Locker Room Clean-Out Day Tweets of note (in progress)

Updated with videos at 2:48 PM: The Detroit Red Wings posed for their 2017-18 team picture and cleaned out their lockers at Little Caesars Arena today, and after the team picture was taken, the players spoke with the media one final time:

Among the scribes taking part in the pressers and scrums were the Free Press’s Helene St. James…

MLive’s Ansar Khan…

Fox 2 Detroit…

#RedWings Larkin “I feel the progress…we battled hard.”

#RedWings Nielsen talks how Blashill is building a foundation defensively that they’ll need to win

The Athletic’s Craig Custance…

WXYZ’s Brad Galli…

St. James continued…

Kronwall says he sees no reason why Zetterberg wouldn’t play next season so long as his back holds up.

As did Khan…

As did Fox 2 Detroit…


Kronwall said he trained differently last offseason. Less weights, more flexibility and swimming. Plans to do the same this offseason.

Dylan Larkin on Jeff Blashill: “He has a good grasp on the room. A credit to him: he never gave up on us.”

The Detroit News’s Gregg Krupa…

And Ted Kulfan…

More video…

#RedWings Zetterberg “I think some nights we’re not that far off…some nights we’re real a long ways away” on being a winning team

#RedWings Zetterberg on one goal games “Good teams find a way to win those games”

#RedWings Zetterberg “I think Blash has done a good job…it’s a good locker room.” Talks how it’s a big step going from Grand Rapids to here

#RedWings Zetterberg talks how much Holland cares and has done for this organization

More Galli…

Nik Kronwall on what he’s heard about Rasmus Dahlin: “I’ve heard a mix of Nick (Lidstrom) and Erik Karlsson. Not bad!”

Henrik Zetterberg said right now he plans to return next season. No surgeries planned.

97.1 the Ticket’s Jeff Riger weighed in…

Kronwall says Rasmus Dahlin comparisons in Sweden are Lidstrom and Erik Karlsson

Zetterberg says he’ll never demand a trade “you’re not getting rid of me or see me in a different jersey”

Zetterberg says roster moves have not frustrated him

Zetterberg is good with Blashill being back

Zetterberg message to fans about Holland is that he’s done it before, every year won’t be a winning one and the trust in his and his scouts ability to draft and develop should be there.

As did’s Dana Wakiji…

Ken Kal said, “Hello”…

St. James continued…

Zetterberg says he’s glad Blashill staying, has seen growth in him since first year.

HMMM….From Riger…

AA “this is one of the greatest organization in the NHL” seems like he wants to be back

AA wouldn’t really say if ice time ups and downs were frustrating or confusing

And Galli:

Asked Andreas Athanasiou if he wants to be back with the Red Wings. He said the franchise is one of the best in the game, and wants to bring a Cup here.

Next, came Anthony Mantha, per Riger…

Mantha is pretty excited about his upcoming contract negotiations.

Mantha says he’s not the kind of player that you just yell at so Blashill realized that and they talked one on one which worked better.

Mantha knows he needs to bring his compete level to another level

The Athletic’s Craig Custance…


Anthony Mantha hasn’t talked about a new contract with the Red Wings yet. Hasn’t talked to his agent, either. Mentioned a bridge contract to prove himself could be attractive.

And here’s Abdelkader…


From Riger…

Howard wasn’t happy with his season stat wise

Howard on message to fans that are irate that Holland is coming back “you want my honest opinion”. Then went into how much Holland cares and how many cups he’s won since being the GM”


