now in the playoffs. Same draft year as Rasmussen. As I said, happens all the time…

        2. Fatty, oh, my bad. Because you were gone I forgot you are always (giggle) right, so your use of “wrong” was so spot on and not insulting at all. I am no longer offended but humbled. Oh yeah, the same thing happened with Saarijarvi (ECHL), Nasty and Svech (AHL) too (Red Wing players).

          Anyone remember how civil things were around here when people were off to Daytona Beach ogling strippers?

          1. Opinions are never right or wrong. But when you try to share facts that are wrong, then I’m sorry, prepare for others to say they are wrong. Sorry if that’s blunt. But you shared a fact and it was wrong.

            While I was away I noticed that you and Biv rarely posted anything. But the moment I’m back you’re out in full force. How ironic.

            George introduced an ignore function. Mostly because folks like you whined about me. I was even accused of “ruining George’s site”. So please do everyone a favour and ignore me. You wanted the feature. George reluctantly agreed to provide it. So please use it. Stop reading my posts. You and Biv can giggle back and forth and defame others with accusations about ogling strippers and making wisecracks about mental health. Have at it pal. Ball is in your court. One click and you can go back to enjoying all of the insightful and engaging discussions without my involvement. No excuse now pal. You too Biv. Just ignore me like you all wanted…

  2. There was virtually no comments when FS was gone. It wasn’t civil, it was dead. lmao I don’t even know how anybody could get offended in this discussion.

    Nothing new to read so i’ll enjoy my shrimp for lunch.

    1. Wrong. There were posts and a bit of discussion. Since Fatty’s return, look at the discussion? Before Fatty went to Daytona Beach, what was the conversation….yep….bickering.

      see how that works?

    2. Trant, I read every single comment for these last 10 days. Totally agree that it was pretty quiet. I noticed our friend below made 4 or 5 posts one day and I guess it wasn’t too thought provoking because nobody replied to him.

      1. oh no! Fatty made a non-hockey related comment. Now I replied to him. He is causing hockey discussions on a dead website!!!!!! Fatty’s the man!!!!!!!

      2. are you thought provoking or being a jerk. the ignore button works both ways by the by. you take no responsibility for your part in the back and forth. never learn.

        1. I’m betting on Fatty thinks he being “thought provoking”. In fact, if I am wrong George can ban me.

    3. Hello Trant—just like to say I’d almost prefer somewhat ‘dead’ to these blog-destructive exchanges. Yes, it was somewhat ‘dead’—but this surely isn’t the most active time of year for our Wings.
      But, more importantly, let’s consider the fact that FS has been continuously toxic here and elsewhere—his abrasive communications style, regardless of his strong knowledge-base and above-average hockey insight is really outrageous. No one likes being continuously told ‘wrong’ (and worse) and, IMO, constantly dismissed.
      So now that others are beginning to respond almost in like-kind, I do recommend quite strongly that FS, as with KK, be removed from this blog.
      Ignore capability be damned!

      1. Good point John. There wasn’t a whole lot of content posting by George….oh….and there was Spring Break. Daytona!!!!!!! whoot whoot!

  3. I never asked for an ignore button. I think it’s childish. You guys wanted one. George delivered it for you. So please use it on me. Everyone will appreciate that.

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