Jimmy Howard is not going to play at Worlds. Gustav Nyquist is uncommitted.
#RedWings Howard is not going to the world championships because his wife is due to have a baby girl next month.
Jimmy Howard not going to world championships…he and his wife expecting baby girl
Krupa, a little late…
Z. says he will certainly be back and is hoping that a good summer leads to better performance next season, he thinks his 2016-17 “much better” than 2017-18, and he hopes to be better next season. he will talk to teams sweden about 2018 Worlds before telling us.
kronwall says he is concerned that next season might be too much line this one, and it is up to each of the guys to try to dig deep and make sure it does not happen. our record is the reality, he said. those numbers do not lie. we are who we are. #RedWings clean-out
And Galli…
Henrik Zetterberg defended Ken Holland by saying you have to look at what he’s done for the franchise. Then he said he’s happy a player and not management.
Henrik Zetterberg and Dylan Larkin both noted Jeff Blashill has matured.
And Kulfan…
Zetterberg gave every indication he is returning next season
Athanasiou didn’t sound thrilled with inconsistent ice time
HERE’S THE GM, per St. James…
Ken Holland: “Very disappointing season. The theme going forward is rebuild, it’s young kids, but young kids put into lineup when they are ready to play at this level.”
Ken Holland: “I am bringing back Jeff Blashill for another year.” #RedWings
Ken Holland: Wings young players improved under Jeff Blashill.
Ken Holland: “We are going to give (Michael) Rasmussen a chance to be on the team next year.” #RedWings
Ken Holland: “I don’t know that the answer is to throw 20 kids out there … it’s been tried and it didn’t work. It’s balance of veterans and making sure young players have people to look up to as mentors. … Goal is to build team that can compete for Stanley Cup.”
Holland “very disappointing season” The theme going forward is the future, rebuild, young kids but young kids that are ready to play.
#RedWings Holland said disappointing season. Kids will play when they are ready.
#RedWings Holland said Blashill will return for another year.
#RedWings Holland said young players coming up won’t be over-ripe. But doesn’t want to bring up player that is not ready.
#RedWings Holland said they will give Rasmussen a chance to make the team next year.
ken holland: obviously a very disapointing season. obviously, the theme going forward is the future. it’s young kids. it’s putting young kids in the lineup, when they are ready, and not before. #RedWings clean-out
holland: blashill back for another year.
holland blashill did well with young players in GR, and larkin, bertuzzi and others improved this year…. so blashill coming back.
holland: we’re not doing over-ripe, anymore. when we had guys with 100 points we left guys down in the ahl. that’s not whom the @DetroitRedWings are anymore.
holland: larkin, athanasiou and mantha all examples of guys who game up earlier than some young guys in the past. we are going to give michael rasmussen a chance to make the roster.
holland: for two years, now, we have bottomed out. for the players who are under contract, i’ve got to honor the contracts. people will say they were bad contracts, doesn’t matter. i’ve got honor the contract.
holland: the reason i signed the veterans in there is that they played hard and they were good for the team. they’ve been banged around, a bit. i don’t know if the answer is to throw 20 kids out there who are 20 years old and go at it. it’s been tried before.
holland: the goal, here, is to build a team that will win the stanley cup.
holland: forget everything that happened before 2005. that was another world (in terms of personnel reules in the @NHL)

Jennifer Hammond…


Holland confirms Jeff Blashill coming back.


Ken Holland announces Jeff Blashill will return as the Red Wings head coach.


Holland says Blashill is returning


Holland “I’ve decided I’m going to bring back Jeff Blashill for another year” Thought team played hard, he did a good job with the young kids, hopes he can help along 3-4 young players next year.

Holland “we’re going to give Rasmussen a chance to make the team next year”


Ken Holland confirms coach Jeff Blashill will return next season. #RedWings

Michigan Hockey’s Stefan Kubus also weighed in:

Holland: Not the same philosophy as in years back of over seasoning prospects in GR. Kids have a chance to play right now if they’re ready.

Holland: Not going to throw all the kids out there for the sake of doing it. “It hasn’t worked.” Wants kids to have role models, insulation in the lineup. #RedWings

And here’s more per Riger…

Holland “the theme is going to be rebuild, the theme is going to be youth”

Holland “our defense is old” Haven’t done a good job of drafting high impact defenseman

Holland says they will be doing things a little differently as far as the draft and video and analytics this year


#RedWings Blashill: The theme is going to be rebuild, the theme is going to be youth.

#RedWings Holland said defense is old, they have to draft and develop defensemen who can be high impact.

#RedWings Holland: I’m a big Dylan fan. This year he had a great year, played a 200-foot game. He’s a really important player to this franchise.

St. James…

Ken Holland: The theme is rebuild, the theme is youth. … Going to watch Cholowski & Rasmussen play, watch Grand Rapids play … who do we get in lottery, can he make our team? Says minimum of 2, maybe 4-5 young players on roster next year that weren’t on this year.

Ken Holland: “We haven’t had a good year at all, but there are NHL players in that locker room.” .. Might do something in free agency, but priority is waiting on young players.

Ken Holland: “Trying to speed up process. We are at bottom of cycle, trying to spend time acquiring futures.”

Ken Holland on defense: “Our defense is old.”

Holland on Blashill: He has had 3 years of experience. Team played hard till the end. The young kids improved. … He’s had success along the way (lower levels). .. There is reason for him to continue to be head coach of the Red Wings.

Ken Holland: “I’m a big Dylan (Larkin) fan … he wants to be a good player. … I think he’s a really important player to this franchise.” #RedWings


holland: expecting a minimum of fwo, maybe four or five guys on roster next season that were not no raster as the start of this season. going forward, WE ARE ABOUT YOUNGER PLAYERS.

holland: does not see going out to sign mid-career player for help to win immediately. “we have not had a good year, at all. but there are nhl players in that locker room.” #RedWings

holland what i’m trying to do right now is get some players together who will give our fans some hope.

Holland: the reality is we have two @NHL drafts ahead of us (with all the choices this year). i’m trying to rebuild. i’m trying to spend our time acquiring “futures.”

holland: asked if defense can come back better next year: I THINK OUR DEFENSE IS OLD. we have not done a good job of drafting defensemen that have had a high impact. #RedWings @DetroitRedWings

holland: last year, in expansion draft, most teams paid whatever price to hang on to their defensemen. we’ve got to draft them, and we’ve got to develop them.

holland on blashill: he’s got three years of experience now. thinks blashill is helping move AHL players into NHL.

holland on blashill: young players who came into lineup have improved.

holland: lots of free agents to sign. have to find a solution, and each case is and individual matter. athanasiou now has arbitration rights. in each case, we will do what’s best for the player and best for the club.

holland: i’m a big dylan larkin fan. he plays with passion. he gobbles up information. he wants to be a good player. i think adversity is good, and larkin made adjustments. this year, he had a great year.

holland: larkin is a really, really, really important player to this franchise.

holland: when jim nill left he took two scouts with him, and we lost another one this year. we are discussing internally on an everyday basis how we can get better; how do we want to build our team.


Ken Holland: “I’d love to do a value-for-value deal.”

Ken Holland says there will be a minimum of two, maybe 4-5 young players on the roster next year who didn’t start on it this past season.

Ken Holland’s plan: Get a lot of young players to give fans hope. “I can’t put on a time frame on it.” From there, then he’ll seek out value-for-value trades to see who fits.

Ken Holland on Jeff Blashill: “I’m big on experience. It’s three years of experience.”

Ken Holland: “I’m a big Dylan Larkin fan. He’s everything

Ken Holland on Dylan Larkin: “I think he’s a really important part of this franchise.”

Ken Holland on Colorado’s turnaround: “I’d love to do that….We’d love to have that story happen. For now, I’m going to focus on the long-term future.”


Holland said he’d love to do a “value for value” hockey trade as part of rebuild process.


“We haven’t had a good year at all, but there are NHL players in that locker room” – Ken Holland

Holland: We’re at the bottom of the cycle and I’m trying to spend a little time here acquiring futures.

Holland on Dylan Larkin he’s better on defense and face offs. He had a great year, played a much better 200 foot game. “I’m a big Dylan Larkin fan.”


Holland: We’ve got to draft and develop. Trying to speed up the process by acquiring extra picks. Anticipates using a few of those picks this year on D. #RedWings

Holland: “I’m a huge Dylan Larkin fan.” Wants to find a deal that makes sense for him and the team based on comparables. #RedWings

Changing gears, per Galli…

Mike Green has successful surgery, and should be 100 percent for training camp, Ken Holland said.


#RedWings Holland said Green’s surgery was successful and he is expected to be ready for training camp.

#RedWings Holland: I feel their (fans’) pain. I understand where they’re coming from and I feel their frustration.


Holland says he understands the fans’ frustration over past couple seasons


holland: mike green’s surgery a success. i anticipate he will be 100 percent going into training camp. will see how he is feeling, and talk in scouting meetings and after draft to make a decision.

I asked holland if #RedWings delayed rebuild because they were opening new building. he pointed out they garnered 100 points in 2014-15, and whether they were a couple of years late or not barely matters. “you have to go through it, anyway.”

holland said he understands and respects fans disappointed by him signing for two yeas as GM i respect their opinion, i want to win more, too.

holland: mantha had a good year. the video work coaching staff has done with him is key. watching veteran players in locker room helps. WE NEED HIM TO TAKE ANOTHER STEP, THAT’S WHAT I TALKED ABOUT WITH HIM TODAY.

holland: mantha has a good idea of what he needs to do in the off-season to take his game to another level.

asked if he might bring in outside help, into management, holland: yes. i’m open to anything. points out that devellano, nill, bowman no longer here, and lhe has fewer people to talk to .

holland: could be use another person to give us another voice? certainly, i would be open to having others.

Fox 2…

#RedWings Holland on Green “I anticipate he’ll be 100 percent for training camp” says surgery was a success


Holland: “We’ll see” regarding any other coaching changes.

St. James…

Holland on whether there will be changes among assistant coaches: “We’ll see.”


Holland open to adding another voice in front office


Holland says he didn’t hold off on the rebuild because they were moving into LCA and was worried about too many losses at a new arena.

Holland on people that wanted him gone “I feel their pain, I respect their passion, I understand why they would have those feelings” went on to say he has to prove to fans that he has a good enough plan and that it will work.

Holland is open to anything as far as adding another voice to the front office or something along those lines

And St. James offers this:

Ken Holland on unhappy fans: “I feel their pain. I respect their passion. I understand their frustration, disappointment. It’s up to me and my people to prove our plan is a good one.”

Custance notes the following, too:

Ken Holland said he’s looking to beef up the front office with outside voice. Mentions drain on front office talent through the years.

Next topic, per Galli…

Ken Holland on a timetable for contention: “I’d like to think a year or two.”

Dan Cleary will be representing the Red Wings at the NHL Draft, Ken Holland said. Tyler Wright or Holland will accompany him.


#RedWings Holland said he or Tyler Wright will be at the draft lottery out front with Dan Cleary sitting in the back room.


Holland is hoping to be back in playoff contention in a year or two

Holland is not putting a number on Stanley Cup contention


Holland says he hopes to be back in playoff contention in a year or two.

Holland wouldn’t put a legitimate time table on contending for the Stanley Cup. “I did that a few years ago and people laughed at me.”


Holland: Dan Cleary and either himself or Tyler Wright going to represent at the draft lottery. #RedWings


holland: playoff contention? you are hoping in a year or two. right now, we need good young players and lots of good young players. trying to work at that. trying to identify picks.

holland spoke and took questions for 43 minutes. #RedWings clean-out @DetroitRedWings

St. James…

Daniel Cleary (sitting in back) and either Ken Holland or Tyler Wright will be Wings representative at draft lottery April 28.


Holland says he or Tyler Wright will go to lottery, along with Dan Cleary

FINALLY, Jeff Blashill spoke with the media:

Per Hammond…

Blashill: I don’t ever worry about things that are out of my control. My focus is on building this team for the future.

Blashill: I’m happy to be the coach of the Detroit Red Wings, “It’s a job I love.”

St. James…

Jeff Blashill: “I do the best job I can every day … I don’t worry about what I can’t control. … I’m certainly glad to still be head coach of the Detroit Red Wings. It’s a job I love.”

Jeff Blashill on assistants: “I will evaluate staff, see if there is anything that will make sense for us.” Doug Houda has 1 year left, John Torchetti contract is up.

Blashill says he was not concerned about his future, control only what you can control…pleased to be returning
Blashill says he will evaluate his staff


blashill:: (worried about coming back for 4th season?) no, just the way i am. i do the very best job i can do every day. i don’t focus on things out of my control. last two months, i have been focused on building for the future.

blashill: talks about relationship with mantha, showing him a lot of video, deciding whether to deny ice time, or not. different tactics with different players.

blashill; every one of us needs to be a lttle better. i think anthony still has to learn that there is more inside. until you are pushed past the bring, you don’t know there is more in you. he has suggested boxing for mantha, this summer.

blashill: boxing teaches people how to overcome fear in life, and it also brings out aggression. i hope this summer training pushed him beyond his level. he needs to have a better year, next year. some guys need to make significant steps.

blashill: my message to athanasiou is that a coach has to know what he is going to get on each and every shift. with A.A , here is still leaving too much guess work, for the coach.

blashill: larkin big part of future of team.

blashill: the positive side of bertuzzi not going to playoffs in GR is his smarts and hockey sense are getting him a long way, right now, but greater strength and some speed will augment a good mental approach. told him: bigger, faster, stronger.

blashill: less time in zone, next season? getting it out, quecker? that will depend on the six guys on the back end. have to find ways to make more, better plays under pressure.

blashill: svechnikov must be harder on the puck in the O-zone, more confident in that area of play. a big man, he needs to be an offensive puck possessor.

blashill: larkin could go from 60-some points to 80, just by being better on the PP.

blashill: coaching TeamUSA in Worlds is positive and negative. negative is, a coach gets to do it because he is not in playoffs positive is remaining competitive atmosphere for another few weeks. larkin currently only confirmed usa player among #RedWings



Jeff Blashill will evaluate his staff. Ken Holland: “we’ll see.”

Blashill told Mantha if he has the same year next year as he did this year, the team won’t be good enough.

Jeff Blashill says Joe Hicketts is a gamer and has swagger, but has to eliminate big mistakes.

Jeff Blashill says Evgeny Svechnikov can separate himself in the organization by getting stronger and holding the puck in the offensive zone. Not enough of that with the team, Blashill says.


Mantha taking boxing lessons this summer, not for the fighting aspect but for mental toughness and to be able to dig deeper. Blashill: “I think there’s more there with Anthony.” #RedWings


Here are a pair of quick videos from Michigan Hockey as well:

Here are two more videos of Blashill and Holland from MLive’s Ansar Khan:

Here’s a video from WXYZ as well:


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20 thoughts on “Locker Room Clean-Out Day Tweets of note (in progress)”

  1. What a load of BS. Has any NHL team at any time constructed a roster of 20 kids age 20? Has anyone, ever, at any time suggested that the Wings should do this?

    No. We haven’t. So don’t lecture your fanbase about why building a roster exclusively of 20-year olds is a recipe for disaster. We’re not idiots. We know that the team needs some veteran mentors.

    How about someone asks a hard question such as…

    Kenny, you already had Zetterberg and Kronwall and Ericsson and Howard under contract for many years. Wasn’t that enough leadership? Apparently not because then you locked up Abby. OK. I can buy that. But then you went out and locked up Helm, and then Glendening, and then Nielsen, and , and then Daley, and have mentioned Mike Green as a possibility. Do you really think our young players need THIS many veteran mentors? Why did you do this? Are you prepared to bite the bullet on any of these players and either accept a below-market trade return for them, or possibly even just waive them to the AHL and turn over that roster spot to a younger player? Other franchises have done this? Why not us?

    But instead we have to listen to lectures on strawman arguments about how rosters exclusively comprised of 20-year old kids don’t work. Guy is a politician just trying to deflect criticism.

  2. “…so Blashill realized that and they talked one on one which worked better.” Impossible.

    As for Holland, this was his opportunity to be a little more candid.

    Knows that they haven’t drafted/developed top tier d-men.

    Knows that our current D sucks (err, old).

    Admits to a “rebuild”

    Notes that 2-5 young players will be on the roster next year. Key is ‘who didn’t start on it this past season.’ Play on words. I’d imagine that means 1. Lil Bert and 2. either Chevy/Hicketts. Thats your minimum, so not real good progress on that front.

    In any case, I am sure the org will sit down at some point this spring to really map it out. After worlds but more likely AHL playoffs.

    1. Here’s where I see open spots. No Green, one. No Booth, two. Bury Luke, three. LTIR Kroner, that’s 4. Package deal involving AA and either Jensen/XO, five and six open spots possibly. Replaced by Hicketts, Bert, Turgeon, Svech, and Razz, maybe Cholo and whom ever is drafted with the 1st pick this year. Bam! folks, there’s your rebuild.

      Then, next season, Gus(trade – pick up more picks) and Kroner(retire or trade for one last cup) are gone. Two more spots. Maybe even Glenny next year or the following, one more. After that year, Ericsson and Daley are gone (two more). Then Z and Helm are gone, two more spots and now we have Larkin and two others moving into leadership with only Abbey and Danny left.

      I see a lot of hope for fans. It’s up to Holland to do it all right this year before Hockey Town lights the torches.

      1. Three of the spots that you just opened are guys sitting in the pressbox. Like you want to dump Booth and have Turgeon on the team. Great. I like it. But is he going to spend the season eating popcorn? Doubt it. You also want to LTIR Kronwall despite him being healthy all years and stating he intends to come back and play again.

        So you’ll need to come up with a more realistic plan. Focus on which regular skaters won’t be here. You’ve identified 3, not 7.

        1. meanwhile……….where’s you analysis?


          sounds a lot like mine.

          I’m WINNING!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!

          1. The comments section is not supposed to be about winning arguments…but I suppose it’s not about starting them with snide remarks, either.


      2. You know I am not one to tear the organization down and insult everyone in their mothers but all of this definitely WON’T happen. :/

        Kenny talks like his mind set has changed. I need action!

        1. I’d start by paying close attention to his words…we expect at least two young players who weren’t on the roster at the START of last season.

          Well that’s Bertuzzi. And one more…Hicketts? Turgeon? Svech? Rasmussen? One of them.

          I would hardly call this a youth movement.

          Wake me up when you do the following:

          -let Mike Green walk
          -trade away someone like Nyquist, Helm, Abby, etc…Not all of them. But try to move one of them.
          -take a guy like Glendening. He’s better than Turgeon. Nobody is arguing that. But Glendening has trade value. We know teams were poking around asking about him. Turgeon has zero trade value. So move the guy that can actually net a return and replace with a younger kid at 1/3rd of the cost. Because by the time this team is ready to compete again, Glendening is going to be in his mid-30s and probably enjoying another 4-year bloated contract. No different than how Helm would have had tremendous value as a pending UFA a couple years ago. Now his value is negative. So stop repeating these errors.

  3. Aside from Larkin, which young kids improved this season under Blashill? How do you measure that Kenny?

    Mantha – went from 0.60 points per game last year, to exactly 0.60 points per game this year. Despite playing an extra 90 seconds per game and getting more time on the PP. Went from plus 10 to minus 1. Continues to be inconsistent. So how did Mantha improve? Sounds pretty stagnant, and in fact a regression given his increased usage.

    AA – went from 0.45 points per game last year to 0.46 this year. Again, despite more ice-time. Plus minus got worse. Remains very inconsistent. Sounds like a regression to me.

    Did Jensen improve? Ouellet? I’d say they went backwards.

    What other kids made a jump? Let’s see…last year we had Jurco, Nosek, Sheahan, Mrazek and Sproul. How many of them showed improvement under Blashill before they were sent packing? Frk didn’t play last year, but I guess Blashill is being credited for his “breakout” performance this year?

    Sorry. But this is more BS from Kenny. And sadly, there doesn’t appear to be anyone in the media asking a tough follow-up question. Our kids did not show any improvement under Blashill…Larkin progressed but the rest of them either went stagnant or regressed badly.

  4. It would be great if they do bring in someone from outside who has a totally different perspective on organizational philosophy, i.e drafting, development, coaching and other important aspects of building a team in the present day NHL.

    1. Agreed. Have said that for years. Look how Toronto brought in Dubas and Lou. New school. Old school. Analytical. Traditional. Both offer different perspectives to Shanny.

      Our sounding board is the senile Devellano and Kris Draper and Kirk Maltby. No offense. But I suspect that’s like an echo chamber. Open the chequebook for Fenton or Dubas or Futa or Brisebois. It’s a 2-year gig before you take over the franchise from Klown Kenny.

  5. “when we had guys with 100 points we left guys down in the ahl.”

    Really Kenny? When you left Nyquist in the AHL for that extra year…which players were getting 100 points? As I recall that was the 2013-14 season, after Nyquist already looked pretty solid as a call-up and playoff performer the year before. But you started that year with Nyquist in the AHL. Our leading scorer had…wait for it…49 points that year. In fact, after missing the first 25 games, Nyquist finally arrived and finished with 48 points. So did he need to wait because we had a roster with a bunch of guys getting 100 points…or was it because you clogged that roster with Cleary and Sammuelson and Bertuzzi and Tootoo?

    How about the following year 2015-16…that’s when Mantha played 10 games , Nosek played 6, and Ouellet 5. Were they ripening because our roster had a bunch of superstars getting 100 points? Because I recall Mantha was sent down for Joakim Andersson. Nosek was stuck behind Drew Miller while we thought it was more important to keep playing Kindl and Quincey rather than allow Ouellet to learn on the job.

    Or how about this season…so Bertuzzi couldn’t make the roster on Day 1 because we clogged it with Booth and Witkowski? Did Hicketts just get 5 games because our d-men were full of superstars? Or was it because you signed Daley, was unable to trade Mike Green, and failed to reach a faster conclusion on the fact that Nick Jensen isn’t the answer?

    I just can’t believe some of these blatant exaggerations from Kenny and nobody dares challenge him on his incorrect facts.

    P.S. The last Red Wing player to score 100+ points was Sergei Fedorov 22 years ago…

    1. I’m pretty sure he says, “When we had 100 points,” but I’ve listened to that stupid presser twice.

    2. Stop. Breathe. Think for a second. Do you really think he meant 100 point players? lol come on dude. It’s like you dig to find anything you can and spit it out negative, just so you can call anyone you want out of their name.

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